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The Trade Act Program

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The Trade Act Program. A general overview Please contact your local TAA Representative for the details!. What is the Trade Act?. A national program based on Federal law Available to trade affected workers anywhere in the United States. What does Trade Act include?. Two Major Components

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the trade act program

The Trade Act Program

A general overview

Please contact your local TAA Representative for the details!

what is the trade act
What is the Trade Act?
  • A national program based on Federal law
  • Available to trade affected workers anywhere in the United States
what does trade act include
What does Trade Act include?

Two Major Components

  • TAA - Trade Adjustment Assistance
  • TRA - Trade Readjustment Allowance
trade adjustment assistance taa
Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)
  • Reemployment Services
  • Training
  • Job Search
  • Relocation
trade readjustment allowance tra
Trade Readjustment Allowance (TRA)
  • Additional Unemployment Benefits
taa benefits
TAA Benefits

Based on

  • Availability of Federal Funds
  • Renewal of Trade Act Law
  • Individual Eligibility
reemployment services
Reemployment Services
  • Job Search Assistance
    • Job Match
    • Job Openings
  • Career Information
  • Labor Market Conditions
  • Veteran’s Services
accessing reemployment services
Accessing Reemployment Services
  • Employment Department Offices
  • One Stop Centers
  • “Touchscreen” Kiosks Statewide
taa training
TAA Training
  • Remedial Training
  • Classroom Training
  • Employer Based Training
    • On the Job Training
    • Customized Training
taa training provides
TAA Training provides:
  • Costs that are required for all students in the same training program:
    • Tuition/Fees
    • Books
    • Supplies
    • Tools
    • Lodging, meals, mileage if out of area
funding for individual training plans

Funding for Individual Training Plans

Up to $12,000 for all training related costs

(excludes per diem or mileage)

training plan rules
Training Plan Rules
  • One training plan
  • 104 week limit for occupational training
  • 130 week limit if remedial training is required
  • Full Time
  • Advance approval
    • 30 day prior approval limit
training plan approval criteria
Training Plan Approval Criteria
  • No suitable work available
  • Must be job ready after training
  • Reasonable expectation of employment
  • Training available, local priority
  • Qualified to undertake & complete
  • Able to support yourself
  • Must be suitable & at a reasonable cost
job search allowance
Job Search Allowance
  • No suitable work available
  • Apply & be approved in advance
  • $1250 maximum
  • Time limits:
    • 365 days from certification or layoff date
    • 182 days after training completed
relocation allowance
Relocation Allowance
  • No suitable work available
  • Apply & be approved in advance
  • $1250 Lump Sum
  • Verifiable job offer
  • Time limits:
    • 425 days from certification or layoff date
    • 182 days after training completed
trade readjustment allowances tra
Trade Readjustment Allowances (TRA)
  • 3 types of TRA
  • Strict deadlines
  • Must meet eligibility requirements
  • Based on individual
tra requirements
TRA Requirements
  • Be covered by a certification
  • Have a “qualifying” lay off of at least 7 consecutive days
  • Worked for affected employer
    • At least 26 of last 52 weeks
    • Earned at least $30 in each of those weeks
  • Be entitled to & exhausted all regular and extended unemployment benefits
tra deadlines
TRA Deadlines
  • To collect any TRA, must be accepted by training facility & approved or be on a waiver of training by:
    • Last day of 16th week after the week of most recent qualifying layoff


    • Last day of 8th week after the week of certification
  • 45 day extension from either deadline for justifiable cause, for training only
waiver of training for tra
Waiver of Training for TRA
  • If unable to meet deadlines for being approved & enrolled in training, you must contact your TAA representative and request a Waiver of Training to preserve your TRA potential!!
tra benefit amount
TRA Benefit Amount
  • TRA Weekly Benefit Amount (WBA) is based on the first claim you filed after the impact date.
  • This first claim is your “parent” claim.
  • Three “Pots of Money” possible
    • TRA Basic
    • TRA Additional
    • TRA Remedial
tra basic
TRA Basic
  • 26 times your TRA weekly benefit amount (minus federally funded extensions)
  • 104 week time limit from most recent qualifying layoff
  • 3 ways to collect:
    • In approved training
    • Completed training & looking for work
    • Waiver of Training
tra additional
TRA Additional
  • Apply for training within 210 days of most recent qualifying layoff or certification date, whichever is later
  • 52 week eligibility period starting after your last week of TRA Basic or end of TRA 104 week eligibility period
  • If training starts later, 52 week eligibility period starts with 1st week of training.
  • Must be in approved TAA Training
tra remedial
TRA Remedial
  • Have exhausted all other benefits
  • 26 week eligibility period starting after your last week of TRA Additional or end of 52 week eligibility period
  • If 210 day deadline not met for TRA Additional, the 26 week period starts after last week of TRA Basic or end of 104 week eligibility period
  • One week of TRA remedial for one week of remedial classes
maximum potential of tra
Maximum Potential of TRA
  • 104 Total Weeks of TRA Possible
    • 26 weeks of Basic TRA
    • 52 weeks of Additional TRA
    • 26 weeks of Remedial TRA
  • Based on individual eligibility
tra reminders
TRA Reminders
  • Cannot be paid for breaks over 30 days
  • Must file a new UI claim if you become eligible
  • May be reduced by earnings or deductible income
  • Taxable as income
  • Taxes can be withheld
health coverage tax credit hctc

Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC)

A Federal tax credit of 65%

on a qualified health plan

managed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

who is eligible for hctc
Who is Eligible for HCTC?
  • Recipients of any type of TRA
  • Claiming UI or extension and otherwise would be eligible for TRA
  • Recipients of ATAA
  • If eligible for any day of the month, would qualify for entire month
qualified health plans
Qualified Health Plans
  • COBRA continuation coverage
  • Spousal coverage plan (no advance payment, year end only)
  • Individual (non-group) health coverage that began 30 days before layoff
  • State Qualified Coverage (not available in Oregon at this time)
two ways to claim hctc
Two ways to claim HCTC
  • Advance payments on monthly basis to pay for health plan premiums. IRS mails packet of information to set this up.
  • Claim HCTC at end of year when federal tax return is filed. IRS mails form 8885 directly to you.
how do i apply
How do I apply?
  • If you are eligible, your name & address will be submitted to the IRS.
  • The list is updated & sent nightly to IRS.
  • IRS mails packet with forms to you to complete and return to the IRS.
  • The IRS will determine if you can claim the tax credit and notify you by mail.
for more hctc information
For more HCTC Information
  • Call the IRS Customer Contact Center at 866-628-HCTC (866-628-4282)
  • Go to the IRS Website at
  • Call your local TAA Representative for questions about your eligibility to be on the list that is sent to the IRS
alternative trade adjustment assistance ataa
Alternative Trade Adjustment Assistance (ATAA)
  • Worker group determined eligible by DOL
  • Option for “Older” Trade Affected Workers who want to go to work not to school
  • Provides a wage subsidy to bridge the salary gap between old job and new one
ataa requirements
ATAA Requirements
  • 50 years old at time of reemployment.
  • Job must be full time, 40 hours/week.
  • Obtain new job within 26 weeks of lay off from Trade Affected employer.
  • Not expected to earn over $50,000 per year
  • Cannot return to previous job
it s your choice

Wage Subsidy of up to $10,000 during 2 years of eligibility


Relocation Allowance




Job Search Allowance

Relocation Allowance

It’s Your Choice
any questions

Keep in mind this presentation is a general overview of a complex program!

Call the expert,

your local TAA Representative,

for the details and answers to your questions.

Any Questions?