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IRIS Services Initiative. Improving Data Access and Integration for the GeoSciences. Linus Kamb, Joanna Muench, Tim Ahern IRIS Data Management Center. IRIS Data Management Center. About 1100 stations in real time Nearly 50TB of seismic data. Growing currently at ~9TB / year

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Iris services initiative

IRIS Services Initiative

Improving Data Access and Integration for the GeoSciences

Linus Kamb, Joanna Muench, Tim Ahern

IRIS Data Management Center

Iris data management center
IRIS Data Management Center

  • About 1100 stations in real time

  • Nearly 50TB of seismic data

  • Growing currently at ~9TB / year

  • EarthScope contribution raises to ~20TB / year

  • Station and instrument metadata

Historical access methods
Historical Access Methods

  • Request methods

    • Email requests

      • BREQ_FAST

      • NetDC

    • Web-based request tools

      • WILBER, BUD tools

  • Delivery methods

    • Tapes

    • FTP

Iris services initiative

  • CORBA-based system

  • Available since 2001

  • Standard data access interfaces

  • Core services:

    • Network (metadata) server

    • Event (earthquake info) server

    • Data (waveform) server

Dhi implementations
DHI Implementations

  • Server implementations at:

    • IRIS, South Carolina, CalTech, Berkeley, Orfeus, Geofon

  • Example client applications:

    • Vase, JWeed, SOSA, GEE, SOD

    • SAC, Matlab, GEON SynSeis

    • EarthMotionMonitor

New directions for iris
New Directions for IRIS

  • Mandate to provide data to broader geosciences community

  • Provide access to data and data products through web services

  • Expand range of services provided

    • Computational workflows

    • Added value services

Iris services initiative1
IRIS Services Initiative

  • Develop a Service Oriented Architecture to complement and enhance core access services

  • Internally and externally available components

  • Components include:

    • data access

    • pre- and post-processing, filters, transformations

    • plotting and mapping

  • Move some standard computation to the data

  • Provide access methods appropriate to a wider variety of users

  • Get useful and usable information to the end user

Characteristics of soa
Characteristics of SOA

  • Services have contracts

    • Provides information about itself

    • Establishes agreement between provider and requestor

  • Services are loosely coupled

    • Can operate together or independently

    • Changes to one implementation should not break another

  • Services are composable

    • Multiple services can be linked together as workflows

    • Implies contracts are compatible

      • eg. raw data seismogram = processed seismogram


  • Structure and order of a series of tasks

  • Movement of data inputs and outputs through computational steps

  • Composed of service components

    • Must be logical composition

  • Can be expressed, saved, revised, and re-executed


  • Searchable Product Archive and Discovery Engine

  • Archive arbitrary XML data products

    • Hypocenters, CMTs, historic data, PGV maps, etc.

    • As yet unknown data products

  • Interface to search by product-specific metadata

  • Query across products by common fields

    • Geospatial, Time, Other (eg., Dublin Core, keywords, ... )

Iris services architecture
IRIS Services Architecture

  • Core data access services

  • Enhanced data tools

  • Wider range of products and services

  • Enable scientific workflows

  • Increased value and service to the broader geosciences community


  • Service

    • Description, Registration, Discovery

  • Process composition and orchestration

    • Data management

    • Value extraction

  • Data type coordination

    • Controlled vocabularies

  • Interface-level independence

Community value
Community Value

  • Improve quality and maintainability of IRIS core services

  • Enable customization of user experience

  • Integrate into other organizations’ computational programs through improved accessibility to IRIS data and products

  • Support a broader geosciences services architecture

Linus@iris washignton edu http www iris edu