earth day assembly 2014 n.
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Earth Day Assembly 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Earth Day Assembly 2014

Earth Day Assembly 2014

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Earth Day Assembly 2014

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  1. Earth Day Assembly 2014 Presented by the Student Council

  2. Arts, Crafts, Poems, and Games You can do it, too!

  3. What Happened? by Katie Blue-green oceans now have become liquid landfills. Tall, mysterious forests don’t have any more trees. Every Acre of Land has garbage somewhere on it. Clean air, now there’s Co2. Looking at what was “beautiful,” “majestic,” and “paradise,” has now become “disgusting.” All I can say is, “What happened?” “What happened to paradise? What happened to beautiful?” “Why have we become the villains, to a gorgeous planet?” And most of all, “What can we do to help the earth?” “What happened? And what will happen if we can make it right?” Stomp down pollution and save this planet. “ Oh, what will happen?”

  4. Emily’s Book

  5. Earth Day by Isabelle Earth Day is a time to celebrate Mother Earth. It’s a time to protect our Earth, and keep her safe. We can recycle and not use our cars as much. Today is Earth Day. Let’s help Mother Earth!

  6. Katie

  7. Thank You Earth Day! by Rita We thank you, Earth Day for keeping our Earth clean we thank you, Earth Day for keeping our Earth green The Earth is surely a wondrous thing so on Earth Day, when all the morning bells ring, pretty please, oh please, just try ‘cause tomorrow you’ll walk around with pride if you clean up your trash on Earth Day.

  8. Earth Day will be Tuesday, April 22nd. Do you think you would want to make something new and fun out of used materials at home? These are great ideas for the vacation… And great for Mother Earth!