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CCS Suite. Today. common perception of call centre. Today’s “Contact” Centre. ….. It’s about Business Communications Management . CCS suite. Modular Solution Comprehensive Investment Protection. CCS Desk – Unified Comm. & CRM integration CCS Report – Telephony reporting

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common perception of call centre


“Contact” Centre

….. It’s about

Business Communications Management .....

CCS suite

Modular Solution


Investment Protection

  • CCS Desk – Unified Comm. & CRM integration

  • CCS Report – Telephony reporting

  • CCS Q – Multi-Media Inbound CC

  • CCS Call – Multi-Media Outbound CC

  • CCS IVR – Interactive Voice Response

  • CCS Record – Voice Recording

  • CCS SMS – SMS Server

  • CCS Chat – Web chat & instant messaging clients


  • Social Network

    • Facebook

    • Twitter

  • Multi-Media

    • Call

    • SMS

    • Email

    • Fax

    • Web Chat

    • Web Call-back

    • Call back in queue

  • Full IP Inbound CC suite

  • Skills Based Routing

  • Unlimited queues (up to 9999)

  • Unlimited agents per queue

  • Announcements & Hold Music per queue

  • Scheduling and overflow

  • Emergency Mode

  • Historical Reporting & Dashboards

  • Q-Lookup

  • Cascade Queue

  • Remote & Multi-Site Support

  • Multi-Media & Social Network options

  • Powerful CCS Add-Ons

    • Call Recording (CCS Record)

    • IVR (CCS IVR)

    • Tele-Marketing (CCS Call)

  • UC Agent interface with CCS Desk

    • PC Call Control

    • Team Presence

    • CRM Integration

    • Personal Agent Queues

  • Reporting with CCS Report

    • Agent Productivity, Queue Performance, Disposition Codes, etc

    • Historical & Real-time

    • On-demand or Scheduled Delivery

    • Business Intelligence Dashboard

CCS Desk – Unified Communications

Included CRM integrations out of the box.

API also available for custom integration

Click to Dial

Screen Pops

CRM Integration

Drag and Drop Call Control

CCS Report – Business intelligence & reporting

Web Based

Email of Reports


Integration with Voice Recording

Integration with CRM/Databases

Business Intelligence Dashboard

CCS Report – Business intelligence Dashboard

Business Intelligence Dashboard & Service Alert Management

CCS Q – AA + Reception

0 - Reception

Inbound Call

CCS Q provides typical AA options:

1 – Sales

2 – Support

3 – Administration

0 – or no entry to Reception

1 - Sales

2 - Support

3 - Administration

CCS Q – Skills Based Routing

Inbound Call


With Skills Assigned




Passed to highest skill agent who has been least busy

Skill L1

Skill L2

Skill L3

Skill L1





CCS Q – Overflow


Sales Team2

Sales Team3





  • After Hours

  • Holiday

  • No Agents Logged In

  • Max Time in Queue

  • Max Calls in Queue

  • Agent : Call Ratio

  • Emergency Mode




Inbound Call

CCS Q looks up caller ID in

CRM and determines where

to distribute call – are they a

Normal or VIP caller – or

have they not paid their bill?



Accounts !

Rapid deployment
Rapid deployment

  • Create Call-flow in the Designer (or load pre-created ones)

  • Generate Spreadsheets with auto entered settings to facilitate project meeting with customer

  • Customer provides desired queue and agents names and any other specific information such as overflow times etc.

  • Re-Import back into Designer tool

  • Complete

Process new cc plan
Process new cc plan

Using Call-Flow Designer using drag and drop, layout the Call Centre call flow and overflows to the customer plan as required

Call-Flow Designer outputs spreadsheets containing all default settings

  • Meet with customer and complete

  • Queue and Agent names & Agent skills for routing as appropriate

  • Update (if changes required) Highlighted settings e.g. how long before overflow etc.

  • Select which dashboard templates are required or document requirements for Dashboard advance configuration

  • Review and add any additional Reports

Enter Call-Flow Designer and select new plan – 2 simple questions askeda) How many Queues

B) How many Agents

Import the customer Announcement audio files to the Call-Flow Designer

Refine any additional Report requirements

Customise Dashboards to Requirements


Customer to create audio files for Announcements for Queues and Auto Attendants in defined format

Import the completed Spreadsheets to the Call-Flow Designer



  • Requirements:

  • iPECS CTI license

  • iPECS SIP phone licenses

  • iPECS CCS licenses

  • Queue announcement files recorded in the correct format

  • WAV PCM 11KHz 8 bit mono


Web Call-back




CCS Q handles multi-media

and social networking

communication mediums and distributes by skill and /or

according to CRM contact

details to skilled agents









Social Media

Sales callback in queue

Service callback in queue

Sales & Service queue overflows

CCS Q – Callback Management

  • When to offer Callback ?

