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the next page in shredding.

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the next page in shredding. (Press Enter or Click Left to move through presentation.). Archive and Storage. The Good Old Days. The process of disposing sensitive customer information and employee records has changed since the early days of doing business.

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the next page in shredding.

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Archive and Storage

The Good Old Days

The process of disposing sensitive customer information and employee records has changed since the early days of doing business.

Maturity of identity theft crimes and higher internet usage among the public have brought about new government regulations that affect all business sectors.

The days of simply throwing items in a waste paper basket are long gone.

Archive and StorageMany companies archive and poorly store sensitive documentation because they lack an efficient system of proper removal and destruction.


Do It Yourself

Self Shred

In the early stages of compliance, some businesses purchased their own machines and assigned employees to the task of shredding.

But in-office shredding is no longer considered “acceptable compliance” by most government agencies.

Studies show companies that self-shred not only waste valuable employee time, they lack proof of document destruction in case of an audit or lawsuit.

Internal personnel should not be responsible for destroying certain information like payroll data, client records and legal affairs. This process can lead to human error, or the throwing away of non-shredded material to save time. This can easily lead to security breaches.


Time and Weight

On-Site Shredding

Companies and business owners began searching for full-service shredding companies to assist with the burden of properly disposing sensitive records.

Originally, there were on-site shredding companies that charged by the pound or for the amount of time they spent at your location. This did not prove to be cost effective for most businesses.

On-site shreddingcould not fully support the compliance of disposal.


Where or When

Off-Site Shredding

Then along came companies that performed off-site shredding services. Although a more efficient process, the main problem was not knowing for sure what happened to your documents once they left your premises. Where were they taken and when were they destroyed?

Even a Certificate of Destruction, didn’t always answer all the questions.

Regulations are continually evolving due to lawsuits that challenge and change compliance in the growing industry of document and media destruction.

Companies are forced to find the most advanced methods of compliance.


A new compliance

Electronic Media

One of the newest compliance issues in the shredding process is the destruction of electronic media (hard drives, data CDs, memory sticks and floppy drives).

Of the few companies that do offer electronic media destruction, it is found the material is only shreddedand not degaussed(the process of rendering magnetic data unrecoverable).

It is possible to read data on even the smallest piece of media if not degaussed before destruction.


The cause of it all

Identity Theft

The massive increase of Identity Theft has heightened individual awareness of personal information.

The simple act of shredding and complying with the law protects the customer but not an individual business.

“The number one underlying source of identity fraud is theft of employer records. A Michigan State University study found that 51 percent of all identity thefts occur in the workplace, usually perpetrated by people hired to perform low-level tasks, such as data entry.”

- BLR Business and Legal Reports.


Employment records prove ripe source for identity theft

Job applications, personnel records and other employment data that should be safely filed in company offices or computers are instead being taken by thieves who use the information to steal workers' identities.

New ID theft rule requires destruction of employee records

As of June 1, the Disposal Rule requires businesses and individuals to take appropriate measures to dispose of sensitive information derived from consumer reports. This includes reports received with information relating to employment background such as criminal and education checks.

“Identity theft is a problem largely because financial institutions, merchants, credit bureaus, and the government do not adequately safeguard vast databases and other records containing consumers’ sensitive information, making it relatively easy for thieves--often insiders--to access these data.

The cause of it all

Identity Theft

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Where To Go

Staying Compliant

So, maybe you store your old documents in a safe place.

And you’ve tried the “Shred as you go” system.

Perhaps you feel you are up to speed with current compliance.

The real question is:

You shred to protect your customers, Shouldn’t you be certain you’re protecting your business?


The next page in shredding.

One Company

What you need is a company that can:

-Securely destroy your documents.

-Degauss and destroy all electronic media.

-Document and provide compliant proof of destruction.

-Provide the latest processes to keep you compliant.

Protect with PRO|TEK

Safeguard Destruction Advantage


The next page in shredding.

