Comparing bird adaptations
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Comparing Bird Adaptations. Great Blue Heron Eats small fish. Woodpecker. Eats insects and tree sap. Cardinal Eats seeds. Great Horned Owl Eats small to medium sized mammals. Common Snipe. Eats insects, earthworms, and some plants. Osprey.

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Great blue heron eats small fish
Great Blue HeronEats small fish


Eats insects and tree sap

Cardinal eats seeds
CardinalEats seeds

Great horned owl eats small to medium sized mammals
Great Horned OwlEats small to medium sized mammals

Common snipe
Common Snipe

Eats insects, earthworms, and some plants


Eats fish and wetland mammals (rodents( and reptiles (lizards and salamanders)

Ostrich eats shrubs seeds grass
OstrichEats shrubs, seeds, grass

Humming bird
Humming Bird

Feeds on nectar of plants and some eats insects and spiders for protein

Purple martin eats insects
Purple MartinEats insects


Eats fish, amphibians, crustaceans, and smaller birds

Mallard duck eats seeds nuts fruit plants tadpoles insects small fish
Mallard DuckEats seeds, nuts, fruit, plants, tadpoles, insects, small fish