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1913-1917 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  1. No Man’s Land 1913-1917

  2. World war I was fought on ground, in the air, and on seas. One of the most horrifying tactics, was the trench system. This was fought on ground by 7 foot deep trenches. Between these trenches was an area called No Mans land, one of the most feared areas by soldiers in the first world war. Introduction

  3. Shell Shock • When the battle started, The allies fired over 4’283’550Shells, which is over 5 million tons! • All of these shells harmed the soldiers because they can be susceptible to shell-shock. • The signs of shell-shock are tiredness, irritability, lack of concentration, and headaches.

  4. CreepingBarrage • Bombing enemies with heavy artillery would enable soldiers to capture enemy defenses. This was unsuccessful, so both sides started to use what was called the creeping barrage. • A creeping barrage was waves of artillery bombing, bombs would blast 50 meters ahead per minute, this required pristine accuracy but was extremely effective in capturing enemy territories in the first World War.

  5. BarbedWire • The trenches had thick barbed wire surrounding the outside of them, there were pickets that were hammered into the ground by mallets, therefore enabling the barbed wire to be set into place. • The barbed wire’s main use was to stop enemies from coming close to the trenches to lob grenades in. machine guns, torpedo’s and soldiers armed with wire cutters were used to destroy the wire.

  6. Like the letters sent from the trenches in world war 1, this was example of sensory that the government used, with this picture you can see how much of a letter the government would censor.

  7. Conclusion No man’s land was one of the most deadly places in the war, soldiers feared it and many of the deaths occurred here, it will go down in history as one of the most torturous and horrible places in the world. Jacob McLaren: Writer ClaudiuCretu: Editor Paul Solis-Reyes: Proof Reader Noah Mead: Researcher

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