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Robert La Salle. By Kenza Benkirane. About Robert La Salle (A little extra info). René-Robert Cavelier , Sieur de La Salle ( a.k.a Robert La Salle) was born on November 21, 1643 in Rouen, France. He traveled to Quebec, Canada to become a fur trader.

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Robert la salle

Robert La Salle

By Kenza Benkirane

About robert la salle a little extra info
About Robert La Salle(A little extra info)

  • René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle (a.k.a Robert

  • La Salle)was born on November 21, 1643 in Rouen, France.

  • He traveled to Quebec, Canada to become a

  • fur trader.

  • He later got bored with trading furs and decided

  • to explore the United States for King Louis XIV of France.

Robert La Salle

King Louis XIV

Animal furs

Exploration route
Exploration Route

  • La Salle traveled from France across the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of

  • St. Lawrence.

  • He then traveled down the St. Lawrence Seaway into the St. Lawrence River.

  • From the St. Lawrence River, he went into the Great Lakes:

  • Lake Ontario

  • Lake Erie

  • Lake Huron

  • Lake Michigan

Exploration route1
Exploration Route

  • After Lake Michigan,

  • he goes all the way down

  • the Mississippi River to

  • a new land. He claimed it

  • and named it Louisiana in

  • honor of King Louis XIV.


  • La Salle used the experience and maps of previous explorer, Samuel de Champlain.

  • Because the maps and navigational tools were poor, La Salle didn’t find a quicker route to Louisiana.

  • He had to overcome strong currents on the Mississippi River.

  • To avoid starvation, La Salle and his crew used fish from the water routes they traveled on.

Samuel de Champlain

Result of strong currents


  • La Salle’s major motivation was to find the Northwest Passage.

  • La Salle wanted to spread

    Christianity because of his

    religious motivation.

  • He also wanted to claim

    land for France because of

    his economic motivation.


  • Because La Salle claimed more land , found more resources, and spread Christianity, his mother country , France, grew economically.