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Speak Up. Dave Sears. NEED TO BELONG. Pride Learn new leadership and skills Be part of an effective team Delegate and accept responsibility Create opportunities Make new associations. COMMUNICATOR.

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Speak up

Speak Up

Dave Sears

Need to belong

  • Pride

  • Learn new leadership and skills

  • Be part of an effective team

  • Delegate and accept responsibility

  • Create opportunities

  • Make new associations


  • It is a belief that when you speak clearly without using “crutch fillers” you increase the chance listeners will stay focused on what you are saying:

    • A listener will “drift” if you give them reason to divert from your attention when your speech slips

    • Convince listeners to center on you by speaking with “vocal conviction”

The leader

  • List some characteristics of good leaders

  • Review the roles of a leader

  • Suggestions and tips for being a good leader in any organization

  • Explore how the organization forms into a working group

Leadership roles

  • Futurist

    • The leader defines the expected direction of the organization.

  • Historian

    • Reviewing and creating strong messages around your organization’s origins

  • Ambassador

    • The most important role to adopt as leader. You’re the face of your organization.

  • Analyst

    • The leader is the forecaster and needs to be versed on trends, opportunities and problems.

  • Contrarian

    • Know what you stand for and be able to communicate it.

The leader1

  • It is a belief that when you lead strongly, your team will lead strongly:

    • Members of a team need direction so that they can set their path in tune with the leader

    • Strong team members reinforce each other and spread the work between the leader and the other members

    • Strong team members will lead their teams with strength


As you lead your organization, think about how your “tone” affects others in the group.


Know what incentives to use and how to reward a team.

  • Why do they perform?

  • What motivates each individual?

  • What do they need in return?

  • How can you keep great team members?

The growth

  • Strong members mentor new members:

    • New members enjoy learning quicker

    • New members appreciate an effective mentoring process

    • Then new members learn:

      • The meeting process more successfully

      • The club policies and procedures

      • How to contribute their own ideas and integrate their personal style into the club culture

The mentor

  • Each member is or becomes a:

    • Leader

    • Mentor


  • You know how to speak and lead with conviction without doubts and fear

  • You understand the importance of policies, procedures, and how to create agenda’s to run meetings of any kind effectively and on-time

  • You are in a position to positively influence the world around you


  • We reviewed characteristics and roles of good leaders.

  • We went over some tips and suggestions for you to consider as you become lead in any organization.

  • Any best practices from our attendees that they would like to share?

  • Questions or comments?