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No Federation!.

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No Federation!

If there was no federation in Australia I think that there would be so many convicts here and Australia would be surrounded with terrorists, convicts, bushrangers. Also, Australia would be trashed and it would also be a place where nobody would want to be. Australia is known for its Beaches and hot sun, and the federation takes care of these. Which means Bondi Beach would be littered constantly and we would have no life guards. Our national landmarks wouldn’t be alive because the federation has to pay people to build them. There would be no official law and the place would be run by naughty people.

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In 1890 the idea of federation became very popular. People began realizing that for matter like defence, immigration and economy would improve the nation.

In 1860 there were six British colonies in Australia. The main laws were written by the British Parliament.

The colonies didn’t have anything to do with each other. In 1872 a telegraph connected all six colonies, and the idea of being Australian was celebrated through songs, poems and other music.

Australia was in hard times and the people lost interest in the federation idea for some years. But in 1893 the pro-federation groups had a meeting and agreed that a national meeting would redraft the constitution and let the people have a chance to agree about the constitution

The smaller colonies were afraid that the bigger colonies would overtake the federation, so the conference adopted the practice of the United States: in the House of Representatives each state is represented according to the number of residents; in the Senate each state has an equal number of representatives.

In 1901 the colonies became states and the parliament house was made. The first Prime Minister was Edmund Barton. The federal meetings were held in Melbourne before the parliament house was made and then Canberra was named somewhere in between 1900’s – 1930’s. Canberra means, a meeting place.

A special election called the referendum was held so the people in the colonies could vote on the constituton. Queensland and WA did not take part, and in New South it did not get approved. So the premiers met in 1899 to meet the concerns of these three colonies.

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