Troubleshooting pc hardware
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Troubleshooting PC Hardware - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Troubleshooting PC Hardware. Troubleshooting Steps. Identify the problem ... Did the problem start after the user installed hardware or software? ...

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Troubleshooting PC Hardware

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Troubleshooting pc hardware l.jpg

Troubleshooting PC Hardware

Troubleshooting steps l.jpg

Troubleshooting Steps

  • Identify the problem

  • Gather Information

  • Develop & implement a solution

  • If the problem isn't solved, go back to Step 1 and refine your information.

  • Document the problem and the solution.

Identify the problem l.jpg

Identify the Problem

  • After the user describes the problem, attempt to recreate it yourself.

  • Make note of other factors that exist when the problem occurs.

Gather information l.jpg

Gather Information

  • Did the problem start after the user installed hardware or software?

  • Did the problem appear suddenly or gradually?

  • Attempt to recreate the situation leading to the problem.

  • Use available troubleshooting utilities.

Develop and implement a solution l.jpg

Develop and Implement a Solution

  • Remove or replace a suspect part.

  • Uninstall offending software.

  • Run Antivirus or Antispyware utility.

  • Verify the problem is solved.

Troubleshooting hardware l.jpg

Troubleshooting Hardware

  • POST Errors

  • BIOS Error Messages

  • OS Load Errors

  • Errors reported by user

Post messages l.jpg

POST Messages

  • Can be audible (Beeps) or visual

    • Most are related to system memory or cache

    • Keyboard missing or locked

    • Video System failure

  • POST Card

Bios messages l.jpg

BIOS Messages

  • May be fatal or non-fatal

  • Examples

    • CMOS battery low or dead

    • Incorrect CPU speed

    • Incorrect memory size

    • No boot device

  • For some errors, easy solution is to reset BIOS to factory defaults.

Os windows errors l.jpg

OS (Windows) Errors

  • Problems during Windows setup

    • Graphic video system

    • Loading Hardware or Drivers

    • Setting up communications (network)

  • Boot into Safe Mode (F8)

    • If Safe Mode is successful, Windows core files are OK, problem is in 3rd party hardware or drivers.

Troubleshooting windows l.jpg

Troubleshooting Windows

  • Entering Safe Mode (F8)

    • Basic Safe Mode – Only very basic drivers and system files are loaded.

    • Safe Mode with Networking – NIC drivers and information files are loaded.

    • Safe Mode with Command Prompt – Windows GUI is not loaded.

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