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By: Anthony Bryant. Grendel. In the beginning of the story Grendel, descendent of Cain, is in his home. "A power monster, living down In the darkness, growled in pain, impatient”(line 1-2). Grendel hears laughing and singing from the mead hall. He doesn’t like to hear happiness.

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By anthony bryant


In the beginning of the story Grendel, descendent of Cain, is in his home. "A power monster, living down In the darkness, growled in pain, impatient”(line 1-2). Grendel hears laughing and singing from the mead hall. He doesn’t like to hear happiness.

Grendel went into the hall while everyone was sleeping and snatched up 30 men and smashed them. Grendel was tired of hearing all the laughing and singing from the mead hall, so he went to kill (line 36-37).

Hrothgar woke up in the morning and knew Grendel had came. “Hrothgar, their lord, sat joyless”(line 44). Hrothgar knew he lost a lot of men. He knew they were in great danger with Grendel on the lose. Hrothgar was filled with fear knowing Grendel will come again.

Grendel knows he can’t touch Hrothgar or his throne because its protected by God .The reason why Hrothgar won’t fight Grendel is because that’s not the way of God. If he did fight he would lose God protection (line 83-84).

By anthony bryant


Beowulf had just arrived to Herot. He’s telling everyone how he will defeat Grendel. “ I have heard, too, that the monsters scorn of men is so great that he needs no weapons and fears none. No will I”. Beowulf wants the fight to be fair so he’s not going to use anything because Grendel doesn’t us anything (line 166-169).

Beowulf and 14 of his brave and best men were on his boat to go help Hrothgar and his people. Beowulf heard how Grendel was killing the Danes so he wanted to go help to kill Grendel (line 119-123).

Beowulf is talking about how fate will decide the battle. “And if death does take me, send the hammered mail of my armor to Higlac”. Beowulf is telling them if he does die in the battle send his armor back where he came from (line 186-187).

Edgetho, Beowulf father, killed a Wulfing warrior. They wanted to go to war with Edgetho, but Edgetho did not want to fight. Hrothgar sent the Wulfing money to stop the war from happening. So in a way Beowulf owes Hrothgar for helping save his father. That’s one reason he's fighting Grendel (line 205-206).

By anthony bryant

Battle with Grendel

After the party of Herot all the men went to sleep. Beowulf stayed up knowing Grendel will come and try to kill. Grendel came into the hall while Beowulf was watching every evil step he took (line 260).

When the party was done Grendel came into the hall seeking to kill. Beowulf was watching as he came in. “Grendel snatched at the first Geat he came to, ripped him apart”. Beowulf watched as Grendel ripped the Geat apart. He wanted to see what Grendel was mad of so he let Grendel kill a Geat (line 262-263).

After Grendel killed one of the Geats he went to Beowulf and tried to grab him up. Beowulf hand was so strong that Grendel couldn’t believe it. Grendel was filled with fear. All Grendel wanted to do was flee back to his marsh and hide out there (line 275-279).

Beowulf and Grendel was going to battle until the end. They battled all around Herot while everyone watched. “Screams of the Almighty’s enemy sang”. Beowulf had ripped Grendel arms out. After he ripped out the arms Grendel ran and soon died in a lake (line 308).

By anthony bryant

Beowulf’s Last Battle

50 years had past since Beowulf fought Grendel. He was an old man and was King of the Geats. “I will fight again, seek fame still”. Beowulf is going to fight the dragon because the dragon is terrorizing his people (line 609).

Beowulf started to fight the dragon. It was a good battle. The dragon started to breathe fire to get Beowulf. The flames of the dragon hit Beowulf and took him down. All but 1 Beowulf men ran with fear (line 677-680).

Wiglaf seen how Beowulf was in trouble. He didn’t run like all the other soldiers had ran away from battle. “Wiglaf Mind was made up; he raised his yellow Shield and drew his sword”. Wiglaf was not going to run from the battle instead he help Beowulf (line 703-705).

Together Beowulf and Wiglaf defeated the dragon. Beowulf was so hurt it was hard for him to battle the dragon. Wiglaf had real respect for Beowulf because he said he’ll rather die for Beowulf than Beowulf dying (line 726-727).

By anthony bryant

Death and Mourning of Beowulf

After the battle Beowulf fell back down. Knowing he was going to die he gave Wiglaf something to do. “I’d leave my armor to my son, Now, if God had given me an heir”. Beowulf is saying if he had a son, his son would take over his throne and would have his armor.

Before Beowulf died he told Wiglaf to find the treasure. He told him to go quickly to the dragon castle and find it, than to come back. Beowulf told to give out the treasure to all his people (line 756-757).

All Beowulf was really sad that he died. Beowulf asked for a tower before he died. They buried him in the tower. Wiglaf put the treasure buried with Beowulf because he felt like Beowulf is the one who really should earn it (line 871-875).

As Beowulf was dying he had to leave Wiglaf the kingdom. “What I leave, Wiglaf, lead my people, Help them; my time is gone”. Beowulf knew Wiglaf would run the kingdom good. He was the only one to come back to help Beowulf.