embracing a marketing orientation in nonprofit organizations n.
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Embracing a Marketing Orientation in Nonprofit Organizations PowerPoint Presentation
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Embracing a Marketing Orientation in Nonprofit Organizations

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Embracing a Marketing Orientation in Nonprofit Organizations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Embracing a Marketing Orientation in Nonprofit Organizations . Donna Leigh Bliss, Ph.D. Purpose .

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Presentation Transcript
  • The purpose of this presentation is to help administrators/boards of nonprofit organizations to rethink their relationship with the environment in a manner that proactively allows for the accessing of a diverse array of resources the organization needs to not only survive, but to thrive
  • This requires a paradigm shift in thinking and acting regarding the notion of marketing your nonprofit organization
what resources do nonprofit organizations need




Board members




Political support

Social support

Sense of making a difference

Hope of sustainability

What Resources Do Nonprofit Organizations Need?
so how do we access these resources
So How Do We Access These Resources
  • Writing grants
  • Charging for services
  • Fundraising
  • Recruiting
  • Referring
  • Buying
  • Donations
  • Building
  • Creating
what is marketing
What is Marketing
  • While selling is offering something in exchange for money, marketing is a process that entails satisfying certain needs of clients or consumers through an exchange process
    • Examine how your organization’s mission statement addresses needs such as the need for learning new skills, the need for improved functioning, the need for increased opportunities, etc.
i hate selling
People who care passionately about their nonprofit programs can also have a strong distaste for the term “marketing” because they imagine it to mean having to try to get people to give up their moneyI Hate Selling!

Unfortunately, this narrow view of “marketing” can actually serve to block the flow of many kinds of non-monetary, as well as monetary, resources a nonprofit program needs in order to thrive


Therefore, we need to shift our perspective on marketing from one that emphasizes what we want to get from another party, to establishing a win-win relationship whereby, when we meet the needs of various audiences, they reciprocate by providing us resources


So, what then, are some of the needs an organization can try to meet that various markets care about?

And how does meeting these needs then help to facilitate an exchange process whereby our organization receives resources (including, but not limited to, money) that it needs to thrive?





Feeling Needed




Peace of Mind

Social Justice

why is this shift in marketing perspective critically important
One hypothesis emphasizes the interconnected nature of people and holds that all people are only separated by six degrees of separation

What then, are the implications of this, in terms of marketing?

Why is This Shift in Marketing Perspective Critically Important

You have no way of knowing then, how, what appears to be an apparently informal interaction or chance encounter with one person, can potentially lead to a gold mine of resources your program could use, from sources you might not normally meet or know exist


Think abouttaking action in order to receivepotentially unlimited sources of resources rather than solely trying to find ways to get money from other sources

three essential tools
Three Essential Tools

There are Three Tools Board Members, Administrators, and Staff of an Organization Should Have in Order to Optimize Marketing Opportunities

  • Elevator speech
  • Business card
  • Website
elevator speech
Elevator Speech
  • Be able to articulate clearly and simply in 30 seconds what your organization’s mission is
    • 8 to 10 seconds is even better
  • Make sure to emphasize the human needs your organization meets rather than a technical description of what it does
  • Helps facilitate the exchange of resources that your organization needs
identification of your primary secondary and tertiary markets and their hard and soft needs
Identification of Your Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Markets andTheir Hard and Soft Needs
  • Need to know who your consumers or potential consumers are and what they need and want
  • Don’t assume you have only one market
    • All people aren’t the same
    • What about other markets such as potential volunteers, board members, donors?
  • Once you have identified your potential market(s)
    • What do you know about them in terms of their needs?
    • What do you need to know?
identification of the market and its needs cont
Identification of the Market andIts Needs (cont.)
  • Once you have identified your markets, learn everything you can about them
  • Don’t forgo market research on the assumption you know what the market wants and needs, even if you think you are an expert on it or are a member of that market
  • Identifying needs is not a one shot deal
    • Markets can change rapidly in today’s fast-paced environment



Recipients of











the marketing plan
Identify your target markets and describe their needs

How does your story speak to these needs?

Decide what you want to accomplish

Why should the markets care about your program

What strategies are most likely to succeed

Think about relationships

What resources do you need to implement these strategies

Personnel, expertise, money, time, etc.

When do you plan to start?

How long should the strategy go on?

How will you evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy?

Adapt, evolve, persevere!

The Marketing Plan
contact information
Contact Information

Donna Leigh Bliss, Ph.D.

University of Georgia School of Social Work

(706) 542-2585