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Orientation. Serving Mecklenburg County. Welcome. Orientation to CRC …an innovative network that will help you better connect with and serve consumers July 2011. CRC Mission & Vision.

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Serving Mecklenburg County


Orientation to CRC

…an innovative network that

will help you better connectwith

and serve consumers

July 2011

crc mission vision
CRC Mission & Vision
  • Mission:  To be a consumer-centered network providing easy access to aging and disability information and services in Mecklenburg County.
  • Vision:  Service access without confusion for all consumers.
crc core partners contacts
CRC “Core” Partners & Contacts
  • Ginny King, CRC Coordinator,

Disability Rights & Resources, (704) 537-0550

  • Gayla Woody, Centralina Area Agency on Aging, (704) 348-2727
  • Debora Sparks, Council on Aging, (704) 391-5216
  • Julia Sain, Disability Rights & Resources,

(704) 537-0550

  • Laura Wasson, Mecklenburg Department of Social Services, Services for Adults, (704) 336-8992
what is the crc older americans act
What Is the CRC? Older Americans Act
  • Integrated points of entry to long-term supports and services for people with disabilities of all ages and income levels.
  • Community-wide systems of services that reduce consumer confusion, build trust, enhance individual choice and promote informed decision-making.
  • Comprehensive information about long-term-care options, as well as home and community-based services to delay or prevent institutionalization.
what is the crc
What Is the CRC?
  • Consumer focus empowers the individual to make informed choices
  • Beyond Information & Referral
  • Promotes Provider Partnerships
  • Medicaid: Unprecedented collaboration between aging and disability networks leverages strengths, enhances outreach, extends knowledge & access to resources, recognizes differences and identifies gaps
  • Technology will streamline information gathering, transfer and documentation leading to better service delivery and quality
  • Emphasizes appropriate service and support setting
why change is needed
Why Change Is Needed
  • 10% of the population has one disability; 8.7% have two or more disabilities
  • 20% have a mental health issue
  • In Mecklenburg, 250,000 (18% of the population) will be 60+ by 2030; those 85+ will triple
  • 9.7% of seniors are at or below poverty level
  • Costs of health care continue to rise
  • Long-term care monthly costs average $6,000
what is the crc process components
What Is the CRC? – Process Components

Public Education, Awareness & Outreach

Information and Referral




how does the crc help the consumer
How Does the CRC Help the Consumer?
  • Easy access
  • Multiple access points (“no wrong door”)**
  • Seamless process – one contact by consumer
  • Decision-making support for consumer
  • Increased awareness of service options
  • Opportunity for case management
  • Improved quality of service
  • More effective crisis intervention
  • Long-term care planning assistance
how does the crc help the service provider
How Does the CRC Help the Service Provider?
  • Promotes and improves relationships among providers
  • Extends reach of services to more clients and a more diverse clientele
  • Creates in-person and virtual opportunities to share “best practices”
  • Increases visibility in the community
  • Better outreach for services
  • Increases credibility in the community
the crc is not
  • a separate physical location,
  • a change to existing service eligibility criteria, or
  • a change or replacement of services.
getting involved with the crc
Getting Involved with the CRC…

Who can participate and how?

  • Providers of many kinds
  • Levels of involvement
    • Affiliate
    • Business Associate
  • Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs)
how does the crc work
How does the CRC work?

Referral Process

Person-Centered Follow-up

Evaluation/Customer Satisfaction

referral process
Referral Process

Am I an agency that provides

all CRC services?

Do I provide information and assistance?

Do I provide options counseling?

Do I conduct assessments?

Do I provide follow-up?

if your answer is yes
If Your Answer Is “Yes”

Determine customer needs and desires

Develop a person-centered plan of action

Explain the CRC and discuss confidentiality

Complete the Referral Tool Checklist: mail, fax, e-mail

Contact the customer to determine if needs were met

Determine next steps

if some answers were no
If Some Answers Were “No”

Handle the immediate request

Explain the CRC, discuss confidentiality, and get permission to refer

Complete page 1 of the Referral Tool

Refer to a CRC Partner

Follow up to ensure needs are met

referral tool just 1 call
Referral Tool & Just 1 Call

The CRC Referral Tool is located at


Under “partner login”

A complete listing on Mecklenburg County Services can be found at www.just1call.org

person centered follow up
Person-Centered Follow-up
  • Keep the consumer (or his/her caregiver) updated on progress of requests
  • As deliverables occur, ensure it/they meet(s) expectations
  • When “complete,” contact consumer to confirm that initial request satisfied and determine any additional needs
  • Enlist consumer’s willingness to provide satisfaction feedback to A&D CRC and/or State
evaluation customer satisfaction
Evaluation/Customer Satisfaction
  • Contact consumer (or consumer’s representative)
  • Inquire as to adequacy of product or service delivered
  • Ask if s/he has any recommendations to improve the process, service, product or experience
  • Ask if there is any further information or assistance needed at this time
memorandum of understanding
Memorandum of Understanding
  • Details Requirements of Commitment Level
  • Attend Monthly Meetings
  • Follow Policies and Procedures
  • Obtain and Refresh required Trainings
  • Ensure Agency Profile and Contacts are Current
  • Maintain Professional Standards and Confidentiality
  • Submit Appropriate Reports
a d crc structure
A&D CRC Structure
  • Governance Committee (Consumers, Providers, Core Partners)
  • Grant Administration Group (“Core Partners”)
  • Members/Partners
  • Ad-hoc groups
we re still evolving
We’re Still Evolving
  • This is a Process “in progress”
  • The Network is Expanding
  • Increased Understanding of Partner Capabilities =

A Stronger Network =

Enhanced Consumer Service Quality =

Cost-Effective Resource Allocation

please join us
Please Join Us
  • Thanks for your interest
  • Attend today’s meeting to learn more
  • Take MOUs back for review
  • Consider whether your agency belongs in the network and is willing to commit
  • Contact Ginny King or “Core Team” members with questions
  • See you next month!