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The eu energy performance of buildings directive epbd
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The EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). Current Scottish progress on implementation Gavin Peart. EPBD – Background. An EU Directive is a set of rules imposed on Member States by the European Parliament It applies to all Member States We can’t avoid implementation in Scotland

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The EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)

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The eu energy performance of buildings directive epbd

The EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)

Current Scottish progress on implementation

Gavin Peart

Epbd background

EPBD – Background

  • An EU Directive is a set of rules imposed on Member States by the European Parliament

  • It applies to all Member States

  • We can’t avoid implementation in Scotland

  • The ‘top line’ of this Directive is to ‘promote improvement in energy performance’

Epbd set in context

EPBD – Set in context

  • Review of the Scottish Building Standards System – The Building (Scotland) Act 2003

  • Review of Section 6: Energy

  • Housing Act (Single Survey)

  • Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS)

Epbd and new scottish system

EPBD and new Scottish System

Review of building standards system:

  • Started before EPBD negotiations

  • Implementation timescale

  • New system essential to EPBD implementation

  • New system started on 1 May 2005

Epbd and review of energy stds

EPBD and review of Energy Stds

  • Current functional standards & guidance = level transposition

  • Drivers for the review

  • Consultation on proposed Energy Standards is now underway

Epbd and housing act

EPBD and Housing Act

  • Energy certification in consultation

  • ‘Single survey’

Epbd and shqs


  • Commitments for 2015

Epbd who does what

EPBD – Who does what

  • SBSA – lead for Scotland

  • ODPM BR Division – lead for E & W (assisted by DEFRA)

  • DFP BR Unit – lead for NI

  • ODPM BR Division - negotiate for UK

Aims of epbd

Aims of EPBD

Reduce energy use in buildings


  • Meet EU’s Kyoto Protocol commitments

    and at same time:

  • Perceptibly increase user comfort

    but without requiring:

  • huge additional expenditure


  • Buildings that are not cooled or heated

How will epbd do this

How will EPBD do this?

Member States must:

  • Adopt a methodology

  • Set minimum standards for new build

  • Give consideration to LZC technologies

  • Use minimum standards for renovations

  • Require energy performance certificates

  • Require advice/inspection of boilers & air-con



They are needed for:

  • Setting standards (SAP and SBEM)

  • Generation of energy performance certificates

    The types of building:

  • Domestic (SAP)

  • Non-domestic (SBEM)

    Directive compliant? - Yes

Setting standards

Setting standards

  • No level of energy performance specified for MSs to achieve

  • Review standards at least every 5 years

  • Exempt buildings

  • Reverse engineering

    Directive compliant? - Yes

New buildings

New buildings

New build must meet minimum standards:

  • Building regulations & guidance

  • The building standards system

    New buildings (1000m2) must take LZC

    energy generating technologies, etc. into

    account where feasible

  • Output of research on SBSA website

    Directive compliant? - Yes

Existing buildings

Existing buildings

The EPBD allows 2 options on tackling

renovations in (1000m2) buildings:

  • The renovated systems will need to

    meet standards, or

  • The renovated building as a whole

    will need to meet standards

    First option adopted

    Directive compliant? - Yes

Next stages

Next stages

  • Notify Europe

  • Consultation

Energy performance certificate

Energy performance certificate

The purpose of an EPC is to provide

information to owners, tenants and visitors

Building (Scotland) Act 2003 powers:

  • Require owners to obtain them through enforcement notices

  • Require display in buildings

  • Penalties for non-compliance

  • Register?

Epc timetable

EPC Timetable

  • Construction

  • Sale

  • Rental

  • Large public buildings

Energy performance certificate1

Energy performance certificate

The EPBD requires an EPC:

  • Construction, sale, rental and displayed at all times in (1000m2) public buildings

  • Consultation

  • Guidance

  • Drafting secondary legislation

  • Certification work

Energy performance certificate2

Energy performance certificate

Methodologies – not all finalised – but will


  • SAP

  • SBEM


  • SERT?

  • DSM?

    Appearance of EPC not finalised – but

    will include:

  • Numeric indicator of performance (CO2)

  • Heating type

  • Energy used

  • A-G banding

  • Benchmarks

  • Cost-effective recommendations

Inspection of boilers

Inspection of boilers

Two options:

  • Inspection and offer advice – but independent manner of inspections; or

  • Offer advice (with possibly some inspections) – but there are reporting requirements

    Second option proposed – SBSA are working

    with EST as a partner organisation

Inspection of boilers1

Inspection of boilers

Partner organisation

  • Technical advice to users already drafted

  • Send out advice – target audience

  • Use BSR as resource (+ other avenues)

  • Feedback

Inspection of air conditioning

Inspection of air-conditioning

Only one option:

  • Inspection and advice done in an independent manner

  • We set a functional standard and use continuing requirement powers in Building (Scotland) Act 2003

  • Inspection work

Summary of implementation

Summary of implementation

  • Have notified Europe about Art. 3,4,5 & 6 and the derogations

  • Public consultation April/May 2006 (12weeks)

  • Submit timetable for derogation of EPCs and boiler/air-con system inspections (Summer 2006)

  • Summer 2006 start boiler advice

Summary of implementation1

Summary of implementation

  • Once non-domestic methodology available, commence roll-out of EPCs for public buildings

  • Spring 2007, implement changes to energy standards in Scottish Regs and EPCs for construction

  • 2008?, align with Single Survey and EPCs at sale

  • Jan 2009, EPCs at rental

  • 2007/2008 phased air-con system inspections

Key articles

Key Articles

Art 3Adoption of a methodology

Art 4Setting energy performance reqmts

Art 5New buildings (min stds & LZC sys)

Art 6Existing buildings (renovations)

Art 7 Energy performance certificates

Art 8Inspection of boilers

Art 9Inspection of air-conditioning

Art 10Independent experts

Eu energy performance in buildings directive



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