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GREAT EXPECTATION RADIO TALK SHOW . DOLLY FOUNDATION PARTNER WITH WORLDVIEW MISSION . Context & Problem Statement. In the most deprived areas of Ghana, the rural folks hold the belief that it is only the physically weak women who attend antenatal and post natal care.

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  3. Context & Problem Statement In the most deprived areas of Ghana, the rural folks hold the belief that it is only the physically weak women who attend antenatal and post natal care. These stack illiterates claimed their forebears with the aid of local concoctions, gave birth to many children safely long before the first doctors appeared in that region and they only seek medical care during complications in child birth. Those who would venture to seek medical attention had to suffer the ordeal of covering many kilometres on virtually dusty un-motor-able roads either on bicycles, motor bikes or cross rivers in canoes and rafts to health posts which lack almost everything a basic clinic should have. Many women had lost their lives from such tortuous experiences while many others never visit any health post due to abject poverty.

  4. General project description The proposes project will relates to other relevant national development strategies and policies because Ghana is aiming at achieving the millennium development goals MDGs4 and MDGs 5 in 2015, the maternal morbidity is not only a national concerns but also the G-8 leaders anticipates that over the period 2010-2015, the Muskoka Initiative will mobilize significantly greater than 10 billion dollars, and will assist developing countries to prevent 1. 3 million deaths of children under five years of age; prevent 64, 000 maternal deaths; and enable access to modern methods of family planning by an additional 12 million couples. Statistics from Ghana Demographic and Health Survey 2008 showed that the country had recorded under-five mortality of 80 per 1,000 live births in the last five years. The need for the propose project GREAT EXPECTAION TALK SHOW is an initiative of Dolly Foundation and World Mission to make information concerning pregnancy, it complication and Nutrition available to women through a radio discussion, thus qualified Doctors, midwives and dieticians will be interview of the step by step stages in pregnancy, when to seek help, who to seek help from and regenerative healthy life style during and after pregnancy.

  5. Project Objective This will enable caregivers and those who interact with women and the family to provide the necessary support to ensure that pregnancy is safe and the experienced is treasured and enjoyed by the woman and the family. The program will provide information concerning pregnancy, symptoms, complications, where, when and how to access the basic information about pregnancy. Pregnant women will be educated on which foods to eat during and after pregnancy, dialogue with developmental agency to make health care accessible, collaboration with other agencies to make health care affordable to women Reduce maternal death after annual review report from Municiapal health directorate Discourage women to give birth at home and encourage T.B.A to bring women to the hospital to delivery. Increase chips compound, through radio discussion, developmental agencies will understand the need to make health accessible to women. Men will make effort to be there at least once during antenatal and labour to give support to their women. Decentralization of information to every woman. The radio cover a wide range, information will not be limited to only pregnant women but every woman , men and community.

  6. Project Details The radio talk is going to be air once a week, divided into four segments. It will be air for an hour. This will enable caregivers and those who interact with the woman and the family to provide the necessary support to ensure that the pregnancy is safe and the experienced is treasured and enjoyed by the woman and the family. In Between time sponsors will be acknowledge. Interview with resources person Nutrition digest : diet and nutrition is important for pregnant woman and the foetus, women will be educated on the right foods to eat and what to avoid whiles pregnant Parenting side – local women will be asked to shared their experience with the listeners Phone in segment

  7. TOPICS TO DISCUSS Am I Pregnant? Pregnancy Signs Pregnancy Tests Announcing Your Pregnancy How to Get Pregnant Ovulation and Fertility Planning for Pregnancy 25 Signs of Pregnancy 5 Strange Pregnancy Symptoms Morning Sickness Breast Changes in Pregnancy Danger Signs in Pregnancy What was your first sign of pregnancy? When to Announce Your Pregnancy Telling Your Boss You're Pregnant How to Announce Your Pregnancy How to Share You're Pregnancy News - Some Examples Holiday Pregnancy Announcements

