tropical rainforest n.
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Tropical Rainforest

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Tropical Rainforest. Biome Research By Addison Rogers. Tropical Rainforest Geography & Climate. Location- 30 degrees North, 30 degrees south latitude

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tropical rainforest
Tropical Rainforest

Biome Research


Addison Rogers

tropical rainforest geography climate
Tropical RainforestGeography & Climate
  • Location- 30 degrees North, 30 degrees south latitude
  • Description- Central and South America, West Africa, East Madagascar, Zaire Basin, Indomalaysia, Asaam, Southeast Asia, New Guinea, and Queensland Australia.
  • Soil Type- Shallow Soils
  • Precipitation- 80 to 400 inches a year
  • Temperature Range- 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Climate- lush and warm all year

tropical rainforest adaptations needed for survival
Tropical RainforestAdaptations Needed for Survival
  • Plants- Epiphyte; grows on tree branches to take advantage of sunlight
  • Animals- New World Monkey; has prehensile tails that curl around branches to hold on with

tropical rainforest biodiversity
Tropical RainforestBiodiversity
  • Plant Species- Epiphyte, mosses, ferns, coniferous trees (10-20 species), broad leaf trees
  • Animal Species- mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, butterflies, mosquitoes, stick insects, ants, chipmunks, and monkeys
  • 3,085 plant and animal species

tropical rainforest interactions of biotic and abiotic
Tropical RainforestInteractions of Biotic and Abiotic
  • Biotic- plants feed animals, carnivores hunt for their food
  • Abiotic- heavy rain helps trees grow

what is biodiversity
What is Biodiversity?
  • Biodiversity is the number of different species of plants and animals in an environment. It is the variety of life. You can study it on many levels. Biodiversity can be studied practically anywhere. From the tundra and desert, to your neighborhood park.

how does biodiversity contribute to the sustainability of an ecosystem
How does biodiversity contribute to the sustainability of an ecosystem?
  • If there is ever wildfires or floods, and a species were to go extinct, a forest with 20 other reptiles is likely to adapt better than another forest with only one species.,r:12,s:0,i:119&surl=1