How to use Google Analytics to Optimize Your Web Performance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

How to use google analytics to optimize your web performance
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How to use Google Analytics to Optimize Your Web Performance . Overview.

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How to use Google Analytics to Optimize Your Web Performance

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How to use google analytics to optimize your web performance l.jpg

How to use Google Analytics to Optimize Your Web Performance

Overview l.jpg


Web Marketing is the most ROI based marketing mediums available to insurance marketing communications professionals. The distinction of web marketing that makes it so lucrative is its tracking capability. Web marketing can be optimized IF marketers understand and use web analytics to review and evaluate their online marketing efforts.

Today s session l.jpg

Today’s Session

  • Introduce Google Analytics

  • Teach you how to set it up on your site

  • Demonstrate what website statistics can be reviewed

  • Show ways to use Google Analytics to optimize web performance.

Distinction of web marketing l.jpg

Distinction of Web Marketing

  • Highly targeted

  • Immediately track-able

  • Super flexible

  • Easily deliverable

  • Interactive

The web transformed consumers into prosumers l.jpg

The Web transformed consumers into “prosumers”

Google to help serve prosumers l.jpg

Google to Help Serve Prosumers

Data on your dashboard l.jpg

Data on your Dashboard

Tap the power of web analytics l.jpg

Tap the Power of Web Analytics

  • How do people come to your website?

  • What are your visitors looking for when they come to your website?

  • What pages are visited?

  • Are they staying when they hit your site?

  • What are the patterns of behavior?

It s not what we know it s what we are open to learning l.jpg

It’s not what we know, it’s what we are open to learning

How do they find you l.jpg

How do they find you?

Referring websites l.jpg

Referring Websites

Referring keywords l.jpg

Referring Keywords

Easy to read data l.jpg

Easy to Read Data

Map overlay l.jpg

Map Overlay

Drill down geo visitors l.jpg

Drill Down Geo-Visitors

What are they looking for l.jpg

What are they looking for?

Site overlay l.jpg

Site Overlay

See behavior l.jpg

See behavior

Are they staying l.jpg

Are they staying?

Patterns l.jpg


Export data and observe l.jpg

Export Data and Observe

How to set up google analytics l.jpg

How to Set up Google Analytics

Set up account l.jpg

Set up Account

Paste code in all pages l.jpg

Paste Code in All Pages

Free data l.jpg

Free Data!

Use google analytics to optimize web performance l.jpg

Use Google Analytics to Optimize Web Performance

Check web stats regularly l.jpg

Check Web Stats Regularly

Auto send yourself reports l.jpg

Auto-Send yourself reports

Customize your dashboard l.jpg

Customize Your Dashboard

Set up goal tracking l.jpg

Set Up Goal Tracking

Goals and filters l.jpg

Goals and Filters

Change site based on behavior l.jpg

Change Site Based on Behavior

Track sales l.jpg

Track Sales

Track paid search l.jpg

Track Paid Search

Set up ecommerce l.jpg

Set Up Ecommerce

Visits to purchase l.jpg

Visits to Purchase

Sales per source l.jpg

Sales per Source

Use the data to think l.jpg

Use the Data to Think!

  • New traffic-driving channels

  • Untapped opportunities

  • Sales Trends

  • High ROI placements

  • Geo-graphic locations

Web serves many purposes l.jpg

Web serves many purposes:






Q a ask away l.jpg

Q/A – Ask Away!

Thank You!

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