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Community Service. Community Service. By: Lauren Ward. by: Lauren Ward. Past Community Service. Victory for Victoria Carwash Victory for Victoria Run Adopt a child for Christmas Toys for Tots. Why I chose the Lowndes County Pound. I love animals

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Community Service

Community Service

By: Lauren Ward

by: Lauren Ward

Past community service l.jpg
Past Community Service

  • Victory for Victoria Carwash

  • Victory for Victoria Run

  • Adopt a child for Christmas

  • Toys for Tots

Why i chose the lowndes county pound l.jpg
Why I chose the Lowndes County Pound

  • I love animals

  • I know that taking care of animals is hard work and that animal shelters are often understaffed.

  • I knew that this would be one community service project

    that I would really enjoy


What i had to do l.jpg
What I had to do:

  • Clean the cages (included: hosing down the walls and floors, spraying disinfectant on floors and walls, scrub floors and walls and then squeegee water out.

  • Walk some of the healthy dogs (dogs that are sick cannot go outside.)

  • Assist customers with dogs that they are interested in.

  • Bathe dogs that had been adopted.

  • Do the laundry.

  • Clean the toys with water and disinfectant.

  • Mop the floors in visitor rooms.

Pugsley, a 4 month old puppy currently at the pound.

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  *Taken from the Lowndes County Animal Shelter's Website*

Animal Services we provide:

~Enforcing Animal Control Ordinances

~Investigating animal abuse and cruelty complaints

~Humanely capturing distressed, nuisance, or dangerous animals

~Sheltering stray and owned pets

~Accept unwanted pets for possible adoption

~Officer healthy pets for adoption

~Humanely euthanizing elderly and ill animals at the owner's request

~Offer Annual Rabies and Microchip Clinics to the Public

~Offer refuge to pets during disaster evacuations, accidents involving the owner and pet, eviction, and while the owner is detained or incarcerated

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  • Dogs: $88-$92 depending on age

  • Cats: $80 could vary depending on age and medical needs.

    Not a bad price compared to a pet store

    Where you pay about $600 for a dog!!

    This is Sara, a puppy that was adopted

    while I was working! 

Dog fighting l.jpg
Dog Fighting

  • Dog fighting is an act of cruelty which, unfortunately is still a problem today.

  • Most of the time, people will take dogs, usually pit bulls, and teach them to attack smaller dogs and even puppies.

  • If the pit bull does not attack the smaller dog, it is beaten.

  • Once the fighting dog has practiced on smaller dogs they will move on to a “bait dog”. These bait dogs are other pit bulls of equal size that are usually less aggressive and cannot be used as a fighting dog. The “bait dogs” canine teeth are pulled so that it cannot cause serious damage to the fighting dog.

  • After the bait dog has been used until it is near death, the owner will either shoot it or dump it somewhere to die.

  • The fighting dog is then put in a pen with another fighting dog and the two fight until one is dead, or too seriously injured to fight back.

  • Often, the losing dog will be shot by its owner, out of “embarrassment”.

  • The Lowndes County Animal Shelter had a ton of

    posters on how to recognize and prevent dog fighting and other

    kinds of animal cruelty.

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A puppy cage with about 5 dogs

2 kittens waiting for adoption

Slide11 l.jpg

<~This cat really wanted some attention cages to clean them.

Me reaching though one of the cages to pet the dogs.

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The End!!! cages to clean them.