too many buildings in new york city n.
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Too Many Buildings In New York City PowerPoint Presentation
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Too Many Buildings In New York City

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Too Many Buildings In New York City - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Too Many Buildings In New York City

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  1. Too Many Buildings In New York City By: Sarah Hunter Silcott

  2. Have you ever thought about how life was without so many buildings? Like how we had lots of wide open spaces. But all that was taken away because of buildings.

  3. The African Burial Ground • Here is an example of what I mean, long ago in the 1600s-1800s when slaves died, their owners built them a burial ground for them to bury there dead family members. It was separated from there owners burial grounds. The slaves called it the African Burial Ground. 1,000 years later researchers accidentally found bones. The African Burial Ground was found. But there was a big problem. People wanted to build a building right over the burial ground. The African Americans were not happy with that idea. Over 1 million African Americans protested and they won but the building was still built but the workmen moved the bones to another location. The building that was built became the museum of the African Burial Ground.

  4. Buildings Are Built But Never Used • Some buildings are built then never used and that’s a waste of money and a wasted of land. And they do not even tear it down they just leave it there like it’s a rock.

  5. Abandoned Buildings Turned Into New Buildings • Long ago there were some buildings that were always used like schools, houses, businesses, and stores. But now they are abandoned. Some abandoned places were turned into knew places and that’s what should happen to all abandoned buildings.

  6. Old Buildings Can Be Turned Into Homeless Shelters • Some of the abandoned buildings could be used as a homeless shelter. The abandoned buildings could be used for a good cause.

  7. Before buildings came, everything was better and there were lots of wide open spaces, trees, grass, flowers and different kinds of birds instead of just pigeons. But now its just stone, metal and pigeons every were and there is are no wide open spaces. Just buildings every were in New York. And there are less trees, plants and flowers. Not enough trees means not enough air, we cold die because of these buildings. We need to tear some of them down. If we don’t then more buildings could be built and then their will be nothing but buildings.