Move your butt a campaign for increased exercise for male managers
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Move Your Butt—A Campaign for Increased Exercise for Male Managers. Dan and Judy. What Is the Problem and How Do We Know It Is a Problem?.

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What is the problem and how do we know it is a problem
What Is the Problem and How Do We Know It Is a Problem? Managers

  • DHHS recommends that adults, to remain in good health, should do moderate exercise (such as brisk walking/jogging) for thirty minutes every day. Data shows that male managers in our family sometimes exercise less than 40 minutes one day a week, and most weeks, they don’t exercise at all. Lack of exercise can contribute to serious health problems.

Move your butt a campaign for increased exercise for male managers
Problem Statement ManagersTo begin and sustain a sufficient exercise program that meets or exceeds the DHHS recommended minimum.

  • A behavior pattern should be targeted for change if that behavior interferes with, or is contrary to a healthy lifestyle, or results in or has the probability of causing illness or decreasing physical or mental health. Lack of sufficient physical exercise has been associated with poor health outcomes and is either a risk factor or a possible contributing factor for several serious physical and mental disorders. The solution, getting sufficient exercise, is possible with only minor environmental changes, and a decision to proceed.

How do we work
How Do We Work? Managers

  • Flow chart showing consequences of taking versus not taking one’s lunch on opportunity for exercise.

Yes. Exercise

30 minutes

Eat at desk

15 minutes



Lunch period

No exercise,

go back to work

No. Drive to

Restaurant &wait

Problem analysis why is there a lack of exercise
Problem Analysis – Why is There a Lack of Exercise? Managers

  • ReasonsResults

  • Too tied Low energy levels

  • Not strong enough High anxiety levels

  • Not healthy enough Loss of strength/stamina

  • Risk of failure Low morale

  • Low priority Low confidence level

  • Too much effort Lack of concentration

  • Too difficult to change Poor blood circulation

  • Not worth it Possible cholesterol problems

  • Too busy working Poor future health outcomes

  • No one to exercise with Lack of sleep

  • Inconvenient exercise Inconvenient medical problem

Possible solutions
Possible Solutions Managers

  • Exercise in Morning –Pros--First act in the morning, nothing interferes; Cons—Morning already too full, and too rushed

  • Exercise at Noon – Pros—Good relief from work, plenty of light; Cons--Must eat, busy schedule, meetings scheduled around noon

  • Exercise at Night – Pros—Good relief from work, less rushed; Cons—Must eat, often must attend meetings, class or other evening events

Possible environmental changes for noon solution
Possible Environmental Changes for Noon Solution Managers

  • Take lunch to work instead of wasting time with restaurants

  • Make arrangements to meet with other lunch-time walkers

  • Inform boss of my requirement to exercise at a specific time everyday

  • Put exercise time on electronic calendar so no one will try to make an appointment with me during that time

  • Keep exercise clothes at work and at home

  • Keep some exercise equipment at work and at home

  • Post all or part of storyboard at work and at home for reminder and support

  • Post pictures of me exercising at work for reminder

Noon exercise solution pilot

Take lunch to work instead of eating at restaurants, thereby freeing up time for exercise at a time of day when it is most appreciated

Inform boss of my exercise time requirement for support and non-interference

Post parts of storyboard at home and at work for reminder

Start two week pilot, keep data and analyze results

Money saved from not going to restaurants will buy good lunch food, and ultimately new exercise shoes!!

Noon Exercise Solution Pilot

Noon exercise pilot achieves positive results
Noon Exercise Pilot Achieves Positive Results Exercise Pattern

  • Freeing up lunch time for exercise works

  • Management-employee agreement secures the time slot

  • Storyboard serves as good reminder to everyone

  • Data shows very consistent progression in daily exercise record from the beginning of the intervention—Feb 14 (roughly midway on the horizontal axis)

  • Confidence in move to secure permanent results

What is next
What Is Next? Exercise Pattern

  • Success with one personal improvement project can lead to other improvements. In this case, two possible projects are being considered, and have a high probability of being implemented.

  • One is an alternative to noon exercise and a change that may be necessary to avoid excessive sun and high temperatures, so that a consistent exercise pattern may continue uninterrupted. During the hot months, exercising before work in the morning is a viable option. It can be done either at home or at work, because there are showers at work. Piloting one and then the other is possible.

  • The second improvement is further diet changes. This improvement requires more definition and environmental change ideas, but certain steps are already known and can be implemented immediately. These steps are, daily: Eat 5 fruits and vegetables; Drink 80 ounces of water; Drink no sweetened drinks; Eat only low fat/high fiber food and, don’t overeat. The combined effect of these efforts should to be beneficial.

Move your butt a campaign for increased exercise for male managers