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Team Members of Group 9

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Team Members of Group 9 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TEACH. Mission Statement. Team Members of Group 9. “support mathematics and science education in local public schools by placing undergraduates in local classrooms to support the teaching and learning of mathematics and science as well as to serve as college-going role models”. Mathew Hui.

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Mission Statement

Team Members of Group 9

“support mathematics and science education in local public schools by placing undergraduates in local classrooms to support the teaching and learning of mathematics and science as well as to serve as college-going role models”

Mathew Hui

Alex Kong

Steven Chien

Alec Hoey

Jeff Chang

CalTeach Organization


Development Stages

Cal Teach puts you in the middle of an academic community that gives back to the community in a powerful way-by giving disadvantaged public school children the gift of math and science, and the chance for a successful future. Even if you don't want to be a teacher, you should know how to teach what you know. UC Berkeley faculty and staff, along with master teachers from public schools in the community, come together to make you an expert in your field as you learn to become an expert in inspiring and teaching disadvantaged students. You'll be mentored every step of the way, gaining real world experience in academics and application through teaching. You'll move forward as you give back to the community, gaining the invaluable skill of knowing how to connect, inspire and change people with what you know and know how to do. There are many who live to solve problems. Those who can Cal-Teach. It's the math and science of social progress.

  • Figuring out how to write and run tests that are dependent on other gems / services (solr)
    • Learned to use a lot of Stackoverflow and other resources via google to search specific cucmber tests.
  • Learning Agile workflow (to maximize productivity when multiple people are working together)
    • Learned to divide up specific tasks to each group member, allowing each member to write their own tests, and individuals that finished their work earlier would help out the rest of the teammates.
  • Learning to integrate your code into somebody else's code
    • Learned to always git pull before any change is made to prevent randomly deleted code. Also, each teammate would explain to each team member what they have implemented so far in their push, and each git commit message would represent an understandable statement of what was completed.
  • Learning to communicate consistently and effectively with the client
    • Learned to send out weekly emails to remind the client of our meetings and to be active about asking for materials from the clients.
  • Iteration 1: Set up the lesson plan format and set up an elementary search function that searched on lessons and tags.
  • Iteration 2: Wrapped up the search function and created moderators (admin). Allowed users to add ratings and comments to lessons they view.
  • Iteration 3: Allowed for 5E’s to be viewed simultaneously. Allowed users to upload handouts via pdfs and docs. Implemented a moderator functionality that would require lesson plans to be approved by moderators before they can be viewed by the public/searched upon.
  • Iteration 4: Finished up the wiki markup and allowed for multiple collaborators per lesson. Front page was also finalized to show lesson of the week (which can be uploaded by moderator). Lessons can also now be printed and downloaded.


  • No database for storage of lessons created by students.
  • Needed a centralized site where new CalTeach students and recently graduates could view lessons to gain ideas and structure.
  • Could transition from sending hundreds of lesson plans to the CalTeach teacher via email to checking online and “approving” each lesson.


A typical lesson view that includes the 5E’s (last E is hidden under tab). Includes ratings and comments.

Ability to search on lesson in the database and facet search results by clicking on particular fields

A typical lesson plan view that is expanded

Ability to upload attachments such as handouts for each lesson in doc or pdf form

Allow moderators to use a GUI to insert wiki markups