  8. Conception QuizOvulation CalculatorPreconceptional Health VisitsHow Long Does It Take To Get Pregnant?Preparing for Pregnancy ChecklistOvulation BasicsAids to Help You ConceiveTrying to Conceive ForumWhen should you take prenatal vitamins?50 Tips for a Well Planned Pregnancy5 Things to Think About Before Getting PregnantThe Well Planned PregnancyPrepregnancy ChecklistSaving Money While Getting Pregnant6 Reasons You Need to Plan Pregnancy

  9. specific actions planned to fill the gap: 1 Radio talk about facts associate with pregnancy 3 Men who accompany their wife’s to the antenatal names will be mentioned during our talk show 5 Advocating for new chips compounds for villages 2 Awarding best midwives based on listener vote. 4 Women will be asked to share their experience with other women 6 Regenerative nutritional diet for women.

  10. Profile Dolly foundation • Dolly Foundation is a local non governmental organization in Assin Fosu • The organization was formed in January 2009, It got registered in June 2010 with Registrar General Department and social welfare department. • The aims and objectives of Dolly Foundation include the following; • To give appropriate health care, counseling and health education • To investigate, unearth and spell out the basic needs of women To use right and evidence – based approach for improved lives of the poor, vulnerable, voiceless and marginalized in society. • To mobilize and build capacity of the youth to earn a living and support local level development activities • To advocate for, and work with the marginalized individual and communities against inequalities , discrimination and marginalization

  11. PROFILE OF WORLDVIEW MISSION • Worldview Mission (WM) NGO, member of United Nations CSO-NET (ECOSOC CIVIL Society Network NGO Branch, New York.   • Registered in Europe K.v.K. nr. Incl IRS ANBI ID • To connect ministries, with organizations of all sorts by providing information about the concerns of the 8 MDG L’s of the United Nations, and bring awareness of the current activities. • To provide in their needs for a better understanding in our Multicultural society. In other words, to improve communication and support each other’s  cause. • To promote, support and improve communication among civil organizations and, the United Nations Missions for rapid and effective coalition between the countries. • Worldview Mission complies with the 8 major MDGL’s and Statements of General      Secretary Ban Ki-Moon, of the United Nations to reduce the Poverty by 2015.

  12. Worldview Mission Areas of Concern Community development Community service and volunteering Economic development Family and Parenting Poverty and hunger Education      Leadership Employment Micro-finance Youth Court GOAL: To improve de quality of life for the people living in poverty helping them to become self-sufficient. MILLENIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are 8 international Development goals that 192 UN member states and at least 23 International organizations have agreed to achieve by the year 2015. 


  14. Profile of Board of Directors 1. Dr. Obi Jatex WM, Health dept, Board Member, Nigeria Lecturer, Toxicologist, Biomedical Scientist, Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics College of Health Science, NnamdiAzikiwe University Nnewi, NnewiAnambra State Nigeria Email: ejeatuluobi@yahoo.com 2. Ms. Hélène H. Oord 3. Rosina Akourkor Teye Worldview Mission Dolly Foundation Chair & Founder Executive director Mobile: +31 (0)6 36108563 Director Women Affairs African views Phn+Fx: +31 (0)10 7857863 Co host – youth initiatives webcast – African views Skype: helene.oord sociologist , legal literacy volunteer and a panel Skype: helene.oord21 member for family tribunal Skype : dollylove9 E-mail: Info@worldviewmission.org email: dollylove201060@yahoo.com Site: http://www.worldviewmission.org site : www.dollyfoundationghana.webs.com

  15. Contact us • Rosina Akourkor Teye • Executive Director, Dolly Foundation • P.O. Box AF 25, Assin Fosu, C/R – Ghana, • Email: dollylove201060@yahoo.com • Website: dollyfoundationghana.webs.com • Tel: +03321 – 95826 Mobile: +233 27-3764195, 020-6742021 • Worldview Mission (WM) • Headquarter EU/Holland • NGO Tax-501 (coffee) (3) • info@worldviewmission.nl • http://www.worldviewmission.org • WORLDVIEW MISSION (STICHTING) Dept Holland • +31 (01) 785-7863 (Landline)   • +31 (o) 636 -108-563 (Mob) • Registered in Europe K.v.K. nr. Incl IRS ANBI ID • Contact Person: (WM) Chair and Founder Ms H. H. Oord

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