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New York City Department of Buildings

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New York City Department of Buildings - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New York City Department of Buildings 2005 Agenda Introduction Who we are The Application Filing and Permit Process The Building Code The Building Information System (BIS) on How to access the Buildings Website and BIS

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Presentation Transcript
  • Introduction
    • Who we are
    • The Application Filing and Permit Process
    • The Building Code
    • The Building Information System (BIS) on
      • How to access the Buildings Website and BIS
  • Frequent Inquiries and Requests for Information from BIS
    • Building Information Search and Property Profile Overview
    • Applications/Permits
    • Complaints
    • Violations
    • License Status for skilled trades
  • Whats New on
    • New Look for Buildings Website
    • Subscribe to receive DOBNEWS via e-mail
    • Certificates of Occupancy
    • eFiling
  • Questions and Answers
  • Each year Buildings ensures the safe and lawful use of over 900,000 buildings and properties by enforcing the Building Code, Zoning Resolution and other applicable laws.
    • reviews over 57,000 construction plans
    • issues over 90,000 new and renewed permits
    • performs over 300,000 inspections
    • licenses twelve trades with 29 classifications
  • Under Commissioner Lancaster, FAIA, there have been significant recent enhancements to BISWeb and the Department’s Website on making them more reliant, efficient and transparent.
  • In June 2005 Buildings unveiled its redesigned Website ( providing improved navigation, information architecture and tools that makes it easier to find data. The public can also subscribe to automatic e-mail notifications for new service changes or for information on specifically requested categories.
  • August 2005, an average of 15,000 individual users per day visited the BISWeb, averaging 250,000 page views per business day.
the application filing process
The Application Filing Process
  • In the City of New York, most applications to do construction must be filed with the Department of Buildings by a New York State licensed Professional Engineer (PE) or Registered Architect (RA).

Department data enters application information

Department approves plan

Department issues permit

Department reviews plans OR


Applicant pre-files application

Applicant professionally certifies plans

If disapproved, applicant calls for Appointment

Applicant applies for permit

Applicant pays the fee

the permit process
The Permit Process
  • Once an application to do construction work has been approved, a contractor can apply for a building permit to begin the work.
    • Applicant submits to the permit clerk the approved folder with a stamp indicating that microfilm has been received, along with the documents below:
      • PW-2 form, signed and notarized by contractor. If licensee, seal is required in lieu of notarization.
      • PW-3 form (cost affidavit), signed by contractor and notarized. If licensee, sign and seal.
      • A check for thirty-five dollars (final microfilming fee).
    • Permit clerk checks for fees due and valid insurance prior to producing the permit.
    • The permit is generated and the permit clerk enters the permit issuance date in BIS.
    • The application folder is retained by the permit clerk and sent to the Record Room for filing.
building code
Building Code
  • The current Building Code was enacted by the City Council on October 22, 1968, and approved by the Mayor on November 6, 1968. It became effective on December 6, 1968, superseding the Building Code enacted in 1938. The "New Code" is based largely upon nationally accepted performance standards and specifications for materials and construction assemblies. The present edition available here updates the Building Code to October 1, 2004.
  • Download a copy of the Code from the Building’s web site OR purchase a copy from the City Store
bisweb on nyc gov buildings
BISWeb on
  • How to Access and BIS
    • On any page enter address in far right column or click Buildings Information System on far left column
frequent inquiries property profile overview
Frequent Inquiries Property Profile Overview

AKA Address Information

Actions (History)

frequent inquiries applications permits
Frequent InquiriesApplications/Permits

Permits In Process/Issued


frequent inquiries applications job overview
Frequent Inquiries Applications (Job Overview)

Search for applications

by date/type

Link for more specific


frequent inquiries applications application data
Frequent Inquiries Applications (Application Data)

Links for more specific



Frequent Inquiries Permits

Links for more specific


Print Copy of Permit


Frequent Inquiries Complaints

Links for more specific



Link for specific



Frequent Inquiries Violations

ECB & DOB Violations

Link for specific


Links for more specific



What’s New on Features on Website

New Features

  • Building News
  • Search Entire Site
  • BIS access on all pages
  • Improved Navigation
  • Quick access to #’s

What’s New on to Buildings News

New Features

  • Building News
  • Choose Categories
what s new on www nyc gov buildings efiling
What’s New on

After registration electronic renewal of select permits