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Tobacco-Free Colorado Communities PowerPoint Presentation
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Tobacco-Free Colorado Communities

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Tobacco-Free Colorado Communities
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Tobacco-Free Colorado Communities

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  1. Tobacco-Free Colorado Communities Smoke Free Multi-Unit Housing Initiative: Delta Housing Authority It’s about the smoke, not the people who smoke

  2. Why Promote Smoke-Free Housing? Health Safety Money

  3. You Are Not Alone In Colorado, more than 950 multiunit residential communities with 25,000+ units have 100% no-smoking policies indoor. 19 Colorado Housing Authorities have implemented or are phasing in no-smoking policies in 521 buildings with 3,833 units.

  4. The Impact of Tobacco Individual Financial wellbeing Health Employment and housing opportunities Family Second-hand smoke Third-hand smoke Community Litter Loitering

  5. Tobacco’s Deadly Toll 443,000 deaths in the U.S. each year 4.8 million deaths worldwide eachyear Estimated that by the year 2030there will be 10 million deaths eachyear 53,000 deaths each year in the U.S.due to second-hand smoke exposure

  6. Tobacco is Still the Leading Cause of Preventable Death in the U.S. • In the U.S., smoking causes more deaths than HIV, illegal drug use, alcohol use, motor vehicle injuries, suicides, and murders COMBINED.† • In Colorado, nearly 4,400 deaths each year due to tobacco use.* * MMWR (2009), 58 (02); 29-33.

  7. Financial Impact A pack a day smoker spends on average… $5.00 per day $35.00 per week $152.10 per month $1,825.00 per year $18,250.00 per 10 years

  8. U.S. Surgeon General’s Report, 2010

  9. Tobacco smoke contains a deadly mix of more than 7,000 chemicals. Hundreds are toxic. About 70 can cause cancer. Here are some of the chemicals.

  10. The Dangers of Second-Hand Smoke There is no safe level of second-hand smoke Being around tobacco smoke can cause disease and death in nonsmokers Serious health effects include sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), lung and ear problems, asthma When people smoke indoors they put others’ health in danger

  11. The Dangers of Third-Hand Smoke Tobacco smoke lingers in fabric, carpets, furniture, clothes Remains on unwashed surfaces for months Toxins are absorbed through the skin and inhaled Particularly dangerous for children, infants and pets

  12. Lower Risk of Fire A smoke-free building is safer for children, adults, seniors, and pets Cigarettes cause an average of 5% of all residential fires in Colorado In 2006 residential fires caused 39% of all residential fire fatalities, 7% of residential fire injuries, and 3% of all residential property loss Colorado State Fire Chiefs Association

  13. Cleaning a Smoke-Free Unit Two-bedroom, two-bath apartment estimate Total Cost $570 Cost can vary depending on the extent of the damage and the equipment used

  14. Cleaning a Smoky Unit Two-bedroom, two-bath apartment estimate Total Cost $4,003 BluSky Restoration Cost can vary depending on the extent of the damage and the equipment used

  15. Is Ventilation an Option? Secondhand smoke cannot be controlled using ventilation or air-cleaning systems Up to 50% of the air in multiunit housing may be re-circulated throughout an entire building “At present, the only means of effectively eliminating the health risk associated with indoor exposure is to ban smoking activity.” The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) sets the industry standards for ventilation

  16. Colorado Residents Support No-Smoking Policies 66.3% of Boulder County Housing Authority’s residents in January 2008. 285 out of 467 (61%) residents participated. 65% of Lakewood’s Eaton Terrace Senior Residences in April 2008. 119 out of 122 (98%) residents participated. 64% of Longmont’s Inn Between homeless people and families in September 2008. 39 out of 50 (78%) residents participated. 70.5% of Salida’s Mount Shavano Manor residents in September 2008. 45 out of 50 (90%) residents participated. 100% of Alamosa’s Tierra Nueva farmer worker residents in July 2009. 20 out of 32 (62%) residents participated. 61.9% of Alamosa Housing Authority’s residents in September 2009. 21 out of 41 (52.5%) residents participated.

  17. Recommendations for Tobacco-Free Policy(Prior to Implementation) Allow for adequate preparation Conduct surveys to determine residents’ preferences Communicate the policy through meetings and in writing Incorporate tobacco cessation education into services Promote implementation date via flyers, emails, signage Celebrate upcoming policy with fun events Stick to your launch date and enforce the policy from day 1

  18. Smoking Cessation Help Health Care Provider Smoker’s help lines Nicotine patches and other medications Coaching and behavioral change strategies Quit smoking classes and groups Quit-Kits

  19. Contact Information Karen O’Brien Delta County Health Dept. Health Education 970-874-2517 Website: