Grace and the Time Machine

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Grace and the Time Machine

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1. Grace and the Time Machine

2. GrGr

3. 2 .How are all the children’s invention ideas alike? They all want to invent food. They all want to invent a video game. They all want to invent a rollercoaster. They all think of ideas that don’t really exist.

4. 3.What is Nana’s role in the household when Ava is at work? She takes care of the house. She babysits Grace. Grace babysits Nana. She is the gardener.

5. 4. What do the children really invent? A. A Time Machine. B. Talking boots. C. Remote Controlled Coats. D. A Robot.

6. 5. Why do you think Grace suddenly decides they should go? Nana yells “It’s lunch time!” The robots say they got rid of humans a hundred years ago. The robots try to put them in robot jail. The robots try to eat them for lunch.

7. 6. Why does Nana want to ride the time machine? She wants to meet the robots. She wants to go to the store. She sees the children are having fun, so she wants to join them. She wants to go get pizza.

8. 7. Which details help you imagine what Trinidad is like? The purple flowers growing on the house, a path down to the beach and the sound of the sea. There were not enough details about Trinidad. The children did not visit Trinidad. I did not imagine what Trinidad was like.

9. 8. Why doesn’t Mrs. Myerson leave her house? She is afraid of Grace’s cat, Paw Paw. She is afraid of the children. She doesn’t like her front or backyard. She doesn’t trust people because of her experiences during World War II.

10. 9. What is the function of Actors and Actresses 1 and 2? They are comedians. They play the characters the children come across during their travels. They are the cooks for the children. They are the drivers of the time machine.

11. 10. Did the time machine really take the children to different times and places? Yes No

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