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Next Generation Laminator Sponsors: David Timpe, Geno Amalfatino Advisor: Dr. James Glancey

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Next Generation Laminator Sponsors: David Timpe, Geno Amalfatino Advisor: Dr. James Glancey. Team 13: Doug Brunner Adam Fauer Claire Jones Michael Klein. Problem

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Next Generation Laminator

Sponsors:David Timpe, Geno Amalfatino

Advisor:Dr. James Glancey

Team 13:

Doug Brunner

Adam Fauer

Claire Jones

Michael Klein


Current laminating processes encounter high amounts of voids between a silicone adhesive and a circuit board. Voids will not allow for proper heat transfer and could cause the circuit board to overheat.

Test Plan


Arlon is the manufacturer of Thermabond®, a silicone adhesive used to laminate circuit boards to heat sinks. Arlon wishes to expand sales of this product by introducing an improved method of applying Thermabond®.

70% Voids!

Our Solution

  • A double chamber vacuum box in a clamshell design
  • Heaters and coolers in the bottom half
  • Pressure applied from the top half

Project Goal

Our goal is to design an automated process that will create a void-free bond between a silicone adhesive, a circuit board and an aluminum plate.

Laminator: Open View

Workholding Frame

Current Technology

  • Frame will hold circuit board above heat sink for first step of vacuum
  • Springs will compress and lower the frame holding the circuit board onto the heat sink when pressure from top half is applied

Expected Performance

Circuit Board

Laminator with Vacuum/Pressure Operation

Vacuum Bagging System

Initial Validation

Key Customer Wants and Metrics

Void Reduction 5% or less

Alignment Accuracy ±0.005 inches

Ease of Use Laminate boards up to 24 inches square

Speed (temperature ramp rates) 12ºF/min heating

40ºF/min cooling

Temperature and Pressure Controls 400ºF max.

50 psia max.

Prototyped workholding fixed clamp frame proves to hold a circuit board by the edges.


We sincerely appreciate everyone who has given us the opportunity to have a successful senior design. Special thanks to our sponsors at Arlon for their support in this project. Also, thank you Ann Connor, Mr. Beard, and Dr. Glancey for your guidance and instruction.

New design for workholding mechanism will retract clamps.