vocabulary words for martina the beautiful cockroach n.
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Vocabulary Words for Martina, the beautiful cockroach PowerPoint Presentation
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Vocabulary Words for Martina, the beautiful cockroach

Vocabulary Words for Martina, the beautiful cockroach

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Vocabulary Words for Martina, the beautiful cockroach

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  1. Vocabulary Wordsfor Martina, the beautiful cockroach 5th Grade

  2. Table of Contents strutted 20. splendid 21. reflection 22. caramba 23. crooned 24. muchacha 25. hesitated 26. mock 27. dismay 28. clumsy 29. stunned 30. humble 31. cocky 32. unimaginable 33. wheezed 34. pigsty 35. loafers 36. charming 37. drily 38. boorish 39. unsuitable 40. scarcely 41. crept 42. adios 43. warbled 44. spat 45. livid 46. hissed 47. icily 48. cold-blooded 49. fuming 50. railing 51. scurried 52. squinted 53. Café cubano mi amor “Get It” Worksheet Directions cucaracha Old Havana una peineta una mantilla shawl Abuela 8. un consejo incredible 9. aghast 10. suitor 11. temper 12. el perico 13. el prado 14. el morro castle 15. abuzz 16. custom 17. balcony 18. daintily

  3. Directions To move about the WebQuest, click on the home symbol to go to the Table of Contents where you will find all of the vocabulary terms listed. Click on the arrow symbol to go to the next page. On each slide, you will find the term, definition, and a link to the internet to solidify understanding. After you have explored the last term, which is “mi amor,” click on the “Get It” link to print and complete the “Get It” Worksheet. = Table of Contents = next slide

  4. cucaracha -means ‘cockroach’ in Spanish. -The last name of Martina, the main character. Click here to see a picture of a real cockroach.

  5. Old Havana -The capital of Cuba. -It lies on the northern coast of Cuba. -Diego Velazquez de Cuellar founded it in 1515. -Old Havana refers to a part of Havana that has been restored back to its original glory. Click here to see a picture of Old Havana.

  6. una peineta -means ‘comb’ in Spanish. -Martina wears a seashell comb that was given to her.

  7. una mantilla -means shawl in Spanish. -The shawl was given to Martina by her Mama. Here is a picture of the shawl Martina wears.

  8. shawl -something women wear over their shoulders or wrapped around their head. -It could be made out of fabric, yarn, or lace. Click here to see some pictures of various shawls.

  9. Abuela -means ‘grandmother in Spanish. Click here to see a picture of a grandmother.

  10. Un consejo incredible -means ‘shocking advice’ in Spanish -shock in Martina’s case means that she was surprised to hear her Abuela tell her to purposely spill coffee on her suitors. -advice means to give guidance Click here to see a picture of a woman experiencing shock.

  11. aghast -means shock, but could also mean filled with horror. -Martina has a look of aghast on her face after her Abuela tells her to do the Coffee Test on her suitors. -Like words would be: dismayed, horrified, and/or appalled. Click here to see a picture of a man with a horrified look on his face.

  12. suitor -A man that pursues a woman in order to marry her. -For example, in Disney’s Aladdin, Jasmine has many suitors who come to see if she will marry them. Click here to see a picture of a suitor aimed to please.

  13. temper -A state of mind that comes from anger. -Martina wanted to see what kind of temper her suitors had. Click here to see a picture of a person with a temper towards another person.

  14. El perico -means “parrot” in English. Click here to see a picture of a parrot.

  15. El Prado -El prado is a section of Havana, just like Tampa is divided up into different areas like Tampa Palms, New Tampa, etc… Click here to see a picture of a street called El Prado in the section of Havana known as El Prado.

  16. El Morro Castle Click here to learn about El Morro Castle. Click here to see a picture of El Morro Castle.

  17. abuzz -full of activity or talk that is loud like a bee. Click here to see a group of people abuzz with conversation

  18. custom -a way of doing something that is accepted or traditional to a specific culture, place, or time. -In Cuban culture, a woman seeking the hand of a suitor in marriage must do it with her family’s approval or watchful eye as in Martina’s case.

  19. balcony -A platform attached to the outside of a building that is accessed from a door or window. Click here to see a picture of a balcony.

  20. daintily -delicate or graceful movement. -Martina “daintily” crossed her legs. She did it slowly, gracefully, and precisely.

  21. strutted -to walk with arrogance or conceit with body very tall. Click here to see a model strutting down the runway

  22. splendid -means magnificent, good, excellent, impressive. -something that is splendid is a matter of opinion. Click here to see what I think is a splendid sunset

  23. reflection -An image seen on a shiny surface or in a mirror. Click here to see a reflection of the camera man in someone’s sunglasses.

