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  2. Debbie is a Texas citizen vacationing in Florida. While in Florida, Debbie buys what she is told are two brand new computer systems at Kevin's Computer Shop. When she is in Texas, Debbie learns that the computer has reused parts and won't perform the tasks that Kevin claimed. Kevin does not advertise on the internet or anywhere in Texas. Where can Debbie sue and why

  3. Federal or State and why

  4. Jane, from TN, went to Washington and ate at Aunt Wilma Restaurant and got food poisoning. Aunt Wilma Restaurant is locally owned, never advertised outside WA, never ship to TN. What state does Jane sue?

  5. Federal or State and why

  6. Jane, from TN, went to Washington and ate at Aunt Wilma Restaurant and got food poisoning. Aunt Wilma has ads on internet that can be seen in TN and ships her great apple pies to TN. What state does she sue?

  7. While on vacation in Vermont, Alice, from TN visits Fred's Vermont Antiques and sees some ancient coins. Fred tells her they are very rare. When Alice returns to TN, she calls Fred and buys the coins. Fred has never advertised or shipped to TN before. When she gets them, Alice discovers the coins are fake and wants to sue Fred. Where does Alice sue?

  8. Alice from TN and while in TN sees on the DNJ website (local paper) an ad for rare coins from Fred’s. She calls Fred’s in Vermont and gives him her credit card number. When Alice gets the coins they are fake. Where can she sue.

  9. Does Alice sue federal or state and why.

  10. Jane, TN Rutherford County has car wreck with John who is from TN Wilson County Wreck is in Rutherford County. Federal or State Court and Why

  11. What County is the lawsuit brought in and why

  12. Jane, TN has house in Kentucky and has a dispute with John, the tenant from KY over rent. What state? Why?

  13. Jane, TN has car wreck with John who is from OH Wreck is in Murfreesboro, TN. Federal – State Court and Why

  14. House is in Rutherford County and is owned by Jane in Florida. John, who is from Georgia, signs a contract to buy the house. They have a legal dispute over the contract What court - State or federal court

  15. What is a Plaintiff

  16. What is the burden of proof in a civil trial

  17. What is the federal appeal court called

  18. What is the burden of proof in a criminal case

  19. Name the 3 branches of government

  20. Are TN judges elected or appointed.

  21. How long do TN judges serve

  22. How do justices become US Supreme Court judges

  23. How long do US Supreme Court judges serve?

  24. Jane, TN, pays Walt Disney World $100000 to buy a Disney Condo. Walt Disney does not complete the sale so Jane wants to sue Walt Disney. What state does she sue Walt Disney World and Why?

  25. What law trumps ever other law

  26. What is a bench trial

  27. Criminal Trial – who can appeal

  28. Allen from Coffee County runs into Anna at Broad St. in Rutherford County. Anna is from Wilson County. Federal or state? What county?

  29. Where is the 6th Circuit Court?

  30. Quik Results, Inc., a Maine corporation, makes and sells Power Up!, a weight-gain and muscle-building supplement. Allen, TN citizen, sees an ad for Power Up! in WorkOut magazine and buys it in Murfreesboro at a local health club. Within days of using Power Up!, Allen suffers internal injuries. Where does Allen file a lawsuit.

  31. Final Jeopardy Make your wager

  32. Elle is walking to work along a sidewalk next to a road in Murfreesboro. A truck owned by Fast Distribution Company (FDC) strikes and injures Elle, causing her injuries. Elle is a resident of TN. FDC has its princi­pal place of business, and is incorporated, in Delaware. FDC has trucks that perform work in TN. What court?

  33. What does “in rem” jurisdiction mean and what does “diversity” jurisidiction mean.