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Test Center Tasks, Tests & Surveys At first, Test Center is empty Go to Question Pools and click Add Pool General information about the pool: Title Description (optional) Point Values Difficulty Next, click Add Question to create a question in this pool

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Test center l.jpg

Test Center

Tasks, Tests & Surveys

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At first, Test Center is empty

Slide3 l.jpg

Go to Question Pools and click Add Pool

Slide4 l.jpg

General information about the pool:


Description (optional)

Point Values


Slide5 l.jpg

Next, click Add Question to create a question in this pool

Slide6 l.jpg

Choose the TYPE of question to add

Slide7 l.jpg

Check for a Survey question

By default, most questions are NOT survey questions

If you check Survey, the question is worth 0 points, regardless of type

Likert-scale questions are always survey questions worth 0 points

Slide8 l.jpg

Multiple Choice

Singleor multiple correct answers OK

Check boxes next to correct answers only

If you checked to make a survey question, there will be NO right/wrong answers

Slide9 l.jpg

Sort questions alphabetically or by type

Add, move, copy, duplicate & delete questions

Slide10 l.jpg

Question Pools list shows pool titles, descriptions, number of questions, point values and difficulty

Pools can be duplicated, combined & deleted

Slide11 l.jpg

After creating pools, create assessments

Return to Assessments(click link)

Click Add link

Slide12 l.jpg

In Edit Assessment

Choose TYPE of test

  • Test

  • Assignment

  • Survey

    Give it a TITLE

    Add INSTRUCTIONS (optional)

    Add PARTS:

  • Manual Select

  • Random Draw

Slide13 l.jpg

In Random Draw, choose how many questions to pick from each question pool

Don’t exceed the number of questions available

Slide14 l.jpg

In Manual Select, check box next to desired questions

All questions from all pools are available

Slide15 l.jpg

Add Parts shows a summary of what’s chosen

Number of Questions & Total Points shown

Click DONE when all questions desired are chosen

Slide16 l.jpg

On Assessments List page, click icon in Publish

column to access settings and publish assessment

Slide17 l.jpg

Set Options


Open, Due & Accept Until dates

Number of tries allowed

Time Limit

Note: these options can be altered even after a test has been published and submissions have been received

Slide18 l.jpg

Settings (continued)

Review Options

  • what & when feedback is available to students

    Release Grades

    Send to Gradebook

    Anonymous Grading

    Set Password

    can be edited

Slide19 l.jpg

Presentation Options

Honor Pledge




Part Numbering

Final Message

can be edited

Slide20 l.jpg

After selecting all setting options, publish the assessment by clicking the Publish button

Students can see published assessments

(but not open until Open Date)

Slide21 l.jpg

Test Drive by clicking the shows exactly what students see

Instructors can preview any published item unlimited times, even when item is not available to students

Slide22 l.jpg

When taking a test, the first page shows instructions to students specifying the test parameters

Any instructor-generated info shows here, too

Slide23 l.jpg

This test shows one question per page students specifying the test parameters

Students navigate by clicking on buttons

When done, students click Finish

Slide24 l.jpg

Choose to grade one-student-at-a-time students specifying the test parametersor all question 1, then all question 2, etc.

Slide25 l.jpg

See at a glance where each student is on an exam: students specifying the test parametersNot Started, In Progress, Submitted, Evaluated or Released

You can adjust the final score if desired

Slide26 l.jpg

You can set up special accommodations for any/all students in the Special Access area:

Choose student(s)

Set Different Dates

Set Number of Tries

Set Password (optional)