photos of fruit flies l.
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Photos of Fruit Flies

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Photos of Fruit Flies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Photos of Fruit Flies. Photos taken by Drs. Anne Galbraith and Nick Downey (2009). Female and male (wild-type). Sex comb on male. No sex comb on female. Dark pigmented spot on rounded abdomen of male; male is also usually smaller than female. Sex comb.

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Photos of Fruit Flies

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photos of fruit flies

Photos of Fruit Flies

Photos taken by Drs. Anne Galbraith and Nick Downey (2009)

female and male wild type
Female and male (wild-type)

Sex comb on male

No sex comb on female

Dark pigmented spot on

rounded abdomen of male;

male is also usually smaller

than female

sex comb
Sex comb

Found only on the two front legs of males


Dead wild-type male:

note the wings that are straight off from the body, a sign of death

(there are dead flies in other photos as well, by the way)

a pterous sepia ap se
apterous sepia (ap se)

Wild-type fly with

wings and red eyes

Mutant fly with no wings and dark brown eyes

a pterous sepia ap se6
apterous sepia (ap se)

Wild-type female:

larger than the male, pointed

abdomen, no black spot

Wild-type male:

smaller than the female,

rounded abdomen, black


Two male mutants

with no wings and dark eyes

b lack vestigial b vg
black vestigial (b vg)

Shriveled up vestigial

wing on a female

Black body is hard to see in this photo

although this part of the fly is quite dark

compared to the wild-type male at the top

b lack vestigial b vg8
black vestigial (b vg)

Wild-type male

Mutant female

b rown cinnabar bw cn
brown cinnabar (bwcn)

B. Imaged with microscope light off (easier to distinguish cinnabar from wild-type with no light)

A. Imaged with microscope light on

cinnabar mutant



brown mutant

Wild-type (note dark spot in eye)

b rown scarlet bw st
brown scarlet (bwst)

Wild-type female


Mutant female: note her white eyes

When she carries these two different eye mutations

b rown vestigial bw vg
brown vestigial (bw vg)

Brown eye on a male (see the sex comb?) compared to wild-type red


d umpy sepia dp se
dumpy sepia (dp se)

Two females, mutant on the left, wild-type on the right

Short dumpy wings,

different shape from


Note that the mutant also has sepia eyes but in this photo,

it is hard to see the color difference from wild-type

e bony vestigial e vg
ebony vestigial (e vg)

This is likely a mutant male based on

small size and what looks like the black

spot on the abdomen, but sex combs

would have to be found to

be certain

Wild-type female

Mutant female:

Note the vestigial (shriveled) wings

And dark body color compared to wild-type

sepia se
sepia (se)

Note the different

shades of eye color

in sepia mutants; the dark color

comes in with age

so more newly hatched

adults might have a

lighter brown color that can

be mistaken for wild-type red if

you’re not careful

v estigial sepia vg se
vestigial sepia (vg se)

Wild-type female

Two mutant females

Wild-type male:

Note sex comb on

front leg

w hite vestigial w vg17
white vestigial (w vg)

Wild-type female

Mutant male

Wild-type male

Mutant female

wild type antenna
Wild-type antenna

Compared to Antennapedia (Antp)

which we didn’t get a photo of yet

y ellow bar y bar
yellow Bar (y Bar)

Wild-type female

Note lighter body color of mutants compared to wild-type

Sex comb on

wild-type male

Bar-shaped eye

Sex comb on mutant male

yellow y
yellow (y)

Mutant (lighter colored) female

Wild-type male

Mutant male

Wild-type female

y ellow white miniature y w m
yellow white miniature (y w m)

Mutants, likely

males but need to

Find sex combs to be certain:

Note white eyes, lighter color,

and tiny size

Sex comb on wild-type male

Wild-type female