fact finding presentation of the scranton federation of teachers local union no 1147 n.
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FACT FINDING PRESENTATION OF THE SCRANTON FEDERATION OF TEACHERS, Local Union No. 1147. Presented to Diana S. Mulligan Case No. ACT 88-11-19-E October 12, 2011. BACKGROUND.

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    1. FACT FINDING PRESENTATIONOF THESCRANTON FEDERATION OF TEACHERS, Local Union No. 1147 Presented to Diana S. Mulligan Case No. ACT 88-11-19-E October 12, 2011


    3. The SFT has served as the collective bargaining representative for all full-time and part-time certified professional employees of the Scranton School District since the 1960’s. Currently 825 bargaining unit members Scranton Federation of Teachers

    4. The Scranton School District is the largest of 10 school districts in Lackawanna County, which is comprised of 40 Cities, Boroughs and Townships of differing size and demographics.

    5. Facilities There are currently 17 educational facilities operated by the District, with a total student population of approximately 9,679.

    6. Elementary Schools

    7. Elementary Schools

    8. Middle Schools

    9. High Schools/Alternative Program

    10. Recent Expansion • The District recently opened a new elementary school in West Scranton, Isaac Tripp Elementary. • Two new schools, Kennedy Elementary and Whittier Elementary, were opened last year in South Scranton.

    11. Population and Enrollment • Despite previous Scranton School District projections of a decreasing student population, Pennsylvania Department of Education data shows an increase from 9,548 students during the 2009-2010 school year to 9,679 students during the 2010-2011 academic year.

    12. Students enrolled in the Scranton School District receive the highest quality of education in the Commonwealth. Excellence in the Classroom

    13. In the District’s Own Words • According to the District’s own promotional video: • The elementary teachers in the District possess “talent and skills unparalleled anywhere.” • Faculty all rated highly qualified under NCLB • Teaching staff holds more advanced degrees than many neighboring faculties.

    14. MORE ACCOLADES! • In 2006, the School Evaluative Services Department of Standard and Poor recognized the Scranton School District as an “outperforming district.” • One of only 55 such awards, which is based upon extraordinary performance over the preceding three years in reading and math scores.

    15. Achievement According to data provided by the PA Department of Education and presented by Superintendent William King at a public meeting this year, the SSD outperforms districts around the state in math and reading at all levels.

    16. PSSA RESULTS • 4th grade math: SSD 87% v. 79% state • 4th grade reading: SSD 75% v. 70% state • 8th grade math: SSD 72% v. 70% state • 8th grade reading: SSD 80% v. 77% state • High school math: SSD 63% v. 55% state

    17. More Achievement • From 2003 to 2010, the number of students who scored at or above grade level in math increased from 47.9% to 75.1%. • From 2003 to 2010, the number of students who scored at or above grade level in reading increased from 60.4% to 70.9%.

    18. It All Starts With the Teachers • Although a number of facets contribute toward the quality of a student's education, the ability and dedication of his or her teachers is the primary factor toward educational success.

    19. Ability to Pay

    20. Financial Status • As the core of the Federation’s proposals are economic in nature, an examination of the current state of the District’s revenue stream and finances will prove to be helpful. All information was obtained from SSD budgets and audits submitted to the PDE.

    21. Background • Commensurate with its enrollment, the Scranton School District’s Budget is more than double that of any district in Lackawanna County. • Its total revenue in 2009, $111,927,240, is 60% greater than the next largest district (Abington Heights), and over four times that of the composite average for Districts in Lackawanna County.

    22. The Financial Future • The anticipated revenue for 2010 is $114,278,124. • The anticipated revenue for 2011 is $116,636,188.

    23. Actual Revenue vs. Budgeted Revenue • For 2008 through 2009, the District’s actual revenue exceeded its budgeted revenue.

    24. Actual Revenue vs. Budgeted Revenue

    25. What’s up with 2010 and 2011??? • 2010 – A right to know request was made for the 2010 audit. We are awaiting a response. It has not been filed with the Clerk of Judicial Records, Mary Rinaldi. As a result, we cannot evaluate the actual revenue for 2010 at this time. • 2011- The SFT requested the 2011 SSD Budget submitted to the PDE on several occasions (including certified mail and two separate times at negotiating sessions). The SSD (Mr. Gaynord and Mr. Sunday) three times denied this document exists. The SFT was forced to obtain the “nonexistent” document from PDE. The document was signed by the SSD on 1/12/11.

    26. Fund Balance Surplus • The District’s Ending Fund Balance from 2006 to 2010. • 2006: ($1,387,953) • 2007: ($1,178,769) • 2008: ($3,353,195)* • 2009: ($1,343,414) • 2010: ??? * Our research suggests this surplus was larger than other years due to large insurance contributions made by employees during the previous calendar year. The money was held in the SSD General Fund.