PRO|TEKbrings new technology to the shredding, storing and waste/recycling of sensitive paper and media documentation industry.

PRO|TEKSafeguard Destruction Advantage offers a new comprehensive program designed to shield you and your business from the burden of destroying confidential information.

Safeguard Destruction Advantage


The next page in shredding.

Safeguard Destruction Advantage

The PRO|TEK Difference!

  • Features New proprietary tracking system.
  • Unique barcode and scan process.
  • Rigorous employee screening and monitoring.
  • Absolute auditable proof of proper disposal.

The next page in shredding.

Safeguard Destruction Advantage


PRO|TEKkeeps you and your business current with the ever-changing legislation set forth by the US Government and other regulatory bodies.


Gramm-Leach Bliley



SEC Rule 17A

N.J. IDT Prevention Act

Government agencies have passed new laws requiring companies to ensure proper disposal of client and employee data.


The next page in shredding.

Safeguard Destruction Advantage

The PRO|TEKunique process includes:

  • Site evaluation by a bonded PRO|TEK representativeto help your employees be more compliant with less effort.
  • Assignment of in-office compliance personto work hand-in-hand with our representative.
  • Arrange convenient pickup scheduleso we are there when you need us.
  • Secured office-grade binsplaced in convenient locations for your employees.

When you become a PRO|TEK client, our site-consultant will assess your present shredding needs and inform you of your current minimum compliance associated with the governing body for your industry.


The next page in shredding.

Safeguard Destruction Advantage

  • We provide the proper bin type for your needs.Several office-grade sizes are available!
  • NEW special RED electronic media binsfor hard drives, floppy disks and media sticks.

!Back-room bins can be handy for initial purging of stored documents.


The next page in shredding.

Safeguard Destruction Advantage

Here is how it works! On one of your scheduled visits, a PRO|TEKrepresentative will arrive at your office at your chosen scheduled time.

Bar-coding ensures proof-of-pickup for each individual bin by recording the bin number, the time and date of pickup.

  • The bins are unlocked to access the discarded documentswith your in-office compliance person present.
  • Each bag is scanned with a date and time stamp which begins the UNIQUE Safeguard Destruction Advantage process.
  • Contents are securedand handled only by our bonded representatives.

The next page in shredding.

Safeguard Destruction Advantage

  • Secured bags are then loaded into a PRO|TEKGPS Truck.
  • Bags are scanned a second time.Multiple scanning of bags provides record of exact place and time of documents.

Special PRO|TEK trucks are equipped with global positioning systems (GPS). The bags are scanned to guarantee safe uninterrupted proof of delivery to our plant.


The next page in shredding.

Safeguard Destruction Advantage

At the PROlTEK plant:

  • Upon arrival, secured bag are scanned a third time.
  • To increase security, all PROlTEKhandlers wear clean-room suits at the plant.
  • Your bag is opened, scanned a fourth time and destroyed.

Upon the fourth scan, a video follows your documents to destruction.


The next page in shredding.

Safeguard Destruction Advantage

Your video is then uploaded and stored for you in your own PROlTEKwebsite account!

As a backup, PRO-TEK stores your video in our archives in case it is ever needed.


The next page in shredding.

Safeguard Destruction Advantage

PROlTEK offers:

  • Online Client I.D.
  • Access to account history.
  • Newsletter for continuing education on compliance.
  • Video documentation.

Online Newsletter


The next page in shredding.

Safeguard Destruction Advantage

PRO|TEKoffers the most advanced security system in the U.S. for both document and media destruction.

PRO|TEKclients are up to date with the ever-changing compliance set forth by the multitude of legislative organizations.

That’s the PRO|TEK confidence.


Call Today

The Next Step

To find out more information contact us at 914-509-6657

A representative will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Contact us

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Shred to protect your customers.

UsePRO|TEKto protect your business.

PRO-TEK Document Destruction, Inc 2006