  24. caramba -means ‘golly’ in Spanish. -One would use it in a excited tone, like when saying, “Good Gracious” in English. Click here to go to a website and hear a Cuban song titled, “Hey Caramba” by Company Segundo.

  25. crooned -means to have a soft, low voice or tone. -For example, the teacher crooned to her class when it was time for them to calm down and settle into their activities.

  26. muchacha -means ‘girl,’ ‘girlie,’ or ‘maid’ in Spanish. -’girl’ in Spanish in also ‘nina,’ or ‘chica.’ Click here to see a woman wearing a shawl, like Martina was.

  27. hesitated -means to pause with uncertainty before doing something. Click here to see a squirrel hesitating to come inside.

  28. mock It was used as an adjective in the story. Therefore, It means…’not authentic or real, but without the Intention to deceive.’ -Martina purposefully spilled coffee on the rooster’s shoes, but to make it seem like it was an accident, she said, “Oh my! I am all feelers today!” in a voice that was not as real, as if she really did accidentally spill coffee on his shoes.

  29. dismay -means to have feelings of anxiety, usually due to something unexpected happening. -Martina said, “Oh my! I am all feelers today!,” with mock dismay. Therefore, she said it with a ‘not so real tone,’ but also with some feeling of anxiety.

  30. clumsy -means to awkwardly handle things. Click here to see a picture of a man clumsily handling folders.

  31. stunned -means to shock enough where reaction and senses are temporarily gone. -Martina was stunned over Don Gallo’s behavior. Click here to see a picture of what someone who is stunned may look like.

  32. humble It was used at an adjective in the story. It means… to be of a low or modest pretensions or claim to something. Click here to see a photo of a man and a woman. (It is how I picture Martina and Don Gallo if they were people.)

  33. cocky -means to be conceited or arrogant; full of oneself. Click here to see a short video of a cocky man.

  34. unimaginable -means that what has or will happen is difficult to imagine happening. -Martina could not imagine what caused Don Cerdo, the pig, to smell so bad. Click here to see a video of a woman that is able to pop her eyes forward, an unimaginable trait.

  35. wheezed -means for a person to breath with an unusual whistling or rattling in the chest, due to the airway being blocked. -The smell from the pig was so bad, that it actually choked Martina up, and she wheezed. The picture of the speaker plays a sound byte of someone who is wheezing.

  36. pigsty -Also known as a pig pen. -It is a place where pigs live. Click here to see a picture of a pigsty.

  37. loafers -A shoe made out of leather, shaped like a moccasin, with a low heel. Click here to see a picture of a loafer. Click here to see a picture of a moccasin.

  38. charming -an attractive or alluring characteristic. -In the fairy tales, if there is a Prince Charming, everyone wants to marry him because of his attractiveness and alluring characteristics. Click here to see a picture of Prince Charming.

  39. drily -Variation of ‘dryly.’ -to say something in a matter of fact way or with dry humor; Sarcastic. Click here to see a video where the host is speaking very dryly.

  40. boorish -a rude, clumsy, or unmannerly person. -Some waiters and waitresses have waited on people who have boorish qualities.

  41. unsuitable -means not suitable. -unfitting or not appropriate. Click here for a picture of a Santa Claus who cannot fit into his Santa suit. Therefore, the suit that is on him is unsuitable for him.

  42. scarcely -almost not. -The pig was just scarcely, almost not, out of sight, when Don Lagarto, the lizard arrived. Click here to see a USB drive that is scarcely larger than a quarter.

  43. crept -Is the past tense of creep. -means to slowly and carefully move. Click here to see a squirrel creeping up on the camera.

  44. adios -Spanish word for ‘good-bye.’ Click here to here a toddler say adios.

  45. warbled -means to speak with a quivering voice. Click here to watch some girls make their own warbled voices. (The video is on its side.)

  46. spat -The lizard, Don Largarto, ‘spat’ when coffee was poured on his feet. ‘Spat’ is the past tense of ‘spit.’ Therefore, Don Largarto spit at Martina. Click here to see a picture of a boy spitting.

  47. livid -to be angry; furious. Click here to see a livid character.

  48. hissed -a sound that sounds like an extended pronunciation of the letter ‘s.’ -Usually done in anger. Click here to hear the hissing of a snake.

  49. icily -for a person to be icily as Martina was, it means… to have an unfriendly or cold tone; hostile. -Martina had an icy voice after she heard that Don Legarto wanted to eat her.

  50. Cold-blooded -means to have no emotions or pity. -to be purposefully mean. -it also denotes particular types of animals that are cold-blooded, which means their body temperature matches the environment's. -Reptiles are cold-blooded animals.