how many times can you blink n.
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How many times can you blink? PowerPoint Presentation
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How many times can you blink?

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How many times can you blink? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How many times can you blink?. By: Talisha Irizarry. Table Of Contents. gb. Question. Materials. Research. Procedures. Results. Variables & Controls. Data Average. Hypothesis. Data Table. Conclusion. Question:.

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How many times can you blink?

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how many times can you blink

How many times can you blink?

By: Talisha Irizarry

table of contents
Table Of Contents







Variables & Controls

Data Average


Data Table


  • How many times does a child blink determining the TV show? The two shows are SpongeBob and a soap opera.
  • My topic is how many times a child blinks during a show. When you watch a show and lose track of time it affects the brain. The excess watch of TV can be unhealthy. According to the latest test while you blink the brain shuts down parts of the visual system. TV causes most of the worlds cases with ADD. Watching TV is an escape from laziness and inability to pay attention.
variables controls
Variables & Controls
  • Independent Variable- TV show
  • Dependent Variable- How many times a child blinks
  • Controls- Tv Show, Child
  • During a productive show a child will blink more then watching SpongeBob. Because all the colors of the show will grasp the attention of the child. They will be thinking more about the colors and humor then anything.
  • Child Around 5 (3)
  • Data Sheet
  • Timer
  • 1. Find 3 children around 5.
  • 2. Sit them down and turn to the show spongebob
  • 3. Analyze 1 child at a time as they watch for 5 minutes how long they blink.
  • 4. Repeat 2-3 for each child A,B,C
  • 5. Write how many times each child blinked on the data sheet.
  • 6. Then change the channel to a soup opra.
  • 7. Repeat 2-3-4 but for the soup opra.
  • 8. Write how many times each child blinked on the data sheet
  • 9. Analyze the data and come up with your conclusion.
results data
  • My results were that each child blink less during spongebob then during the soup opra. The children found that spongebob caught there attention and the soup opra did grasp there attention the way spongebob did.
  • My hypothesis was that the children would blink more during the Soap Opera then SpongeBob. During the show SpongeBob one of the children blinked a lot more then the other two. Which concerned me but after I look at my results and it was fine. I got that during the soap opera the children blinked more due to that there wasn’t any humor. But during SpongeBob there attention was grasped because of the colors and humor. If I would of put a different show more like SpongeBob my results would of came out wrong.
  • But I’d change how long I’d time them during the experiment. And I would change the age of the children and the TV shows to see what effect it would have. My hypothesis would change if the SpongeBob that was on wasn’t funny and the children weren't interested they would blink a lot. But if I timed them for 10 minutes the numbers of them blinking would change because there watching it for a longer period.