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United Methodist Women Knoxville District 40th Annual Meeting/Celebration PowerPoint Presentation
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United Methodist Women Knoxville District 40th Annual Meeting/Celebration

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United Methodist Women Knoxville District 40th Annual Meeting/Celebration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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United Methodist Women Knoxville District 40th Annual Meeting/Celebration
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  1. United Methodist Women Knoxville District 40th Annual Meeting/Celebration

  2. Purpose The organized unit of UNITED METHODIST WOMEN shall be a community of women whose purpose is to know God, and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church

  3. Prayer Calendar • Lorene Persons, CALPAC P. O. Box 20219 Kitwe, Zambia • Malcolm Frazier, Staff Executive Secretary for Mission Volunteers Missionary Services, MEV

  4. In Remembrance • Asbury: Marguerite Gault, Belle Painter, Sandra Sherrod, Mattie Wright • Bethel: Diane Kear • Christ: Beverly Tonagel • Church Street: Dorothy Richardson Bedwell, Jane McAfee Dudley, Christina Emily Thomas Jones, Gladys K. Roberts, Edith Clair Newell Woodson Fountain City Carrie Carter, Edna Hueser, Maggie Meek, Doris Thomas • Kodak: Lillian Gilreath, Juanita Swaggerty, Carrie Swann • Mascot:Betty Quarles • Second:Ogreeta Crew • Washington Pike:Sarah Corum, Jen McCampbell, Joyce Roberts

  5. Outgoing Officers • Janice Deathridge Secretary • Carroll Grubbs Nominations • Susan Hines Historian • Ruby Jones Nominations • Ann Kelly Spiritual Growth Coordinator • Joyce Walker Social Action Coordinator

  6. Incoming Officers LaNoka Rhodes Danielle Meyers Social Action Chair, Nominations Church Street UMC Norwood UMC Pat Collier Jackie Hill Nominations Nominations Bookwalter UMC Ebenezer UMC

  7. Returning Officers Sue Clapp Mary Lou Heath Shirley Napier President Program Resources Membership/Nature Barbara Cope Barbara Johnson Sharon Grigsby Vice President Program Resources Glenna Hutchison Sue Wilson Nina McPherson Nancy Cantrell Nominations Treasurer Spiritual Growth Pat Bellingrath LaNoka Rhodes Education/Interpretation Social Action Vicky Martin Communications

  8. Mission Giving

  9. Mission Giving2012 $51,523Pledge to Mission $ 3,084 Special Mission Recognition $ 915 Gift to Mission $ 1,205 Gift in Memory $ 4,508 World Thank Offering

  10. Other Mission Giving 2012 Love Offering , Conference $ 710 Love Offering , District $ 335 Penny & Prayer $ 453 Candle Burning $ 77 Other$ 5 Designated Gifts 2012 Call to Prayer $3,125 Brighter Future $ 520 Assembly Offering $ 25 Scarritt Bennett Center $ 80 World Communion $ 180 Magazine Fund $ 145

  11. National, International, UMCOR Projects2012 National Mission-Undesignated$ 73 Wesley House-Pantry $ 125 Wesley House-General $2,215 Henderson Settlement $ 730 Wesley House-Camperships $1,532 Hope for Children of Sudan $ 100 Bethlehem Center $ 100 Holston Home for Children $ 50 Partners for Children $ 585 Steve & DianthaHodges $ 50 Jubilee Project $ 370 Heifer Project International $ 100 Red Bird Mission $ 525 Interfaith Health Clinic $ 100 International Mission $ 435 Appalachian Service Project $ 50 UMCOR-Undesignated $1,176 One Great Hour of Sharing $ 89 World Hunger/Poverty $ 100 Haiti Water Project $ 50

  12. MISSION GIVING AWARDSMission Giving2012 In recognition of 100% participation in all five channels of mission giving Bearden Unit Bethel-Amherst Unit Bookwalter Unit Central Unit Christ Unit Church Street Unit Cokesbury Unit Colonial Unit Ebenezer Unit Emerald Unit Faith Unit First Unit Fountain City Unit Hillcrest Unit Kodak Unit Lennon-Seney Unit Mascot Unit MiddlebrookPike Unit Norwood Unit Pleasant Hill Unit Powell Unit Rutherford Memorial Unit St. Luke’s Unit St. Mark Unit St. Paul, East Unit Second Unit Trinity Unit Washington Pike Unit

  13. Five –Star Women/Units

  14. Channels of Undesignated Giving • PLEDGE TO MISSION: The amount each member decides is her share of the local unit's total budget. • SPECIAL MISSION RECOGNITION - undesignated gift in recognition of mission work that honors any person, female or male. • GIFT TO MISSION: Honor someone with an undesignated gift with the purchase of a mission card in their name • GIFT IN MEMORY: Honor the memory of a family member or friend by making additional mission work possible . Gift in Memory cards represent a gift of a minimum of $5.00. • WORLD THANK OFFERING: An opportunity to respond to God's abundance with gifts of gratitude.

