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Holidays ED 417. Ashley Clark Danielle Kubasky Pam Hete Hilary Walling. Holidays. Grade Level: 2 nd Grade Lesson: To inform students about different holidays and celebrations. . Objectives.

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Holidays ed 417 l.jpg

HolidaysED 417

Ashley Clark

Danielle Kubasky

Pam Hete

Hilary Walling

Holidays l.jpg

  • Grade Level: 2nd Grade

  • Lesson: To inform students about different holidays and celebrations.

Objectives l.jpg

  • The students will be able to name and describe different holidays and the customs associated with them.

  • The students will be able to connect holidays with the months they take place.

  • The students will be able to talk about different holidays that take place around the world.

Materials for activity 1 l.jpg
Materials for Activity #1

  • Chart paper

  • Markers

Activity 1 l.jpg
Activity #1

  • As a class, we will compile a list of everything that we know about holidays. Ex: Names of holidays and customs associated with them.

Materials for activity 2 l.jpg
Materials for Activity #2

  • Paper

  • Pencil

  • Construction paper

  • Markers/Crayons

  • Author’s chair

Activity 2 l.jpg
Activity #2

  • Students will choose a holiday and write about what their family does on that holiday (if no holiday is celebrated, students can choose a family tradition to write about).

  • Students can write and/or draw pictures and will share with the class about their holiday.

Materials for activity 3 l.jpg
Materials for Activity #3

  • Recipe cards

  • Computers

  • Pencils

Activity 3 l.jpg
Activity #3

  • Students will write a recipe for their favorite holiday dish (if no holiday is celebrated, they can write a recipe for their favorite dish).

Materials for activity 4 l.jpg
Materials for Activity #4

  • Blank monthly calendar

  • Large construction paper

  • List of holidays for each month

  • Markers/crayons

  • Pencils

Activity 4 l.jpg
Activity #4

  • Students will be in 12 pairs/groups/

  • Each group will be assigned a month and students will fill in all holidays for that month. Students will draw a picture to go along with a one holiday in that month.

  • Students can share with class about the holidays in that month, and calendars will be compiled into one classroom book.

Materials for activity 5 l.jpg
Materials for Activity #5

  • Computers

  • Paper

  • Pencil

Activity 5 l.jpg
Activity #5

  • Students will each be assigned a different holiday celebrated around the world.

  • Students will research their holiday and present their information to the class. Ex: Make a poster, or write a paper.

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January february holidays l.jpg

January Holidays

New Years Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

February Holidays

100 day of school

Groundhog Day

Valentine’s Day

Leap Year

January/February Holidays

March april holidays l.jpg

March Holidays

St. Patrick’s Day

Spring Equinox

April Holidays

April Fools Day


Earth Day

March/April Holidays

May june holidays l.jpg

May Holidays

Memorial Day

Mother’s Day

Victoria Day

June Holidays

Father’s Day

Flag Day

May/June Holidays

July august holidays l.jpg

July Holidays

Canada Day

Independence Day

August Holidays

No U.S holidays

July/August Holidays

September october l.jpg

September Holidays

Labor Day

Grandparent’s Day

October Holidays

Canadian Thanksgiving



November december l.jpg

November Holidays

Remembrance Day

Veteran’s Day



December Holidays



Boxing Day