monitoring policy implementation michelle murton school nutritionist n.
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Monitoring Policy Implementation

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Monitoring Policy Implementation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Monitoring Policy Implementation Michelle Murton, School Nutritionist. Overview. Policy Advisory Committee Policy Monitoring Development of Monitoring Process Monitoring Tool Purpose Format and Content Proposed Distribution.

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monitoring policy implementation michelle murton school nutritionist
Monitoring Policy Implementation

Michelle Murton, School Nutritionist

  • Policy Advisory Committee
  • Policy Monitoring
    • Development of Monitoring Process
  • Monitoring Tool
    • Purpose
    • Format and Content
    • Proposed Distribution
food and nutrition in nova scotia schools policy advisory committee pac
Food and Nutrition In Nova Scotia Schools Policy Advisory Committee (PAC)
  • Provincial committee co-chaired by the Department of Education (DoE) and Health Promotion and Protection (HPP)
  • Diverse group of school food and nutrition stakeholders from across Nova Scotia
  • Advisory body to DoE and HPP
  • Tasked with leading policy monitoring and evaluation
policy monitoring
Policy Monitoring
  • “School boards will monitor and evaluate policy implementation and effectiveness related to nutrition and the promotion of healthy eating and participate in the provincial evaluation of the policy.”
  • FromFood and Nutrition Policy for Nova Scotia Public Schools (September 2006)
how do we police our policy
How do we police our policy?



policy monitoring continued
Policy Monitoring…continued
  • There are no Food Police in Nova Scotia! In each school community there are champions who help keep schools on the right path.
  • We envision the Food and Nutrition Policy being part of Health Promoting Schools planning and evaluation frameworks. (This is already happening in our school boards.)
  • We cannot evaluate our policy’s effectiveness unless we know it has been properly implemented!
development of a monitoring process
Development of a Monitoring Process
  • Ad Hoc Monitoring Committee struck by the PAC to lead development of a process and creation of a tool to monitor policy implementation, including awareness of new Provincial Breakfast Program Standards
  • Committee included provincial representation from all school boards, educators, public health nutritionists, and HPP evaluation staff
  • Gathered samples of monitoring tools and processes used in Nova Scotia, Canada, and abroad
monitoring tool purpose
Monitoring Tool - Purpose
  • Determine the level of progress schools have made toward full implementation of the policy
  • Help identify gaps or weaknesses related to implementation
  • Provide additional education related to the policy components

This will help identify resources required, as well as further inform planning for government, school boards, health districts and schools

monitoring tool format
Monitoring Tool - Format
  • Rubric
  • Complements existing tools used by school boards
  • Familiar to many schools
  • Useful as a planning tool
monitoring tool content continued
Monitoring Tool – Content continued
  • The tool contains a rubric for each of the twelve policy directives and five guidelines
  • Tool includes four open-ended questions:
    • What are your school’s next steps for working toward full policy implementation?
    • What supports does your school need in order fully implement the policy?
    • Does your school offer a breakfast program at no cost?
    • Is your school aware of the new Provincial Breakfast Program Standards, released February 2008?
sample policy directive pricing
Sample Policy Directive - Pricing
  • To ensure that healthy food and beverage choices are accessible to the majority of students, schools will make affordability the primary consideration when setting prices or profit margins. Meal programs in particular will be priced with this in mind.
completion of tool
Completion of Tool
  • Schools will be asked to gather key individuals responsible for food and nutrition within their school to work through the tool (e.g. Health Promoting Schools Team; educators, food service staff, parents, students)
  • Intended to: be reflective, educational
  • help schools plan ahead
  • identify need for resources
  • Simple on-line tool will be created so schools can submit this information easily
proposed distribution
Proposed Distribution
  • The monitoring tool and instructions for its completion will be sent from the DoE and HPP to school boards. Boards will distribute this information to schools (electronically).
  • Contact people will be available in each school board to answer questions about completion of the tool (i.e. members of Ad Hoc Monitoring Committee).
data analysis
Data Analysis
  • Data analysis to be completed by DoE; HPP to theme open-ended responses
  • Results will be examined by Ad Hoc Monitoring Committee
  • Recommendations regarding next steps for policy implementation, business planning, and resources will be sent to the PAC, DoE, and HPP
  • Results will be communicated to boards and district health authorities to assist with coordinated planning related to school food policy implementation
next steps
Next Steps
  • Editing final content
  • French translation
  • Building on-line tool
  • Pilot testing
  • Creation of ‘Users Guide’