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Iran Current Events

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Iran Current Events - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Iran Current Events. By: Chelsea and Deanna. Important Figures. Ahmadi-Nejad. Khomeini. Supreme Leader Ali Hoseini-KHAMENEI. Politics. Iranian minister\'s firing shows hardening stance; Move reflects Ahmadinejad\'s influence

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Iran Current


By: Chelsea and Deanna


Important Figures



Supreme Leader Ali Hoseini-KHAMENEI



Iranian minister\'s firing shows hardening stance; Move reflects Ahmadinejad\'s influence

Steven Edwards. Calgary Herald. Calgary, Alta.: Dec 14, 2010. pg. A.14

International: Thank you and goodbye; Iran\'s foreign minister

Anonymous. The Economist. London: Dec 18, 2010. Vol. 397, Iss. 8713; pg. 93



    • The connection with the nuclear talks
    • The strengthening of Ahmadi-nejad’s power
    • Raises more concern over Ahmadi-nejad’s actions (bold and controversal)
    • Caused the divide between him and his rivals to grow
      • Rivals see this move as Ahmadi-nejad trying to keep power within a select group that agree with him
      • Proving that he can
      • The nature of the dismissal was seen as a slight (he was away and received a letter)
    • May cause a rift between him and the supreme leader (they’ve clashed before)


  • Mottaki
  • President Ahmadinejad
  • Supreme leader Ali Hoseini-Khamenei
  • Ahmadinejad’s rivals
  • Ali Akbar Salehi
  • Background:
  • Mottaki fell out of Ahmadinejad\'s favour for reasons still unknown
  • Mottaki and the president had had disagreements before
  • Mottaki was seen as a weak and ineffective minister


  • Ali Akbar Salehi


  • Caused more political instability
  • Strengthened Ahmadinejad’s power
  • Caused him and his rivals to become further apart
  • Caused tensions between him and the supreme leader
  • Caused civil unrest as people see the dismissal as a slight
  • Increased international tensions

Role and Responsibility:

  • As for the firing of

the minister there is

nothing that can be done

  • As for the nuclear build up,

that Iran is trying for...


Nuclear Weapons

United Nations nonproliferation sanctions

Sue E Eckert. International Journal. Toronto: Winter 2009/2010. Vol. 65, Iss. 1; pg. 69, 15 pgs

Iran claims start of cruise missile production, adding to military arsenal, defying sanctions

NASSER KARIMI. The Canadian Press. Toronto: Mar 7, 2010.

Washington \'committed\' to ensuring Israel secure; Determined to stop Iran getting nuclear weapon, U.S. vice-president says

Olivia Ward. Toronto Star. Toronto, Ont.: Mar 10, 2010. pg. A.12

Iran claims nuke summit supremacy; Washington \'only atomic criminal\'

Damien McElroy. National Post. Don Mills, Ont.: Apr 19, 2010. pg. A.7


West scoffs at Iran\'s `historic\' nuclear agreement with Turkey, Brazil.

Steven Edwards. CanWest News. Don Mills, Ont.: May 17, 2010.

Canada imposes new sanctions against Iran

JULIET O\'NEILL. The Gazette. Montreal, Que.: Jul 27, 2010. pg. A.9

Imagining an Iranian ICBM; The ambitious nature of Tehran\'s weapons program suggests Iran wants to do more than just take on Israel

Jonathan Kay. National Post. Don Mills, Ont.: Dec 16, 2010. pg. A.23

Iran in secret talks on nuclear exchange; Would give up uranium, halt enrichment efforts if UN sanctions lifted

Praveen Swami. Star - Phoenix. Saskatoon, Sask.: Dec 17, 2010. pg. C.16



    • The potential threat Iran would pose if they had fully operational nuclear weapons
      • Israel
    • Economic sanctions, hurting the Iranian people
  • Players:
  • President Ahmadinejad
  • Supreme leader Ali Hoseini-Khamenei
  • The West
  • The UN
  • Israel

Role and Responsibility

  • Become educated on the topic
  • Choose the government who supports your opinion
  • What not do to:
    • Put up sanctions (they do not work)
  • Background
  • Iran says it is developing its nuclear program as an alternative energy source from oil which they sell abroad (not everyone is convinced)
  • Impact
  • Raised concern over the threat Iran may pose by having nuclear technology



Natural Disaster

Deadly quake rocks Iran; At least seven killed, hundreds injured in earthquake

Reuters u. The Times - Transcript. Moncton, N.B.: Dec 21, 2010. pg. C.8

  • Hard to rebuild in earthquake frequent areas
  • Lack of resources


  • Iran is known for

having earthquakes


  • Loss of infrastructure
  • Loss of hope

Role and Responsibility:

