Image distribution and vmic brainstorm
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Image Distribution and VMIC (brainstorm) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Image Distribution and VMIC (brainstorm). Belmiro Moreira CERN IT-PES-PS. Image Distribution - client. General idea An image should be in the compute nodes when the provision system tries to instantiate it. Quick and reliable distribution of images between compute nodes.

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Image distribution and vmic brainstorm

Image Distribution and VMIC(brainstorm)



Image distribution client
Image Distribution - client

  • General idea

    • An image should be in the compute nodes when the provision system tries to instantiate it.

    • Quick and reliable distribution of images between compute nodes.

    • Central image catalog for CERN (VMIC);

    • No intervention needed when new nodes are added/removed.

Image distribution client1
Image Distribution - client

  • Some background

    • Initial was only to distribute images for vmbatch;

      • No image control in compute nodes;

      • Manual verification of all changes;

      • Images distributed to all compute nodes.

    • Currently Image Distribution could be a central service for the CERN internal Cloud.

      • For services;

      • For CERN users (a set of images available for the community);

Image distribution client2
Image Distribution - client

  • Real experience:

    • Running “smoothly” since Q3 2010;

      • some of the known problems were in fact implementation decisions;

      • some problems with VMIC integration;

      • some “bugs” found and resolved;

      • implementation decisions reconsidered.

    • “smoothly” considering for what it was developed but we need more features and reliability.

Image distribution client3
Image Distribution - client

  • New important features:

    • environment check for new images;

    • no parallel “deploy”;

    • rtorrent doesn’t trigger “deploy”;

    • SQLite db;

    • automatic recover form “error”;

    • all image history in the compute node;

    • comprehensive logs;

    • comprehensive CLI (who knows imgdist?)

Image distribution client4
Image Distribution - client

  • Other features:

    • “expired” images management;

    • new images states allows better image control;

    • publish available images for provision systems;

    • image distribution client daemon (future)

    • logs management (future)

    • download “only” valid images (future)

      • hypervisor;

      • OS;

      • architecture;

      • type of compute node (expected number of VMs)

Image distribution client5
Image Distribution - client

  • Open tickets

#80 image distribution broken on SLC6 due to LV path

#44 image management scripts on hypervisors don't support update of images

#46 wget option --no-check-certificate

#14 rtorrent cache cleanup

#37 image distribution log file has wrong permissions

#71 rtorrent keeps the stagein files open even if removed

#45 advertise existing images on a given hypervisor to provisioning system

Image distribution client6
Image Distribution - client

  • Image states

    • “download”

    • “deploy”

    • “available”

    • “deprecated”

    • “expired”

    • “error”

    • “recover”

    • “removed”

Image distribution client7
Image Distribution - client

  • User Interface

    • “imagedist” tool

imagedist list <download | deploy | available | deprecated | expired | error | recover | removed>

imagedist show <imageID>

imagedist show –uuid <imageUUID>

imagedist enable

imagedist disable

imagedist status

imagedist clean

imagedist recover <imageID>

imagedist recover –uuid <imageUUID>

imagedist remove <imageID>

imagedist remove –uuid <imageUUID>

imagedist sync

Image distribution client8
Image Distribution - client

  • Implementation decisions

    • no image editing

      • except target compute nodes;

    • expects that each image as a different image file;

    • an image can be removed and then added again;

Image distribution client9
Image Distribution - client

  • Status and production release date:

    • Current status:

      • developing and testing;

      • lxbsq0902, lxbsq0903

    • Production release:

      • first week of May


  • General idea

    • VMIC is for CERN;

    • Image Catalogue

      • manages all images at CERN;

      • image traceability

        • Who added, who endorse, from?, when?, which file?

      • images storage;

      • defines which images can be exported;

      • manages images subscriptions from outside;

    • Should support HEPIX “models” but not only…;


  • Technology evaluation

    • ruby, jsp, Django,… ?

    • MySql, postgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite?

      • external DB provided by DB group?

  • Who are VMIC users at CERN?

    • PES-PS managers

      • image endorser / list endorser

    • all CERN users (cloud for all CERN users?)

      • available public images


  • Image Distribution independent;

  • Should support different interfaces;

    • HEPIX, StratusLab, …, as plug-ins.

    • How to deal with contextualization?

      • VMIC and provision systems

  • Failover?

  • VMIC should run into the Cloud?

    • storage outside the server;

    • instantiated easily;


  • Define all workflows

    • New image;

      • from CERN

      • from outside

    • Remove image;

    • Update image;

    • Compromised image;

  • User interface

    • Graphical, CLI?


  • Open tickets

#6 certificate handling on vmrepo

#16 automate image creation and transfer to repository

#23 vmrepo does not understand non-compressed images

#24 vmrepo does not show new images in /vmrepo/shared/torrents

#36 vmic allows to add images twice

#65 deploy/evaluate Clemspon patches for VMIC

#62 RFE: VMIC should allow URLs for adding images

Image distribution and vmic
Image Distribution and VMIC

  • Automatic image distribution management


image distribution “manager”

image distribution “clients”

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