Earth day project
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Earth Day Project PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Earth Day Project. Endangered Species. By: Amanda Palacios Staci Puzak Madison Wichmann. Save The Endangered Species!. List Of Endangered Species. Polar Bear Tigers Gorillas Manatees Pandas Elephants Sea Turtles Armadillo Eagles. Parrots Some Monkeys Some fish Rhinoceros

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Earth Day Project

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Earth day project

Earth Day Project

Endangered Species

  • By:

  • Amanda Palacios

  • Staci Puzak

  • Madison Wichmann

Save the endangered species

Save The Endangered Species!

List of endangered species

List Of Endangered Species

Polar Bear






Sea Turtles




Some Monkeys

Some fish







Sea Otters

This is just a small portion of all the Endangered Species!

What s the big deal

What’s The Big Deal?

An endangered species is a specie that is close to extinction.

If these animals go extinct, so could others.




What causes a species to become endangered

What Causes a Species to Become Endangered?

  • Deforestation: Trees are cut down for human use..

  • Littering: When trash is leftin animal’s environment.

More reasons why species are endangered

More Reasons Why Species are Endangered

  • Environmental Contamination: When pesticides are used and then eaten by

    the animal.

  • Global Warming: When ice melts because of rising temperatures.

How can you help

How Can YOU Help?

  • Join organizations that help endangered species.

  • Don’t buy things that have been tested on animals.

  • Recycle paper so that trees are not cut down.

  • Don’t purchase things with the body parts of animals used.

How i s this problem getting solved

How Is This Problem Getting Solved?

- Zoo’s are breeding animals to expand the population.

- Wildlife Biologist and Zoologist set up preserves for animals to let them live safely.

Works cited credits

Works Cited…( Credits)

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