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Whip Speeches 党鞭陈词 PowerPoint Presentation
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Whip Speeches 党鞭陈词

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Whip Speeches 党鞭陈词 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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China Debate Education Network:. Whip Speeches 党鞭陈词. 翻译:曾庆熹. Whip Speakers Basic Roles 党鞭陈词的基本职责. Criteria of a good whip speech 好的党鞭陈词的特征. Summarize in an honest and accurate fashion 以诚实准确的风格总结 Summarize in a manner that supports your side of the motion 以支持本方的方式总结

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criteria of a good whip speech
Criteria of a good whip speech好的党鞭陈词的特征
  • Summarize in an honest and accurate fashion以诚实准确的风格总结
  • Summarize in a manner that supports your side of the motion以支持本方的方式总结
  • Summarize in a manner that supports your team以支持本队的方式总结
issue selection and method
Issue Selection and Method内容选择与方法
  • 1) Select the most important issues
  • 选择最重要的内容
  • 2) Select the issues at your advantage
  • 选择你方占优的内容
  • 3) Avoid repeating opponents’ remarks
  • 避免重复对方的言语
  • 4) Analyze from a higher level or perspective
  • 从更高的层次角度分析
summary three methods
Summary: Three Methods总结:三种基本方法
  • Disagreement and Issue Summar
  • 分歧汇总法
  • Regrouping 重构法
  • Fundamental Questions追本溯源法
disagreement and issue summary
Disagreement and Issue Summary分析汇总法
  • Pick the arguments your side is already winning.找出你方已经获胜的论点
  • Convince the judges that your chosen points are the most important ones.劝说评委相信你选的这些点是全场最重要的点。
disagreement and issue summary advantages and disadvantages
Disagreement and Issue Summary: Advantages and Disadvantages

1. It’s an easy approach to pick up because by looking at your flow sheet, those points are easily spotted.

2. But it’s the weakest approach because the fact or arguments you pick up to support your claim are not necessarily the important or relevant issues in this motion.

Eg. Ban of Smoking can reduce risk of fire


1. 此法简单易行。只需翻看你的临场记录, 就不难找到可以讲的点.

2. 但此法也是最弱的方法。因为你所选讲的点,不一定是本场辩题中最重要或最紧密相关的内容。


regrouping method
Regrouping Method
  • Regroup basic arguments in order to offer a more complete and conclusive picture.
  • Crystallize previously mentioned arguments by regrouping in terms of

Disciplines Eg. Economics, Culture, Education, etc.

or groups of people.Eg. Smoker, Non-smoker; Adult, Children;

Civilians, Soldier ; Men, Women; Beneficiary, Victim

  • 重新组织各基本论点,以展现本场辩论更加完整和深入的图景.
  • 以新的分析角度重新梳理清晰已经讨论过的论点

学科类目角度例. 经济, 文化, 教育, 等.

或者人群分类角度.例.吸烟者, 非吸烟者; 成人, 未成年人; 平民, 军人;男性, 女性; 受益者, 受害者

regrouping method1
Regrouping Method重构法
  • Which grouping method you choose depends on which side you’re on.选择什么样的重构法取决于你的立场
  • In the motion of banning smoking, Government prefers children-adult regrouping在禁烟辩题中,正方倾向于成人-未成年人分类法
  • Opposition prefer tobacco famers and tobacco industry employees.反方倾向于烟草农民和烟草工人
regrouping method2
Regrouping Method
  • Regrouping method should not be obviously unfair.

eg. In the motion of banning smoking,

If Opposition just regroups all people involved in smoking into 3 groups , tobacco famers , tobacco industry employees and doctors who cures patients subject to smoking-induced disease, it will be unfair because this regrouping method fails to include all people.

  • 重组法不能是显然不公平的.

例. 在禁烟一题中,

如果反方把人群仅分为三类:烟草农民, 烟草工人和治疗吸烟相关癌症的医生, 这是显然不公平的,因为这显然不能囊括所有人.

fundamental questions method
Fundamental Questions Method追本溯源法
  • Raise fundamental questions and answer them to show the good grip of cornerstone and deep-seated issues in particular motion.
  • 提出并回答辩题所涉及的根源性问题,以此展现本方对辩题正确而深入的把握和理解。
fundamental questions method1
Fundamental Questions Method追本溯源法

If you have the answers to fundamental questions, you will be much more likely to be winner in debate than others.如果你能回答以下根源性问题,获胜的机会将更大。

1. What is the nature of ……. ?天然属性是?

2. What is the role of …… ?角色职责是?

3. What is the purpose of …..? 目的是?

fundamental questions method2
Fundamental Questions Method

The Fundamental Questions of

This House would ban smoking in China.

Q: What’s the role of a Government?

(a rhetorical question)

The fundamental role of the government. is to protect its citizens’ health. Citizens’ appeal to health is the most basic, which far outweighs other request. As a responsible government, here we have shown you our plan on how to protect citizens from being harmed by smoking.





(a rhetorical question)

政府的根本职责是保护公民的健康. Citizens’ appeal to health is the most basic, which far outweighs other request. As a responsible government, here we have shown you our plan on how to protect citizens from being harmed by smoking.