russian movement
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Russian Movement

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Russian Movement - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Russian Movement. By: Emma Smyth & Ryan Donahue . Moving in Russia. Russia is the biggest country in the world, so moving from place to place is very important. This PowerPoint is all about movement in the biggest country in the world, Russia. . The Good and Bad of Moving in Russia. Good .

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russian movement

Russian Movement

By: Emma Smyth & Ryan Donahue

moving in russia
Moving in Russia

Russia is the biggest country in the world, so moving from place to place is very important. This PowerPoint is all about movement in the biggest country in the world, Russia.

the good and bad of moving in russia
The Good and Bad of Moving in Russia



The cold climate makes vehicles not work.

The poor land makes transportation much harder.

Climate can also delay things.

Some Russian transportation causes bad pollution

  • There are many train stations, and rivers.
  • The Trans-Siberian railway and other railways provide transportation across the country.
  • Moscow has many ways to get to another part in the country.
  • Since Russia has a very large population.
lefortovo tunnel
Lefortovo Tunnel

The Lefortovo tunnel, also called the “Tunnel of Death” is located in Moscow. This tunnel can causes cars to slip because water leaks into it. Thus the tunnel can cause many deaths. This tunnel is important for traveling, but can cause a big problem.

volga river

The Volga River is located in the heart of Russia. It is the longest river in Europe. It starts in the Valdai Hills, and flows into the Caspian Sea. This an ideal source of movement for Russian’s. Since it is a navigable river, ships can carry imports, and exports.

Volga River


It is the longest river in Europe.

It’s main tributaries are the Kama River, Vetluga River, Sura river and the Oka River.

It is 284,636 miles long.

moscow the great center of travel
Moscow, the Great Center of Travel

Moscow is a major transportation center. It has eleven main railroad terminals, four airports, thirteen major highways, and one of the biggest, most populated subway system. In 2008, Moscow had the most populated subway system in the world!!! The bad thing about traveling is traffic. 

trans siberian railway
Trans-Siberian Railway

The Trans-Siberian Railway stretches from Moscow to Vladivostok, which is located on the Sea of Japan. The project started in 1891, and was finally finished in 1916. It goes an astonishing 9,259 miles across the country of Russia. It goes across five major rivers. It is a five day total journey, with a train leaving Moscow every morning.

baikal amur mainline bam
Baikal Amur Mainline (BAM)

The Baikal Amur Mainline is a railroad which splits off of the Trans-Siberian Railway. It starts in Tayshet, and ends in Sovetskaya Gavan, which is on the Pacific Ocean. It stretches about 1,000 miles. It was constructed in the 1930’s. BAM has been criticized for it’s complete lack of environment protection.

ice is it good or bad
Ice. Is it Good or Bad???

Ice Being Good

Ice Being Bad

Ice can get stuck on the wheels of vehicles.

Things can slip

Water can freeze inside a vehicle

Delay traveling

  • Sea planes can land on frozen lakes if there is no air.
the top two forms of movement
The Top Two Forms of Movement



Buses are also one of the most popular forms of movement. The C-Bus is a bus system that runs in many countries, and Russia. It is a public form of transportation. Russia uses a non wired kind.

Trains are one of the most popular ways of traveling. Moscow has connections to get all around the country by train. Moscow has a successful subway system. Trains sprawl across the country.


Russia’s land doesn’t improve traveling. With most of the country having mountains. Mountains causes problems with traveling. Marshes and swamps cause problems, too. Forests are hard to go through

that s it
That’s It 

This PowerPoint explained many features of movement in Russia.