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Table Tennis

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Table Tennis. Table Tennis – what is it?.

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table tennis what is it
Table Tennis – what is it?

Table Tennis (also ping-pong) is the game involving two (singles - single) or 4 people (doubles - doubles), which consists of racket ball bounces so that they flew over the net for the second half of the table. The ball must hit the table only once, is not allowed to bounce balls in the air, as it is in tennis. Points are awarded for hitting, which the opponent does not answer. Table tennis is one of the most popular games in the world, taking into account the number of players practicing this sport.

  • Table tennis was born in England in the 80s Nineteenth century. Over time, when the game became more popular (especially among the wealthy British) decided to sell the equipment for the game (previously served for the items used every day). Soon a popular name from the characteristic sound produced odbijanej balls such as ping pong or whiff whaff. The first was even claimed in 1901 by the English manufacturer J. Jaques equipment & Son Ltd. Ping pong was used as the name of the game expensive Jaques equipment, while at the same time other manufacturers were using the name "table tennis".
  • In the world there are different versions of table tennis, where he plays the ball with a diameter of 44 millimeters or so. "Short pins" or pads, short and wide outside the cages. These solutions significantly slow down the game, make certain it is less interesting, even though it enjoys considerable popularity.
  • Bat

Bat consists of a board and two special rubber (rubber) lining. Permitted are only red and black colors of the racket.

  • Board

Board is composed of plywood and 1-9 must be made of at least 85% of wood, others of plywood can be made for example of carbon, fiberglass or Kevlar.

  • Linings

Linings on both sides must be in red and black, others are unacceptable. They can replace any number of times, taping a special glue. Some players often stick gums, thus improving their properties (from 2008, the ITTF has introduced a ban on playing in the fresh glue.) Frequent picking lining destroys them sleepers. Today, many companies produce a lot of different pads of varying degrees of control, speed of rotation.

  • Table
  • Surface of the table used for the game is 9 x 5 feet (2.74 x 1.525 meters). Its height is 0.76 m. The table must be rectangular, painted green, blue or black. White stripes on the edges should have a width of 20 mm and the bar table przedzielający field should have a width of 3 mm.
m esh sizes balls and rackets
Mesh sizes, balls and rackets.
  • The grid is six inches (15.24 centimeters), and its height in the middle of the table should be 15.25 cm. Its power should be such that under load it in the middle of the weight of 100 g left by 10 mm. Ball weighing 2.7 grams is made of celluloid, has a diameter of 40 mm and should be white or orange. Dropped from a height of 30 cm, should be deflected away from the table for at least 23 cm. The dimensions of the racket are not specified in the rules of the game.
starting the game
Starting the game
  • Action began in table tennis is to provide (service) one of the players. At the highest level about who will start a game decided by a coin toss. Usually, however, takes place in such a way that a judge or just one of the players draws a ball hidden in one hand or under the table. Whoever is drawn, the right to choose - he can either serve yourself first, select the collection (ie, give priority to enter the opponent) or to change one half of the table. Each player serves two times change, and when the game will be 10:10 from then till now, until one of the players through two-point edge (end set). For several years, competition takes place only 11, but not to two or three sets won, and to three or four (best of five, best of seven)
  • To properly serve, toss the ball should be at least 16 cm, do not hit the ball over the table surface and not allowed to cover any part of the body. Services largely affects the subsequent course of action - it is said that the service is good if you return the opponent will be in accordance with the intention of serving. This allows you to prepare for an attack such as the implementation of the Top Spin. Service should be as rotation, should it surprise every time the nature and direction of rotation.
granting the point
Granting the point
  • Points are awarded for any errors in the game:    * For permission to ball bounced twice on one half    * Nieodbicie ball, which bounced once on one half    * When the ball bounces racket will be reflected again from our mid-    * Double the ball, it should be remembered that, according to the rules may hit the ball with his hand to the wrist, although provisions for this are variously interpreted by judges    * Pickup some parts of the body (not the hand to the wrist that holds the racket)    * The ball in such a way that does not hit the opponent's half of the table    * The ball without its reflection in our half (ie the ball from the air ", which is allowed in tennis)    * Touching his hand, another part of the body or clothing, the table surface    * Errors during the service (description of the correct site in the first service)
playing styles
Playing Styles
  • Attacking style - this style of presenting the players try to play the game above all, strong, rotating top spin forehandowym. Typically, it presents excellent footwork, so that play primarily using forehand and backhand least. They also play very offensively and effectively.Representatives: Ma Long, Kalinikos Kreanga, Yoo Nam-Kyu, Ma Lin, Wang Hao, Ryu Seung-Min, Vladimir Samsonov, Wang Nan, Jean-Michael Saive, Werner Schlager.Style versatile (allroundowy) with emphasis on the attack - this style of presenting the players are trying to use up almost all the existing play table tennis, so as to confuse the enemy. Often, they present an excellent ability to play top spin forehand well and backhand.Representatives: Jan-Ove Waldner, Kong Linghui, Wang Liqin, Timo Boll and Michael Maze, Kasumi Ishikawa.Defensive style - it is an old, almost old-fashioned style of play, becoming less popular. It is based on the game pads with the pins on the outside, so as to facilitate the receipt of the strengths and rotational moves. At the same time the possibility of facing this type of attack is significantly reduced. In recent years there has been a variation called a modern-style defense and defensive. It is based on the game defensively facing on one side and facing an offensive on the other side.