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Stormbreaker By: Anthony Horowitz

Stormbreaker By: Anthony Horowitz. Fahim Kashem. About the Author. Born in April 5, 1956 He also wrote Point Blank, Skeleton Key, Eagle Strike, and Scorpia etc. (over 50 books

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Stormbreaker By: Anthony Horowitz

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  1. StormbreakerBy: Anthony Horowitz Fahim Kashem

  2. About the Author • Born in April 5, 1956 • He also wrote Point Blank, Skeleton Key, Eagle Strike, and Scorpia etc. (over 50 books • He was born with a rich family, used to read a lot in his father’s library and tell stories to children. Soon he became interested in writing books

  3. Setting • It is set in the present/future • There are multiple settings: Egypt and United States (located in California) • The main setting is in England

  4. Characters • Alex- The main character of the book. He finds out the truth about the death of his uncle. His friends also help him find the truth. • Crawley- He is Alex’s friend that knows a lot about his uncle. But Alex finds out in his office since he didn’t tell him. • Yassen- He was the one who killed Alex’s uncle because Alex’s uncle found a treasure in Egypt and Yassen stopped him.

  5. Plot • Alex Rider is a fourteen year old boy that finds out that his uncle dies in a accident. • Alex finds out that it’s a lie and that he was killed by someone. • His friends bring him into a spy school where his uncle learned to be a spy. • Alex finds out that Yassen killed him because he wanted the treasure from Alex’s uncle.

  6. Conflict/Resolution • Alex vs. Crawley- Since Crawley knew all about Alex’s uncle, he wouldn’t tell him because he wanted to steal the treasure from him. • Alex vs. Yassen- When Alex’s uncle, Ian, found the treasure at Egypt, Yassen found out that he would be rich and famous. So he decided he should kill him and Alex found out in Crawley’s office. • Resolution- Alex decided he should agree with Yassen that killing was only for adults and Yassen wasn’t going to kill people any more because he was already rich and famous.

  7. Theme • The theme is do not ever do evil actions just to get what you want. • This theme best represents the story because it explains how Yassen was murdering famous people so he could be famous. But when he did become famous, people did not like him because of his evilness.

  8. Personal Book Review • I really like the book Stormbreaker. It is filled with action and mysteries. It was a mystery because Alex wanted to know who killed his uncle. Also it was full of acion because there was a lot of murders and crimes going on in the book. When you read this book, it will feel like your in it. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to become a spy.

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