  • High abandoned rate due to long wait time or not enough agents

  • Agents lack discipline to follow up messages

  • Additional CCS Requirements:

  • Callback folder must be shared

  • Agent PC must have playback capability

CCS Q – Inbound Email Queue Management

  • Supported inbound Email Server protocols:

  • IMAP

  • Microsoft Exchange 2007 Web Services

  • Microsoft Exchange 2010 Web Services

  • Microsoft Exchange Online Web Services

  • Additional CCS Requirements:

  • Agents must have their own email address and email client application.

  • CCS Desk agents must be configured with the correct email addresses.

  • SMTP Server available to forward the email to agents.

  • SMTP Server must accept basic text authentication.

CCS Q – Inbound Fax Queue Management

Requires fax gateway application that converts incoming fax to email.

The rest is as per Inbound Email Queue Management.

CCS Q – Social Media Integration

Social Media Contact Centre Integration

Facebook & Twitter

CCS Q – Facebook Queue Management

Facebook integration is as per Inbound Email Queue Management.

Agent must be allowed to reply Facebook email on behalf or the registered user.

CCS Q – Twitter Queue Management

Must have Twitter account.

Twitter account must authorize CCS Twitter application to access the account.

CCS Q – Web Callback Management

Customer must develop integration between website and CCS Desk Web Gateway.

Please consult CCS Desk Integration Guide – section 7.

CCS Q – Web Chat Management

Web Chat Customer Service

Integrates with CCS Desk and CCS Q

Transfer Transcript functions

CCS Q – Web Chat Management

CCS Chat is the only supported instant messaging platform.

Link to CCS Chat request for chat web form must be made from the customer’s


Evolution of Outbound Dialing

Pen & Paper


CCS Call Campaign

Management System

  • Supervisor organizes records

  • in CRM but utilize CCS Call to

  • pull records from CRM and

  • creates lists for agent / group

  • of agents.

  • Agents make calls by double clicking on the screen pop in

  • CCS Call.

  • The CRM Notes windows are automatically opened; CRM

  • History automatically created.

  • CCS Call manages all retries

  • and scheduled callbacks.

  • Supervisor generate reports

  • from CRM as well as CCS Call

  • for agents and telephony

  • activities.

  • Supervisor must create a list of contacts to call per agent

  • Agents make calls by pressing the 8-10 digits on the phone.

  • Agents write their notes on

  • paper and submit back to

  • supervisor.

  • Supervisor compiles the

  • agents’ activities and creates

  • the next lists.

  • Supervisor organizes records and lists of contacts to call per agent using CRM or database

  • application.

  • Agents make calls via the

  • phone or use CTI if available.

  • Call Notes and History are

  • entered into CRM.

  • Agents manage their own

  • retries and scheduled callback.

  • Supervisor generate reports

  • from the history and notes in

  • CRM.

CCS Call

  • Full IP Outbound CC suite

  • Load campaign data from ODBC or

  • directly from selected CRMs

  • Skills Based Routing

  • Unlimited campaigns

  • Unlimited queues (up to 9999)

  • Unlimited agents per queue

  • Completion Codes

  • Automatic and Scheduled Retry

  • Scheduling and Expiry

  • Historical Reporting & Dashboard

  • Multiple campaign modes

    • Preview (single dial mode)

    • Preview (multi dial mode)

    • Progressive

    • Pre-emptiive

    • OutCall

    • Callback

    • SMS

  • UC Agent interface with CCS Desk

    • PC Call Control

    • Team Presence

    • CRM Integration

    • Personal Agent Queues

  • Reporting with CCS Report

    • Agent Productivity, Campaign

    • Performance, Disposition Codes, etc

    • Historical & Real-time

    • On-demand or Scheduled Delivery

    • Business Intelligence Dashboard

CCS Call – Preview & Progressive

CRM or

Customer Database

  • Agent receives next CCS Call outbound campaign notification

  • CRM screen pops

  • Calls loaded into

  • CCS Call

  • Campaigns

  • Agent press Dial button (Preview)

  • ----------------

  • Timer expires (Progressive)

