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VJ Vitrag jewels

VJ Vitrag jewels

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VJ Vitrag jewels

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  1. VJVitrag jewels GF-5,Copper Arch,83, Infantry Road, Bangalore-560001 Ph:080-25582969,25587707 Fax:080-25587808 Email Id

  2. PROFILE • As the Mughals gave a new lease of life to Indian Jewellery, Vitrag’s commendable designs have given the Indian woman a tribute to her beauty and intelligence. Their host of theme based collections draw inspiration from nature, art and architecture. • Bold and revolutionary changes in centuries of jewellery making traditions have given Vitrag the distinction of being categorically different from others in the trade. Not only have they captivated their customers with traditional jewellery adopted to modern designs but have created that special niche for the upwardly mobile working woman as an expression of her individuality. • Vitrag jewels is a reality of the philosophy that jewellery should be beautiful, wearable, valuable and just as unique as the woman herself. Our hosts of theme based collections draws inspiration from forms of nature, art and architecture, and embody purity and precision. Breathtaking is all our customers have to say about our jewellery. We have given a new lease of life to Indian jewellery by infusing a subtle European flavor into its traditional design, adding elegance and a fine touch of class. Our designs have distinctly western flavor, yet they are the perfect accessories for Indian clothes as well. • Ours is a dedicated family concern, born during the pre-independence era in Jaipur when our founder Mr. Ranjit Singh specialized in colored stones. Those, were the days when no diamond business existed. In the 60s, we moved to Bombay and evolved one of the first diamond business in the country. We were soon exporting to the United States of America, Bangkok, Hong Kong and other countries. In 1980, we set up shop in Bangkok, being one of the first few Indians to explore overseas ventures. This was handled independently by Mr. Sanjiv Singh the eldest son. Meeting with sure success all the way, the Singh family decided to go another step forward. Three years ago, the Mr. Rajeev Singh the second son came to Bangalore to establish a wholesale outlet and also test the waters for setting up a showroom here. The result was the eye-inviting showroom of Vitrag Jewels at Copper Arch, Infantry Road, Bangalore. The Singh family also owns two other companies in Bombay, M/s. S.S exports and M/s Sidh Dia Corporation which exclusively cater to exports.

  3. Our success is no secret. A love for diamonds and a passion for beauty is what got us started 20 years ago. Painstaking precision and impeccable skill has brought us this far. Not to mention, the tireless perfectionism of Mr. Singh, who is the driving force behind it all. • Our jewellery is hand crafted to flawless precision by our design team that company of skilled goldsmiths, gemologists and professional designers who have an eye for the ethereal. Colored stones and diamonds are set with dedicated finesse under their knowing eyes. Unscrupulous scrutiny of every piece of finished jewellery under a magnifying lens ensures that only the best and perfect will reach our customers at Vitrag. • Apart from the stunning collection we have for display, we have elaborate catalogues, pages and pages of detailed designs created by our in-house designers, we also have full time designer’s to create various pieces of jewelry according to individual liking. Quality, workmanship and casting are important but the designing of the product is in keeping with the rapidly changing market to stimulate the buyer’s appetite. • Professional experts such as Goldsmiths and Gemmologists design the customer’s exotic dreams in gold or stone studded jewelry is it in a satin finish, matt finish, blue, pink or green colored gold or any other flights they dare to aspire. Machine made Italian designs, Cartier designs the widest range of stunning bangles, kadas and bracelets along with the antique jewelry are a few highlights on the tiara of Vitrag Jewels. That transports the customer into an awe inspiring insight to the endless possibilities at Vitrag and if you still dare to dream, we weave your own designs into golden realities by creating the exact replica of any pattern that you want. • The fact that designs are never repeated except if a customer specifically wishes it highlighted our commitment to originality we constantly challenge us, and use the latest technology and 3D computer imaging for our designs. • Our collection includes Diamond jewellery, antique finish gold jiwellery of 91.6% purity (22 KDM), Kundan & Meena jewellery studded with flat Diamonds, 24K Ganesha idols imported form Bangkok.

  4. Our range of 22 carat and 24 carat jewellery set in diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies are a bewitching sight, enough to gladden the most jaded heart. Or you could choose from our exclusive creations of bangles and bracelets in frosted finish and rodium • colours, in both traditional and modern designs. We offer gold at Mumbai rate and also accept Gold to Gold exchange. • As for watches, you will stare in wide eyed wonder at these bold creations in white gold and encrusted in diamonds-designs that match those of Cartier, Dior or Christian Bernard. • We also specialize in delicate enamel work, and plain gold ethnic jewellery that are exquisite in its simplicity. • One of our unique products is the pure gold Ganesha idols that are imported. • We have expanded frontiers and now have manufacturing offices in Bangkok and Bombay. We export diamonds to United States of America and Middle East. We now look forward to opening showroom in USA and Saudi Arabia. • As we believe that our creations speak for us, our priorities have been design, workmanship and quality. We are now irrevocably devoted to creating exclusive modern jewellery for the wonder called woman, our very own tribute beauty and intelligence.