Chapter 10
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Chapter 10. Cornell Notes. Section 10:1 Death and Dying. Death is a topic that makes us feel uncomfortable. Death is a natural part or life. Children learn about death through the media. Understanding death is greatly influenced by a person’s age.

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Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Cornell Notes

Section 10 1 death and dying
Section 10:1 Death and Dying

  • Death is a topic that makes us feel uncomfortable.

  • Death is a natural part or life.

Chapter 10

  • From ages two to five children recognize death but do not think it is permanent.

  • They think that death is like sleep.

Chapter 10

  • From ages five to nine children view death as permanent, but not something that could happen to them.

Chapter 10

  • At around age ten, children realize that death is inevitable and final.

When does death occur
When does death occur?

  • Unreceptive and unresponsive

  • Unresponsive in breathing

  • Lack of reflexes

  • Flat EEG

Stages in the acceptance of death
Stages in the Acceptance of Death:

  • Denial

  • Anger

  • Bargaining

  • Depression

  • Acceptance

Chapter 10

  • A will is a legal document describing what should be done with a person’s possessions after a person’s death

What kinds of things do people who are dying want to control
What kinds of things do people who are dying want to control?

  • Who their doctor will be

  • Treatments they will accept

  • Who will visit

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

  • Hospices control?help to fill this need. They provide a homelike atmosphere even though the patient is away from home.

The hospice approach has several unique features
The hospice approach has several unique features: control?

  • Medications are freely issued for pain

  • Family visits freely

  • Family receives counseling

Chapter 10

  • A control?living will is a document expressing a person’s wish to be allowed to die in case of terminal illness or incurable injury rather than be kept alive by artificial means.

10 2 the grieving process
10.2 The Grieving Process control?

  • People deal with grief in different ways

Ways to deal with your grief
Ways to Deal with Your Grief control?

  • Speak to someone you can trust

  • Get your feelings out

  • Talk about the future

  • Be honest with yourself

Ways to help a grieving person
Ways to Help a Grieving Person control?

  • Express your sympathy

  • Put the person in touch with others who are grieving

  • Reassure the person that guilt, sadness, despair are normal

  • Listen to, hold and touch the grieving person

Chapter 10

  • In control?cremation, the body is reduced to ashes by intense heat.

Chapter 10

  • With a control?burial , the body is placed in a casket and buried in a cemetery

Complete graveside service 3300 00
Complete Graveside Service: $3300.00 control?




Additional funeral home options
Additional Funeral Home Options: control?

Monuments Upright; Flat Bronze; Granite; Marble $800+

Vaults Concrete or metal vault required by the cemetery $795-$7000

Register Book Hard cover $35-$75

Thank You Cards Generic (Qty. 25) $3.50

Location Hold funeral at church, funeral chapel or other indoor sanctuary $395

Visitation Public visitation $295

Third party expenses
Third Party Expenses: control?

Death certificates issued by county $5 each ($10 first copy)

Funeral notice in a daily newspaper $175 est.

Limousine Professional passenger limousine service $120 per hour

Gratuities for cemetery personnel $20

Clergy Fee Depends on circumstances Varies

Cemetery charges
Cemetery Charges: control?

Grave Space        $1000-$2000

Digging Open and close the grave $800-$1500

When shipping deceased
When Shipping Deceased: control?

Container Shipping container $225

Dry Ice When needed for shipping $50 est.

Airline charge for shipping $235-$500+

Out of town funeral home

and cemetery      Call for Quote

Chapter 10