  • Outbound

  • Call is made

  • Completion code entered

  • Call is completed

  • Outbound call

  • is made

  • Disposition Code entered

  • Call is

  • Completed

CCS Call – Pre-emptive

CRM or

Customer Database

  • System Automatic Completion

  • Calls loaded into

  • CCS Call

  • Campaigns

  • Outbound Call is made

  • ‘Negative’Calls

  • Transferred to Agent

  • ‘Positive’ Calls

CCS Call – OutCall

CRM or

Customer Database

  • Calls loaded into

  • CCS Call

  • Campaigns

  • Outbound Call is made

  • Answering Machines

  • ‘Negative’

  • Calls

  • Transferred to AA (or IVR)for recorded message 1 & completion

  • System Automatic Completion

  • Person

  • Transferred to AA (or IVR) for recorded message 2 & completion

Monitoring & Reporting

CCS Call


Campaign & Agent

Monitoring Screen

For Supervisors


CCS Call

CRM Screen Pop when CCS Call Outbound Campaign call is assigned to agent.

Button to dial the number is available.

After Call – agent must choose completion code

CCS IVR – Intelligent IVR & Business Workflow

IVR Designer Tool

Customer database or CRM


CCS Record – Encryption for voice recording

Trunk Recording Solution

Analog, BRI, PRI or SIP Connection

Record All or Record On Demand

Encrypted Recording

Playback via CCS Report

Export to MP3 or Wav format

Virtual machine NOT supported

CCS Record – SIP trunk

  • Port Mirroring switches required

CCS Record

The ISDN / Analog calls are originally recorded to CCITT G.711A.

The default compression is then WMA24K. Lower compression is also available.

For SIP the CCITT G.711A / G.722 are again compressed with WMA24K, but G.729 is stored as is. The SIP license includes the number of simultaneous G.729 codec available to decompress this format for playback.

What can be provided as stand-alone?

Telephony Call Accounting


Call Recording

CRM integrations

  • Click to Dial

  • Screen Pop Contact

  • Complete Activity

  • Log to History

  • Unanswered callback task


  • Commands

  • MakeCall

  • StartRecord

  • StopRecord

  • UpdateCallWindow

  • CallCompletion

  • Answer

  • Hangup

  • Hold

  • Unhold

  • Transfer

  • StartBreak

  • FinishBreak

  • Connections

  • XML over TCP/IP

  • OCX

  • Named Pipes (client only)

  • DDE commands (client only)

  • Events

  • AgentBreakStatus

  • CallData

  • AgentLogIn

  • AgentLogOut

  • QueueCompletionCode

  • CampaignCompletionCode

Customer Case Study

  • Case Study 1

  • A UK company that is a leading Direct Response Company, dedicated to bringing to the UK the latest and best selling innovations from all over the world. Their products are available from over 25 major High Street retailers in the UK and Ireland, as well as on major shopping channels on Sky, etc. They have 20+ employees utilising the CCS solution with the intention to increase to more users.

  • Business Problem:

  • Growing business

  • Large spikes in demand depending on products and channels advertised

  • Needed to better understand call profiles and manage demand

  • Business Solution:

  • CCS Q, CCS Desk and CCS Report

  • Able to queue and route calls by phone number dialled

  • Better able to cope with peak demands and easily add additional agents when required

  • Able to report on abandoned calls, number of calls by phone number received, etc.

Customer Case Study

  • Case Study 2

  • Australian pest control company with 50+ users utilising the CCS solution.

  • Business Problem:

  • They wanted to be able to handle the incoming traffic from all mediums and have these communications linked into the Microsoft CRM and separate Service CRM

  • No integration between their phone system and their CRM application leading to inefficiencies

  • Did not have any solution to handle the incoming flow from marketing campaigns

  • Business Solution:

  • CCS Q with multimedia features of Call-back in Q, Email Queuing, Web call-back, CCS Chat, CCS Social, CCS Desk and CCS Report with Microsoft CRM integration

  • Able to manage and monitor all communications in and out of their business, therefore finding which marketing campaigns are working

  • Using CCS Chat they can communicate with clients to make bookings and give advice.

  • Automatic routing of communications to the clients account manager.

Customer Case Study

  • Case Study 3

  • Australian provider of salary packaging solutions. With 6 office in Australia with 100+ employees utilising CCS solution.

  • Business Problem:

  • Receiving over 4,000 calls per month with offices spread across Australia. Couldn’t spread workloads to cope with peak periods or easily add in new users

  • No integration between their phone system and their CRM application leading to inefficiencies

  • Didn’t have the data to plan the business effectively

  • Business Solution:

  • CCS Q, CCS Record, CCS Desk and CCS Report with Microsoft CRM integration

  • Able to handle calls more efficiently and effectively

  • Can easily add agents in any locations to cope with expansion and peaks in demand

  • Are able to monitor and report on call volumes, call statistics, etc. to better plan the business