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Evaluations and future plans of IYA2009 activities in Japan. Kaz Sekiguchi IYA2009 Promotion Unit National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. Japan Projects. IYA2009 Japan Committee projects:.

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Evaluations and future plans of IYA2009 activities in Japan

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Evaluations and future plans of IYA2009 activities in Japan

Kaz Sekiguchi

IYA2009 Promotion Unit

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

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Japan Projects

IYA2009 Japan Committee projects:

● ”You are Galileo!” Project● Restoration of Galileo’s Telescopes● Traveling Museum Exhibition“Solving puzzle of the Universe -- 400 years since Galileo‘s observation” ● “Stars of Asia”: Asian Mythology and Legend of Stars and Universe

● Let’s go to the Planetarium!●Live Broadcast of the Solar Eclipse on July 22, 2009● “Look up the Sky!” : ten-millions‘ Star Gazing ● “Starry Book Fair”

● IYA2009 Concert ● IYA2009 Closing Symposium: Astronomy Education

and more….


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Japan Projects

IYA2009 Japan Committee Web Page projects:

● IYA2009 Japan Committee Web site

● Life of Galileo

● Guide for Solar Eclipse Viewing ● Galileo-kun and his friends ● IYA2009 Choice of the astronomical goods● IYA2009 Mail Magazine● IYA2009 News Letters● Astronomical Calendar


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Japan Projects

  • Collaborations with the Global Projects

  • ● Globe at Night

  • ● Galileo Teacher Training Program● 100 Hours of Astronomy● Galilean Nights

  • ● From Earth to the Universe

  • ● Cosmic Diary

  • ● Universe Awareness

  • ● The Galileoscope


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“Stars of Asia”:

Asian Mythology and Legend of Stars and Universe

Aim to collect and edit the East Asian legends and traditional stories relating to stars and Universe.


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“Starry Book Fair”


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You are Galileo

We distribute “You are Galileo Telescope" for children living in Asian countries and others. Using “You are Galileo Telescope", children enjoy watching planets, stars and satellites as Galileo did. Through these observations, children shareed the surprise and discovery that Galileo experienced.


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You are Galileo

Kottamia, Egypt, October 2009

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, July 2009

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“Look up the Sky!” : Ten-Millions‘ Star Gazing

730,7600 people registered!

We announced interesting astronomical events on the web and provide various opportunities to observe the stars and the universe. We asked people register the counter which shows how many people see and enjoy the events together. We hoped 10 million people enjoy the night sky during IYA2009.


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Let’s go to Planetarium!

Planetariums all over Japan joined under the campaign "Here, There, Everywhere, IYA!" during the IYA2009.

There are about 300 planetariums in Japan with over 5 million audience per year.


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Restoration of Galileo’s Telescopes


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“Solving puzzle of the Universe -- 400 years since Galileo‘s observation”

This exhibition aims to introduce how our vision of the universe has changed by telescopes and observational technologies since Galileo‘s observation.

The exhibition was held at Tokyo in June 2009 and traveled to Sendai, Niigata, Nagoya, and Osaka.


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Galileo-kun & his friends


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Galileo-kun & his friends


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Official Events





2,888 events

(842 organizers)

were officially recognized by

the IYA2009 Japan Committee.

Solar Eclipse










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IYA2009 Japan Committee web site “astronomy2009.jp” access #

Average 150,428 req/day

Max. on July 22, 2009

3,011.928 req/day

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Newspaper coverage

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Newspaper coverage

Major newspapers

109 articles

Newspaper articles for students:

23 in Junior High-school

53 in Elementary school

Nikkei, Feb. 27, 2009

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Do you think the IYA2009 helped public awareness on the astronomy and space sciences?

Overwhelming majority people think the IYA2009 was a successful event gaining public awareness on the astronomy and space sciences.





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Was the official endorsement by the IYA2009 Japan Committee helpful organizing the events?

Not helped at all


Don’t know


Not much helpful


Very much helpful


Somewhat helpful


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How do you think the “Official Endorsement” helped your events?

・ Help advertizing the events

・ Give an authority to the events

・ Help feel united

・ Give motive and confidence

・ Give a reason to promote the events

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What do you think you need to continue your activities?


Official endorsement



Webpage list

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Expense (Not totally accounted for)

NAOJ collected (Donations)

8,000,852 jpy (~ US$ 89k)

and spend (by the end of 2009)

28,438,150 jpy (~ US$ 310k)

plus 60k euro to support the IAU IYA2009 Office

Also, JAXA contributed 60k euro and much more….

A total amount spent on the IYA2009 events in Japan is to be estimated.

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Beyond IYA2009 in Japan

We agreed to form a united body to promote astronomy in Japan

An official name of this body is not yet decided.

It consists of representatives from various different amateur and professional organizations, research and educational institutes, public observatories, planetarium and museums.

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