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Ergonomics Controls. Engineering Administrative/Work Practice PPE. Types of Controls. Workstation Design Equipment Controls Design of Work Methods Tool and Handle Design. Engineering Controls. Mechanical Lifts. Mechanical Lifts. Powered Cutters. Pneumatic Tools. Automated Cut Up.

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Ergonomics Controls

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Ergonomics Controls

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Administrative/Work Practice


Types of Controls

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Workstation Design

Equipment Controls

Design of Work Methods

Tool and Handle Design

Engineering Controls

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Mechanical Lifts

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Mechanical Lifts

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Powered Cutters

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Pneumatic Tools

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Automated Cut Up

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Automated Trim

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Scissor Lifts

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Roller Conveyors

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Auto Baggers

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Adjustable Platforms

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Pallet Wrapper

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Job Enlargement

Job Rotation

Rest Pauses

Preventive Maintenance


Administrative Controls

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Proper Work Techniques

New Employee Conditioning Period


Work Practice Controls

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Enforce Proper Practices

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Enforce Use of Equipment

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Knife Sharpening

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Knife Sharpening

Angled Right


Angled Left

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Use good on-line knife sharpeners

Install these sharpeners correctly

Properly maintain the honing and/or hollow grinding machine

Have knife sharpeners learn and use proper sharpening techniques

Maintain consistent blade shapes

Inform sharpener of cutting jobs where people are having MSDs

Knife Sharpening Program

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Knife handles come in a variety of ergonomic designs, including soft grip, non-slip, and angled blades.

Knife Handles

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Job Enlargement

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Reduced boredom

Reduced work stress

Reduced MSDs

Reduced turnover

Reduced absenteeism

Job Rotation Benefits

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Workers did not want to change

Machine operators didn’t want to “lend” to others

Education and training for new jobs

Finding appropriate jobs to rotate to

Used inappropriately by management

Job Rotation Implementation Problems

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Reduce number of MSDs

Reduce rotations that increase stress

Reduce absenteeism and turnover

Involve and further educate employees

Job Rotation Goals

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Personal Protective Equipment

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Insufficient Data that belts significantly reduce trunk loading

Insufficient data that wearing reduces risk of injury based on IAP and EMG

May strain cardiovascular system

Insufficient data that discontinuation of use increases risk among healthy workers

Workplace Use of Back BeltsNIOSH 94-122

NIOSH does not recommend as a tool for prevention

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