  15. Minimum Contribution for5-star designation • $ 5.00 Pledge to Mission • $ 40.00 Special Mission Recognition • $ 5.00 Gift to Mission • $ 5.00 Gift in Memory • $ 5.00 World Thank Offering

  16. Five Star UnitsJanuary – December 2012 • Bethel-Amherst Kodak • Bookwalter Lennon-Seney • Central Mascot • Christ MiddlebrookPike • Church Street Norwood • Cokesbury Pleasant Hill • Colonial Heights Powell • Ebenezer Rutherford Memorial • Emerald St. Luke’s • Faith St. Mark • First St. Paul, East • Fountain City Trinity • Hillcrest Washington Pike

  17. Reading Program

  18. Reading Program: Leads to Action • Expand understanding of and participation in God’s mission. • Increase sensitivity to all human beings—their needs, interests and concerns. • Encourage critical thinking about issues facing humanity today. • Grow in understanding of Scripture as it relates to Christian faith in contemporary life. • Enhance self-knowledge and act from that knowledge. • Strengthen involvement in local and global Christian mission.

  19. Reading Program: Categories • Categories: • Education for Mission • Leadership Development • Nurturing for Community • Social Action • Spiritual Growth • Selections can be from the 2010-2014 reading lists ( if not included in previous reports, including youth titles). • Regular reading of response magazine

  20. Reading Program: Levels • Level one • One book from each category • Level two • Two books from each category • Level three • Two books from each category + 5 additional books from any category • Level four • Two books from each category + 10 additional books from any category

  21. Knoxville District UMW 40th Annual Meeting/Celebration

  22. Successful fundraisers • Tablecloth rental • Yearly rummage sales • Biennial bazaar in November • Fair Trade/ Equal Exchange • July evening meeting • 2013 featured Tom Mattingly, VolHistorian

  23. Birthday Card Project • Find a missionary listed in the annual UMW Prayer Calendar with the same (or close to the same) birth date as yours • Support them with your prayers all year long • Send a birthday card a few days before your joint birth date • Include a word of thanks for their service, updates on what your UMW is doing, notes about the birthday project, or personal information about yourself. • Encourage family, friends, or co-workers to “adopt” a misisonarywho shares a birthday • Perhaps extend project to include other days throughout the year, e.g. Valentine’s day, Easter, Christmas

  24. UMW CHRISTMAS AUCTION _____ $50 if you have helped with an outreach event this year _____ $50 if you used a recipe to make the food item you brought _____ $50 for saying grace before we eat tonight (1st person to shout out “Grace”) _____ $50 if you have been a greeter on Sunday morning _____ $50 if you have on something gold or gold colored _____ $50 if your Christmas decorations are out at home _____ $50 if you have attended at least 5 Wednesday night services _____ $50 if you have attended Sunday School at least 5 times this year _____ $50 if you are wearing a piece of Christmas jewelry _____ $50 if you submitted names for the Mother’s or Father’s Day bulletin board _____ SUBTOTAL _____ $100 for bringing a $10 gift bag _____ $100 for bringing a white elephant item _____ $100 if you helped prepare for the party _____ $100 for helping to clean up after the party (1st six people to shout out “clean up”) _____ $100 if you completed a Reading Program this year _____ $100 if you have contacted (call, card, visit) a shut-in or mission person this year _____ $100 if your UMW Pledge is paid for the year _____ $100 if you helped with a yard sale event (priced, donated, worked the day of the sale) _____ $100 if you attended a UMW district event (Time Apart, Officer Training, School of Christian Mission, Legislative Event, etc.) _____ $100 if you participated in UMW Day _____ SUBTOTAL _____ $500 if you are a visitor _____ $500 if you brought a visitor _____ $500 if you joined a circle this year (or if you join tonight) _____ SUBTOTAL _____ GRAND TOTAL ____________________________________ Your Name


  26. Pass It On It only takes a spark to get a fire going,And soon all those around can warm up in its glowing; That's how it is with God's Love,Once you've experienced it,Your spread the love to everyoneYou want to pass it on. I'll shout it from the mountain top - PRAISE GOD!I want the world to knowThe Lord of love has come to meI want to pass it on.

  27. I wish for you my friendThis happiness that I've found;You can depend on GodIt matters not where you're bound,I'll shout it from the mountain top - PRAISE GOD!I want the world to knowThe Lord of love has come to meI want to pass it on. I'll shout it from the mountain top – PRAISE GOD!I want the world to knowThe Lord of love has come to meI want to pass it on .

  28. Thank you • Rev. Dennie Humphreys Christ UMC • Sarah Holloway Soloist • Nancy Hodge Pianist • Karl AllenWesley House • Carol Sewell / Marie PerelmanFountain City UMC • Dawn von WeisensteinChurch Street UMC • Karen FawverSt. Luke’s UMC • Jennifer Mincey Video/Audio • Lunch UMW members Christ UMC

  29. United Methodist Women Knoxville District 40th Annual Meeting/Celebration