structural modelings l.
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Structural Modelings

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Structural Modelings - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Structural Modelings. Dr. Abdul Razaq Touqan Department of Civil Engineering. Definition. Structural modeling assumptions. Elements 1D 2D 3D Structures 1D structure with 1D elements 2D structure with 1D, 2D elements 3D structure with 1D, 2D, 3D elements. Loading assumptions. Static

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structural modelings

Structural Modelings

Dr. Abdul Razaq Touqan

Department of Civil Engineering

structural modeling assumptions
Structural modeling assumptions
  • Elements
    • 1D
    • 2D
    • 3D
  • Structures
    • 1D structure with 1D elements
    • 2D structure with 1D, 2D elements
    • 3D structure with 1D, 2D, 3D elements
loading assumptions
Loading assumptions
  • Static
  • Dynamic
laws versus theories
Laws versus theories
  • Structural Analysis laws
    • constitutive (stress-strain) relationships
    • equilibrium equations: essential
    • compatibility equations: optional/present challenge
  • Structural Analysis theories:
    • Based on assumptions
    • Assumptions based on available knowledge
    • Available knowledge is constrained with available tools like hand calculators and personal computers
    • All computer programs are based on a set of assumptions on which formulation of the theoretical basis of the software was developed.
structural analysis system approach
Structural analysis system approach


1.Goal: system to be designed\reference: creation versus man made

2.Given: understand physics of the system (specify system requirements)\ref: global versus local

3.Create a mathematical model (specify structural system, material and applied loads)


1.Propose a theory: reduce assumptions deviating model from reality\ref: 3D nonlinear dynamic probabilistic soil-soil GIS interaction

2.Formulate equations: according to state of knowledge and available tools \ref: analytical, anatomical, analogical

3.Solve the equations: analyze the structure\ ref: verify analysis laws


1.Verify Compatibility

2. Verify equilibrium.

3. Verify stress-strain relationships.

  • A single storey RC slab-beam factory structure shown next page
  • Fixed foundations, 4 spans 5m bays in x and a single 8m span in y, 6m elevation
  • E=24GPa, μ=0.2, γ=2.5t/m3
  • Slab 25cm thickness, drop beams 30cmX80cm, columns 30X60cm
  • superimposed loads=5kN/m2, live load=9kN/m2
  • Due to cracking of elements, assume modifiers for gross inertia:
    • Beam 0.35
    • Column 0.7
    • One way slab (0.35, 0.035)
1d analysis slab analysis15
1D analysis: slab analysis
  • Wd=(.25*24.5+5)=11.125KN/m
  • Wl=9KN/m
  • Wu=1.2*11.125+1.6*9=27.75KN/m
1d analysis beam and column analysis
1D analysis: beam and column analysis,
  • Assume simply supported beam:
  • Beam C, Mu=(129+0.3*.8*24.5)*82 /8=1079
  • Beam B, Mu=(159+0.3*.8*24.5)*82 /8=1319
  • Beam A, Mu=(54.5*2+0.3*.8*24.5)*82 /8=919
  • Column reactions:
  • Beam C, Ru =(129+0.3*.8*24.5)*8 /2=540
  • Beam B, Ru=(159+0.3*.8*24.5)*8 /2=660
  • Beam A, Ru =(54.5+0.3*.8*24.5)*8 /2=242
gravity equilibrium checks
Gravity equilibrium checks
  • D:
    • Slab=20X8X(0.25X24.5+5)=1780KN
    • Beams=(5X8+2X20)X.8X.3X24.5=470KN
    • Columns=10X6X.3X.6X24.5=264.6KN
    • Sum=2514.6KN
  • L:
    • R =20X8X9=1440KN
  • Analyze and design a one story reinforced concrete structure (entertainment hall) made of one way solid slab sitting on drop beams supported on six square columns 50cm dimensions. The superimposed loads are 300kg/m2, and the live load equal to 400kg/m2
    • Analyze using analogical (local practice: slab-beam-column load path)
    • Analyze using anatomical finite element 3D model (more actual representation)
    • Compare analogical with anatomical

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