    27. Increased Tax Revenue • Scranton’s Single Tax Office reported that the District will receive at least 10% more tax revenue than last year.

    28. Additional Tax Money to be Distributed • MERCY HOSPITAL Transfer Tax = $403,405 • MERCY HOSPITAL Real Estate Tax = approx. $962,200 • Money (collected from 2005-2009) found at Single Tax Office = $429,191 • Figures reported by the Single Tax Office and The Scranton Times.

    29. Other Facts Influencing the Bottom Line According to SSD budgets: • Assessed property values increased by $5,127,635 in the last two years. • Mills increased by 9.44 in the last two years. • The State Tax Equalization Board (STEB) market value increase by $258,164,800 in the last two years.

    30. KOZ and KOEZ • Many properties, including residential and business, that were given tax exemptions for a set period of time will or have already been added back onto the tax rolls this year. • Values obtained from documents requested from the Single Tax Office show the following revenue increases: KOZ = $582,828 KOEZ = $774,747 • This represents tax revenue that will remain in future years.

    31. 2011-2012 Basic Education Funding • According to the 2011 SSD Budget filed with the PDE, the District is estimated to receive $55,114,630 in state funding. • This amount is an increase of $930,030 over the previous year. • The District is estimated to see an increase of $539,001 in federal funding this year.

    32. ADDING UP THE NEW FUNDS • The grand total in increased tax revenue and state and federal funding is: $4,621,672

    33. New Positions Created • One gauge of a District’s financial well-being is the creation of administration jobs. • If this measure is applied, the Scranton School District rests upon an assured financial footing.

    34. Additions to the District Administrative Team • Within the past three years, the District has added the following administrative positions: Two Vice Principals (SHS and WSHS) A Special Education Compliance Officer One IT person

    35. Increased Revenue Through Retirement and Resignation • The District has approved 74 certified staff retirements and resignations following the 2010-2011 school year. • Most of the retiring teachers are at the 16th and highest step of the salary schedule. • The average retiree base salary is $75,869.

    36. Net Loss of Teachers • The District hired 35.7 new teachers for the upcoming school year. • Thus, by filling only 35.7 of the 74 retirements and resignations, the District will encounter a net loss of 38.3 teaching positions.

    37. Savings • The District will experience significant savings as a result of the 38.3 teaching positions eliminated. • This includes not only savings on salaries, but benefits as well.

    38. Less Expensive Replacements • Of the new hires, the District will fill these openings with teachers hired at the lowest steps of the salary schedule (no higher than step 5). This means replacing a $75,869 salary with one from $36,070 to $44,148. • Based upon the substandard salaries experienced by all but the most senior of employees, as will be discussed, the District will experience millions of dollars in salary savings for years.

    39. District Savings • The salary expenditure for teachers in the SSD during the 2010-2011 school year was $42,648,647. • With our proposal the SSD salary expenditure for teachers would be reduced to: $37,237,474 in 2011-2012 ($5.4 million savings) $38,958,325 in 2012-2013 ($3.7 million savings) $40,755,701 in 2013-2014 ($1.9 million savings)

    40. Add the Savings Up This represents a total savings of $10,994,441 over three years on salary alone.

    41. Funds Budgeted • The SSD had the following amounts budgeted for total instruction: 2009 - $68,014,220 2010- $71,187,343 2011- $73,804,600 The SSD budgeted an additional $2,617,257 this year for instruction. If they don’t use it for instruction, where will it go?

    42. SFT Proposals

    43. Keep It Simple • The SFT is proposing modifications to the articles 46, 67, 72, 79, 80, 85 of the existing CBA.

    44. Article 46 Special Support Services • The SFT proposes new language under Article 46 s1(f) – Where practicable, and in accordance with IDEA and each individual student’s IEP, the Principal and his/her designee will make all reasonable efforts on a quarterly basis to assign students to classrooms equitably.

    45. Article 67 Extracurricular Compensation • 2011- 2012: $30.00 • 2012-2013: $31.00 • 2013-2014: $32.00

    46. Article 72 Health Insurance • The SFT proposes the addition of the following language to article 72: s8. The Scranton School District will provide to the Scranton Federation of Teachers, Local 1147, quarterly, financial statements detailing accounts payable and accounts receivable for the health insurance premiums, including statements of all rebates for said health insurance inclusive of the stop loss insurance and prescription drug plan.

    47. Article 79Teacher Salary Schedule • 2011-2012: 3% plus step • 2012-2013: 3% plus step • 2013-2014: 3% plus step

    48. Article 80Coaching Salary Schedule • 2011-2012: 3% plus step • 2012-2013: 3% plus step • 2013-2014: 3% plus step

    49. Article 85 Term of Agreement • The SFT proposes a three year agreement from September 1, 2011 to August 31, 2014.

    50. Retroactivity • Bargaining unit members’ placement on the salary schedule has been frozen since August 31, 2011. Retroactive payment for lost wages since this time is requested.