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the role of the human resources department
  • To provide service and support to all employees from entry to exit, in order that they can perform the responsibilities of their position to support the educational achievement of Hayward Unified students
human resources strategic plan
  • The Human Resources Department will develop and implement plans to . . .
recruit hire and retain certificated and classified candidates who are
. . . Recruit, hire and retain Certificated and Classified candidates who are:
  • Most Qualified
  • Diverse
  • Appropriately Credentialed
  • Experienced and Trained
develop and implement effective professional development and training for classified employees
. . . develop and implement effective professional development and training for classified employees



. . . Increase and improve the selection of substitutes

  • . . . Improve the administration of the Substitute Employee Management System
  • . . . Provide qualified substitutes for all absences
. . . Increase the efficiency of the procedures and practices of all functions in the department
ensure the application of a successful evaluation process for all employees
. . . Ensure the application of a successful evaluation process for all employees
  • Board of Education Goal
    • “Every administrator, teacher, classified staff member will have on file an evaluation which is not older than 18 months. Every first year employee will be evaluated.”
pre requisites for a successful evaluation process
Pre-Requisites for a Successful Evaluation Process
  • Top Priority
  • Criteria Based on Standards and Best Practices
  • Procedures Applied Consistently
  • Remediation Support
  • Clear Expectations
  • Adequate Time for Improvement
Trained Evaluators
  • Evaluators Held Accountable
  • Timelines Adhered To
  • Good Professional Judgment
  • Enhance Student Learning
hayward unified school district human resources

Hayward Unified School District

Human Resources

“The Gold Standard”

Hayward Unified School District

Human Resources Department

Hayward Unified School DistrictHuman Resources

The Strategic Plan


“Quality Control”isthe trust our stakeholders implicitly and explicitly place in us on the behalf of their children.
  • Quality Control Is:
    • Recruiting
    • Selecting
    • Hiring
    • Training
    • Supporting
    • Evaluating
quality control is maintained through
“Quality Control” is maintained through
  • Our hiring processes
  • Our staff development programs
  • Our evaluation processes
  • Our progressive discipline processes
building a culture of success
“Building a Culture of Success”
  • Each aspect of “quality control” performed well in an appropriate and timely manner ensures the maintenance of the highest quality professionals throughout our organization and serves the District’s goal of “Building a Culture of Success: All Means All.”
evaluation as quality control
Evaluation as “Quality Control”
  • Not only are we here to facilitate the success of our students, but also to facilitate the success of all of our employees.
  • “It is understood and agreed that the intent of evaluating unit members is to maintain and/or improve the quality of education in the District (HEA 13.A.1).”
authority to evaluate
Authority to Evaluate
  • Education Code §44860
  • Board Policy 4115
  • Collective Bargaining Agreements
    • HEA Article 13
    • AEOTE Article 15
    • SEIU Article 18
the evaluation process
The Evaluation Process
  • Mutually Agreed Upon Criteria

(unique to each bargaining unit)

  • Mutually Agreed Upon Instruments

(unique to each bargaining unit)

  • Mutually Agreed Upon Process for

(unique to each bargaining unit)

    • Goal-setting/Pre Conference
    • Observation
    • Feed Back/Post Conference
    • Final Report/Summary Evaluation
the ultimate goal is
The Ultimate Goalis
  • To raise student achievement for all students
    • By ensuring quality instruction and support;
    • By ensuring the highest quality learning environment;
    • Supported by each and every employee throughout the organization from all levels of administration; through the certificated teaching ranks; through the classified corps.
california standards for the teaching profession
California Standards for the Teaching Profession
  • “The Standards are designed to be used by teachers to:
    • Prompt reflection about student learning and teaching practice;
    • Formulate professional goals to improve teaching practice;
    • Guide, monitor and assess the progress of a teacher’s practice toward professional goals and professionally-accepted benchmarks.
the standards
The Standards
  • Address the diversity of students and teachers in California schools today;
  • Reflect a holistic, developmental view of teaching.
  • Support the creation of inclusive classrooms in which diverse students of varying abilities are engaged and challenged as learners.
  • Reflect an expectation that the education of diverse students is likely to be most productive when teachers use effective pedagogical principles and practices in all subjects.
the standards24
The Standards
  • Value the diversity of teachers’ backgrounds, perspectives, skills, knowledge and practice.
  • Respect the diverse ways in which teachers pursue excellence in professional practice, thereby enriching and enlivening the education of diverse students.”
        • California Standards for the Teaching Profession, California Commission on Teacher Credentialing & California Department of Education, January 1997, p.1
the standards for
The Standards for
  • Engaging and Supporting All Students in Learning.
  • Creating and Maintaining Effective Environments for Student Learning.
  • Understanding and Organizing Subject Matter.
  • Planning Instruction and Designing Learning Experiences.
  • Assessing Student Learning.
  • Developing as a Professional.
your task
Your Task
  • Each table will have a Standard
  • Within each Standard are five to six exemplars which demonstrate the Standard
  • Read exemplars silently.
  • Contemplate what each might look like in a classroom (each group will have to decide on a grade level or content area).
  • Select a recorder to record your observations.
  • Select a presenter to present your findings to the assembly.