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Vocabulary: Week 2

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Vocabulary: Week 2. 10 th Grade NMHS. Asinine ( adj ) “ASS- ih -nine” . Asinine is stupid and silly and dumb . You would look asinine Sucking your thumb. REMEMBER THIS : Asinine=making an * ss of yourself. Definition : Extremely stupid or foolish.

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vocabulary week 2

Vocabulary: Week 2

10th Grade


asinine adj ass ih nine
Asinine (adj) “ASS-ih-nine”

Asinine is stupid and silly and dumb.

You would look asinine

Sucking your thumb.

REMEMBER THIS : Asinine=making an *ss of yourself.

Definition: Extremely stupid or foolish

egregious adj eh gree jus
Egregious (adj) “Eh-GREE-jus”

Egregious refers to something

That’s really, really bad,

Like the worst kind of mistake,

Or the worst date you ever had.

REMEMBER THIS : Egregious errors can cause grief.

Definition: Outstandingly bad; shocking

impregnable adj im preg nuh bul
Impregnable (adj) “Im-PREG-nuh-bul”

Oh, I’m gonna get it for this one,

But how can I not spell it out?

Impregnable means

That you’re safe from attack,

And you’re thinking of “pregnant,” No doubt.

REMEMBER THIS : Impregnable = can’t be attacked, can’t get pregnant

Definition: Unable to be captured or broken into

lackadaisical adj lak uh dayz ih kul
Lackadaisical (adj) “Lak-uh-DAYZ-ih-kul”



And so indolent.

Did I mention slacker?

Well, that’s what I meant.

REMEMBER THIS : Lackadaisical=slackadaisical.

Definition: lacking enthusiasm and determination; lazy

lugubrious adj luh goob ree us
Lugubrious (adj) “Luh-GOOB-ree-us”

Mournful and dismal and gloomy—

That’s what lugubrious means.

You’re dreary and draggy and mopey.

Maybe you need some caffeine.

REMEMBER THIS : Lugubrious: always lugging your problems around.

Definition: looking or sounding sad and dismal

obsequious adj ub se qwee us
Obsequious (adj) “Ub-SE-qwee-us”

I love this word.

It means you’re a suck up,

A fawning cajoler.

Makes me want to chuck up.

REMEMBER THIS : Obsequious people seek your approval.

Definition: Obedient to an excessive degree

prognosticate verb prog nos tih kate
Prognosticate (verb) “Prog-NOS-tih-kate”

It’s predict, just like a fortune teller.

My talent with this stuff is stellar.

If you want to know your fate

Call me And I’ll prognosticate.

REMEMBER THIS : Prognosticate=predict, as with a prognosis.

Definition: to foretell or prophesy

revere verb rih veer
Revere (verb) “Rih-VEER”

You revere someone you respect.

You look up to the guy

Without straining your neck.

REMEMBER THIS : Who didn’t revere Paul Revere? Well, I guess the British didn’t.

Definition: to feel deep respect or admiration for

scourge noun skurj
Scourge (noun) “SKURJ”

A scourge is a terrible thing or event

That causes widespread devastation.

A scourge of great whites In the mood for a fight

Could disfigure your surfing vacation.

REMEMBER THIS : Do what you can to scour and purge a scourge.

Definition: A person or thing that causes great pain and suffering

unkempt adj un kempt
Unkempt (adj) “Un-KEMPT”

Let me attempt to describe unkempt:

It’s sloppy, disheveled, and rough.

Unkempt can be slimy

And vulgar and skuzzy . . .

Alright, alright . . . enough.

REMEMBER THIS : Unkempt is unclean.

Definition: having an untidy or disheveled appearance

vocabulary rhymes
Vocabulary Rhymes


Write a four to six line rhyme for each vocabulary word. It must include context clues and words that imply its meaning. Use the previous list as examples.

After this week and last week,

You’ve seen the words to know,

Followed by a rhyme scheme

That helped your teacher show,

The true word’s meaning through poetry

And great it was to read,

But now it’s your turn to write the lines,

That will make you succeed.


Vocabulary Frayer Model


Create a vocabulary Frayer Model for each vocabulary word.