Kamchatka peninsula
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Kamchatka Peninsula. By Bianca and Ariel. Location. Kamchatka region is located on Far North-East of Russia. The coasts of Kamchatka are washed by cold Okhotsk sea, Bering sea and by the Pacific Ocean. Habitation. The Common Brown Bear Cod Red Fox & Arctic Fox Sea Perch

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Kamchatka peninsula

Kamchatka Peninsula

By Bianca and Ariel


  • Kamchatka region is located on Far North-East of Russia.

  • The coasts of Kamchatka are washed by cold Okhotsk sea, Bering sea and by the Pacific Ocean.


  • The Common Brown Bear Cod

  • Red Fox & Arctic Fox Sea Perch

  • Hare Herring

  • Sable Flounder

  • Mink

  • Wolf

  • Lynx

  • Elk

  • Reindeer

  • Snow Sheep

  • Sea-Otter

  • Seal & Fur Seal

  • Sea Lion

  • Stellar’s Sea Eagle

  • Golden Eagle

  • Salmon

The city of petropavlovsk
The City of Petropavlovsk

  • The city was built like a base for Russian Navy.

  • The city of Petropavlovsk sits on top several high hill tops completely surrounded by volcanoes.

  • The only way to travel to other parts of Petropavlovsk is through a helicopter.

  • There is only on airport in the peninsula and that is in this city.

  • It is easy to move through the city of

    Petropavlovsk and that’s because there is the

    main street leading through Petropavlovsk

    along the bay all the big shops and sights

    can be found there.

  • The only way to travel around Petropavlovsk

    is through bus.


  • The native people of Kamchatka are called Koryaks.

  • The Koryaks mainly populate the northern part of Kamchatka.

  • There are two types of Koryaks: nimilany and chavchuvens.

    • Nimilany stands for residents of a settled village.

      • The Nimilans the main way to survive was fishing

      • Their activities consist of wood and bone carving, metal works, national clothes and carpets making, embroiling with beads, braiding

    • Chavchuvens it means reindeer people because they would herd deer.

      • The The Nimilans lived in groups.

      • In winter they lived in half-dug-houses

      • In summer they lived in booths with their families.

      • They used to herd reindeer and to dress skin.

Eco tourism

  • There are nearly 300 Volcanoes left; 29 still active

  • Karymsky Volcano provides largest reservoir of acid lake

  • Known as Karymsky Lake

  • Hiking and Skiing is popular and most recommended

  • Hiking guaranteed of Hot Springs and Geysers

  • Skiing option heli-ski recommended

  • Other skiing areas: Krasnaya Sopka, and Edelweiss

  • Kurile Lake has one of the largest Salmon in the world

  • Hunting is restricted by season; license is needed


  • The Three Brothers (in russian Tri Bata)

  • Set of 3 rocks at the entrance to the Avacha


  • A symbol of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

  • Gorgeous Ice Caves near the Mutnovsky


Future of kamchatka
Future of Kamchatka

  • U.N.D.P. (United Nations Development Programme

  • Still today Kamchatka’s protected preserves, parks, and sanctuaries are still holding the favorited Brown Bears, diverged fish, sea lions, and the rare Stellar’s Sea Eagle

  • Kamchatka is known for it’s wildlife hunting

  • There were many projects organized in Kamchatka to prevent the animals from being illegally taken advantage of.

Kamchatka peninsula