  • International relief
  • Mobility policies

Terrorist Activity

8 arrested in Iran mosque bombings

Anonymous. Edmonton Journal. Edmonton, Alta.: Dec 17, 2010. pg. A.13

Sunni rebels claim Iran suicide blasts, 39 dead; Iran official says bombers had links to Pakistan

Reuters u. The Times - Transcript. Moncton, N.B.: Dec 16, 2010. pg. C.4

Dozens killed in Iran blasts; Suicide bombers attack mourners at mosque as Shiites mark one of holiest days

Gil Yaron. Toronto Star. Toronto, Ont.: Dec 16, 2010. pg. A.30



Sunni suicide bombers kill 39 at Shiite mosque in Iran

RAMIN MOSTA FAVI, HOSS EIN JASEB. The Gazette. Montreal, Que.: Dec 16, 2010. pg. A.16

Abdolmalek Rigi Has Been Executed

SUNDAY, 20 JUNE 2010 22:01

Iran hangs Jundollah leader Abdolmalek Rigi

June 21, 2010 Filed under World News



  • Religious struggle
  • Confusion
  • Children and women killed
  • Foreign countries involvement
  • Players:
  • Sunni muslim rebel group, Jundollah,
  • President Obama and U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon


  • Religious differences
  • Dictatorship rule by Khomeini
  • Violent protests
  • History of executions
  • Impact
  • Severity of religious conflict in Iran
  • Destruction of infrastructure
  • Role and Responsibility
  • Support Canada as an ambassador of peace
  • Restrict strict control

Refugee Boating Accident

\'Children screaming\' as migrant boat sinks; At least 27 dead; Vessel dashed on rocks off Christmas Island

Bonnie Malkin. National Post. Don Mills, Ont.: Dec 16, 2010. pg. A.15

Dozens of refugees die after boat hits rocky island

Bonnie Malkin. Star - Phoenix. Saskatoon, Sask.: Dec 16, 2010. pg. C.12



  • Immigration Laws
  • Asylum seekers
  • Players:
  • Refugees
  • Australian citizens
  • (newspaper)
  • Australian government
  • Background:
  • History of human rights
  • violations
  • Human trafficking, stoning, executions
  • Refugees seeking asylum before
  • Border protection
  • Refugees gain more attention
  • People attempting to rescue refugees emotionally affected
  • Whose problem is this?

Role and Responsibility:

  • Become more aware on global issues
  • Donate to organizations like “International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran”
  • Advocate for more options for refugees

Women\'s Rights


Joanna Slater, Campbell Clark. The Globe and Mail. Toronto, Ont.: Nov 10, 2010. pg. A.1

Fashion police back on job in Iran; Religious leaders crack down on \'immodest dress\' and bad hijabs

RASA SOWLAT. The Gazette. Montreal, Que.: Jun 29, 2010. pg. A.17

Mrs. Harper talks Iran, rights

Anonymous. The Province. Vancouver, B.C.: Nov 24, 2010. pg. A.27



  • Iran and UN Women
  • Stoning controversy
  • Countries pushing
  • others out of UN council
  • Fashion police taken too far
  • Players:
  • Iran (Ayatollah Ali Khamenei)
  • UN
  • United States, Canada and Australia
  • Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani
  • Harpers, Peter Mansbridge, Lloyd Robertson, former Miss Canada


  • International outcry
  • Verdict suspended
  • Public Trial
  • Impact:
  • Formation of UN Women
  • Discrediting of Iran as a nation
  • Role and Responsibility:
  • Sign petitions to free her
  • Watch UN Women’s progress
  • Support governments who
  • wish to create change

Other Human Rights Issues

Exiled for Love

Marc Colbourne. Briar Patch. Regina: Jul/Aug 2010. Vol. 39, Iss. 4; pg. 14, 4 pgs

Iranian teacher trade unionist executed

Anonymous. ATA News. Edmonton: Jun 1, 2010. Vol. 44, Iss. 18; pg. 3, 1 pgs

U.S. general calls Iran a \'thugocracy\'

Anonymous. Edmonton Journal. Edmonton, Alta.: Mar 8, 2010. pg. A.5



  • Torture
  • Secretive, confused trials
  • Hijacked elections
  • Players:
  • Immigration Canada
  • Education International
  • Iran Government
  • Iranian Court System


  • Religious influence in law
  • Severe punishment
  • Violent reactions
  • International sanctions
  • Impact
  • Instability
  • Emergence of organizations
  • Activists
  • Role and Responsibility:
  • Sign online petitions
  • Support refugee acceptance
  • Support the search for a solution


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